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  1. Can we anything advertise on Reddit? I have site where people can make money but whenever I read rules I can't mention page or post link to it.
  2. You can play forum games and earn money here: Happy Lottery
  3. I have payments proofs from ForumCoin and Beermoney forum. Mylot is much slower so I didn't reach payout. I'm using ForumCoin as system for payment on my site.
  4. ForumCoin, Beermoney Forum and Mylot. Here are short description per each: ForumCoin- payout 500 coins=5$, 1.5 coin per post/topic in Bussines section, 1 coin in other section. After first 10 post you get 0.05 coins per post. BeermoneyForum = 1$=1000BMF tokens, thread 50BMF, post 20 BMF, only 3 post/thread allowed per hour Mylot-discussion forum, earnings depends on revenue earnings (revenue share site), you get money for reactions - reply and likes, payout 5$
  5. So for better SEO result, we should have keywords added into h tags?
  6. Google: keyword online money making forums
  7. Hello, I would like to say hello to everybody. Short introduction about me: I'm long member in online earning niche. I'm also beginner in programing websites (Wordpress, PHP). I was very active some time in PTC and adult niche, but now I'm mostly working on paid to post forums. I'm owner of new money making sites and I hope my project will be sucessuf. On this forum I expect to learn new SEO techniques, programing skills and learn new money making methods. My English is not so good, so sorry for mistakes in front. See you in other sections.
  8. I'm interested for such type of earnings but this site is down. I'm already part of 3 similar forum and I'm always search for similar things.
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