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    USA - Why don't you try to have a road trip alone in your country first? I suggest going to Virginia Beach where you obviously can enjoy the sunset after a long day for free. Some activities you can do there are the following: Pick strawberries - Visit Pungo where you can pick some fresh berries and at the same time helping local farmers have extra income. It is also the best location to take some selfies with strawberries as your background. Enjoy their local beer - Virginia offers some local breweries. Make sure to at least try their sweet beer from Smartmouth Pilot House. Visit a museum - The Virginia Military Aviation Museum offers classic military planes from WW1 and WW2 era. With over 70 planes and amazing interior, I am sure you will gain new trivia. Murals of the ViBe - If you like art, this one is for you. It is a way to discover local artist and understand the meaning behind their masterpiece. Just some reminders before going on a road trip alone. (1) Check if your car accessories are properly working. Make sure that your GPS is working properly to get to your next destination quickly, therefore more time to have fun. (2) Pack all kinds of outfit, you may even be invited to a private dinner if you will get to know someone. (3) Ready your body by drinking vitamins to avoid getting sick, you do not want to have colds while eating the city's known delicacy.
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