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  1. What is the largest amount of sports betting you have won. What were the odds and chances of winning.
  2. Do you make sports bets? Tell us about your experience in sports betting. Thanks.
  3. Hey. I'm willing to be your friend if you want to bet. I know a good mobile app where you can bet. If you're interested, come here https://fscore.net/ . When you sign up, find my account and we'll bet together.
  4. Mahatma

    My hobby is that I bet on sports. I believe that my hobby is quite profitable. If you, too, like it or earn money in free time, then visit here https://fscore.net/ . I am Sure that it will be interesting for you, especially if you are fond of sports.
  5. Unfortunately, I do not believe in this option. Ajax is going through hard times. They play consistently and well, but not enough to be a champion.
  6. This option is extremely possible. Barcelona is stable in their games. They have a good position in the domestic championship. There are small problems, but I'm sure they can be solved.
  7. I think no. Tottenham is not the best issues with the composition. A lot of good players are sick. Therefore, I do not believe in their victory.
  8. Liverpool is a very good team, but now they do not deserve to win this international championship. Unfortunately. But this is reality and nothing more.
  9. I would very much like Barcelona to get its well-deserved prize. The Champions League Cup must be theirs. It's my opinion.
  10. This schedule is available on the Internet on the official FIFA website. As far as I can judge from my knowledge. There it will be for sure.
  11. It depends on the specific office. Each will have its minimum threshold. But usually it is about 10 dollars. Although some even take a cent rate.
  12. Why not? People win in casinos, lotteries, they just get lucky sometimes. Here, too, has its share of risk and sometimes it is justified.
  13. Mahatma

    What site will you advise? If I want to make a sports bet or try to do it on a demo account? Are there any such platforms?
  14. Mahatma

    Tell us about your sports betting experience. How did you commit them, where did they do it and what is the result
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