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  1. dealsbuy2019

    Your actual cost-per-click (actual CPC) is the final amount you're charged for a click. You're often charged less -- sometimes much less -- than your maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid, which is the most you'll typically be charged for a click.
  2. What do you mean by the term competitive Analysis?
  3. dealsbuy2019

    The improve coversion rate:- 1. Include as few fields as possible. 2. Add a guarantee. 3. Use tangible action verbs. 4. Use testimonials. 5. Clearly state the benefits of your product or service. 6. Pay careful attention to your headline.
  4. What role does the content play in effective Search Engine Optimization?
  5. What is keyword density and what is the formula for knowing keyword density?
  6. What is the meaning of competitive analysis?
  7. dealsbuy2019

    There are multiple factors that can't get control like domain authority, attacks and spam traffic.
  8. dealsbuy2019

    SEM is a more expansive term than SEO and describes all strategies ensuring your website ranks well in search engine rankings and increases the number of site visitors. By extension, SEM can include social media optimization (SMO) and social media marketing (SMM).
  9. What is your approach to developing an SEO strategy?
  10. dealsbuy2019

    Search engines won't prioritize sites they don't believe are legitimate. So, NAPS are also important for SEO and local search queries because matching NAPs signals legitimacy and thus increase the likelihood that your business ranks well. ... More traffic to your websites from local searches.
  11. How do you see SEO and PPC working together to improve results?
  12. How do you use social media marketing for SEO?
  13. Which SEO factors are not in your control?
  14. dealsbuy2019

    Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source coding standard for publishers. The aim for AMP is for publishers to be able to load their sites quickly on mobile since mobile responsive could be clunky and slow because desktop resources are heavy and plenty.
  15. dealsbuy2019

    Link velocity describe the speed of link growth to a page or domain. Link velocity can be measured in new links per month or new linking root domains per month.
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