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  1. tomsfashion2019

    Image is one type of service of SEO..
  2. tomsfashion2019

    Content syndication is when web-based content is re-published by a third-party website. Any kind of digital content can be syndicated, including blog posts, articles, infographics, videos and more.
  3. tomsfashion2019

    Backlink is a link one website gets from another website. Backlinks make a huge impact on a website's prominence in search engine results.
  4. tomsfashion2019

    The robots.txt file, also known as the robots exclusion protocol or standard, is a text file that tells web robots (most often search engines) which pages on your site to crawl. It also tells web robots which pages not to crawl.
  5. tomsfashion2019

    A meta tag is an HTML tag containing information for search engines about a specific website.
  6. tomsfashion2019

    link building is the most important skill in SEO. In fact, it's a culmination of several different skills: you need to master content, sales, programming, psychology, and good old-fashioned marketing if you want other people to link to your site.
  7. tomsfashion2019

    A 301 redirect indicates that the URL has "Moved Permanently" and passes more than 90% of search engine link juice to the new URL
  8. tomsfashion2019

    Google Traffic works by analyzing the GPS-determined locations transmitted to Google by a large number of mobile phone users. By calculating the speed of users along a length of road, Google is able to generate a live traffic map.
  9. tomsfashion2019

    keyword frequency is the number of times a keyword or phrase appears on a single Web page.
  10. tomsfashion2019

    RSS feeds work by publishing your latest content in a structured XML document. This feed contains your full articles or the summary, and metadata for each item like date, author, category, etc.
  11. tomsfashion2019

    A search engine is the biggest source for any website to get the huge traffic.
  12. tomsfashion2019

    Backlinks, also called "inbound links" or "incoming links," are created when one website links to another. The link to an external website is called a backlink. Why are backlinksimportant? Backlinks are especially valuable for SEO optimization because they represent a "vote of confidence" from one site to another.
  13. tomsfashion2019

    Keyword is an index entry that identifies a specific record or document, or it means a word used by a search engine to find relevant web documents.
  14. tomsfashion2019

    SEO helps small business owners create fast, robust, and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines, which in turn helps bring more qualified potential customers to their sites and eventually increases conversion rates.
  15. tomsfashion2019

    Yeah, Guess Posting is useful. In SEO, Guest Posting is a method using which you write an article.
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