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  1. Corona virus is the latest epidemic disease that is ravaging the world population on a very large scale. The virus has affected way over 200 countries with more than 2 million people tested positive for the virus. The COVID-19 virus has been declared by the world Health Organisation as a global pandemic in early March of 2020. And while the panic has been about the health of the humans over the rapid spread of the virus, pet owners are also begining to worry about the health of their dogs. In the wake of the virus, photos of dogs have been seen wearing face masks all over the internet and social media platforms — causing pet owners to ask whether their dogs can contract the COVID-19 virus Can dogs get the corona virus? The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that dogs can contract certain kind of corona virus; in the form of canine respiratory corona virus. However, the new corona virus specifically known as COVID-19 is believed not to be a risk to dogs health. In Hong Kong, two pet dogs tested positive for COVID-19 virus because the two dogs have lived with owners who have the virus. However, local authorities in Hong Kong attributed the case to be of human-to-dog transmission — with no evidence indicating that dogs or other animals can transmit the virus to humans. Interestingly none of the two dogs showed any signs of sickness from the virus Health authorities in Hong Kong continued to test cats and dogs owned by people infected with the COVID-19 virus. A total of 17 tests were done as of 25th of March by Hong Kong's Department of agriculture, fisheries and conservation and the results showed high level of infrequency; as only two dogs were infected and tested positive for the virus. Improvement of dog health through vaccination The kind of relationship that exist between dogs and humans have caused dog owners to be concerned about the health and welfare of their dogs in the wake of the corona virus pandemic. The virus has killed many people and dog owners do not want to lose their dogs to this virus. While it is declared that the COVID-19 virus does not pose any threat to dogs or pets for that matter, just like in humans, maintaining a sound health for dogs improves their health and immunity against other forms of corona viruses or even respiratory infections. One of the best ways to take care of dog's health and improve its welfare is through vaccination. Vaccination provide all the necessary clinical requirements for a good health and prepares the system to fight infections and diseases. Application of blockchain technology in dog health and welfare The advancements in technology has helped in solving a lot of challenges that we have faced over time. Blockchain technology which is the most revolutionary technology of this era has been applied to different fields to help improve things. A new project is leveraging blockchain to develop an ecosystem that focuses on dog health and welfare. DogData is building a network of information registry for dogs. The project is also cored on creating a vaccination program for dogs registered on its network. Feature/Offers of DogData 1. Creation of a detailed dog registry where dogs will be registered 2. An integrated life data management system for dogs 3. A comprehensive and complete vaccination program for dogs 4. Correction of unverifiable and untrustworthy dog data system 5. Creation of a P2p Dog sale, care and welfare system 6. Development of algorithm that use big data & science to breed better Dogs 7. Provision of tools to guide new Dog buyers to pick a suitable Dog breed Official Links Website: https://dogdata.io/ Telegram: https://t.me/Dogdata Whitepaper: https://mydogdata.com/pdf/DogdataLitewhitepaper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/FaceBook4Dog My Detail Telegram https://t.me/@abdulyasu Bitcointalk: CRYPTICYASU
  2. 2local is a new blockchain project that is designed to create optimized sharing economies of local-2-local products. The project provides an ecosystem in which enterprises, banks, companies, manufacturers, developers, and users can coexist naturally while producing and consuming locally. When it comes to creating a valuable token, 2Local has decided to sit upon the shoulders of giants that have preceded it. L2L coins comprise of a menu of purposes within the 2Local-integrated ecosystem. First and foremost, 2Local adopts a concept that has long been a feature granted to share holders: Profit. The L2L coin is designed to increase in value in the market 2Local is a blockchain project, and thus it serves as the foundation for future developments. Sharing economies foe local-2-local businesses are expected to grow in demand and 2Local provides the foundation for a sustainable and prosperous local transactions. As this blockchain can be used to provide applications that serve the sharing economy, L2L coin will gain the native utility of being the currency of the 2Local ecosystem. 2local, a blockchain-powered platform, is building a worldwide network of consumers and companies that produce both locally and sustainably. This platform supports local and sustainable buying with the help of a unique cashback system, its special payment app, a marketplace that connects customers and businesses with the same ideals, and the L2L coin. SWOT analysis sheds light on the potential of a project. The recent rise of digital currencies has shown that people actively seek an alternate investment channel. While most people are able to fulfill the task of effectively managing small personal portfolios, their day to day tasks do not allow them the time required to actively manage and diversify a large portfolio into very lucrative markets 2Local is restructuring the way investment and purchases are done in local environment. Despite the ambitious nature of the product to disrupt the long-existing domination of traditional centralised companies, 2Local project is aligned with the United Nations developmental goals which is something the public is already prepared for. 2local is trying to create a platform that rewards makers and users of local products with Cashbacks and loyalties. To achieve that, the company is developing its own platform anchored on the stellar blockchain. 2Local has a team with decades of experience in the business and and marketing industries. This heavy experience will help them to build an important network that any start-up would envy. 2Local project is a very ambitious project. The project is focused on building a platform on the blockchain that rewards users for making and buying of sustainable local product. This will benefit all the platform members and increase their investments with profits — the project will also be utilizing its own currency L2L coin. While the the shared economy and local-2-local (L2L) is ripe for blockchain disruption and 2Local's ambitious goals are admirable, the company might run its resource a bit thin. However, given the experience of the team and the powerful collection of advisors 2Local has assembled; ranging from executives at large business corporations to developers at leading blockchain projects, the pool of experience and manpower supporting this ambitious mission has the abilities to deliver a project as powerful as 2Local. Many investors in Asia have found ttat investment in share economy of local-2-local products are one of the most attractive and promising. Also, the local-2-local industry across the world is worth millions of dollars, it’s only necessary to be part of a massive and lucrative industry such as this. Some of the opportunities 2local will tap are as follows; Corporation with big organisations and enterprises The sale of SMS The promotion of awareness of importance durability and unfairness in the existing financial system across the world. Corporation with other initiatives 2Local could become the leading company in the shred economy services as it could have the largest base of value-additive services within a single platform. Majority of the developments in the shared economy and L2L are hampered by government regulations through unclear terms. Furthermore, 2Local and L2L coin faces threat and huge completion from proposed token like Libra. The Libra project pioneered by facebook foundation already has massive following and support from huge capitalists and companies. However, awareness about tokenised shared economy in L2L is still very low — this is because large portion of the masses are used to and only know about the traditional methods of doing transactions. Thus, there isn't such a large pool of interest targeting such an ambition at present. While the small-tier participants that are knowledgeable about blockchain and tokenisation of L2L sector are certainly there, 2Local has to-do massive promotions and partnerships to encourage people to jump onboard their ship Summary 2Local is heading out on a cleared path that eases its ability to penetrate the market with a revolutionary product that will tokenise local-2-local transactions. It’s pursuing a massive opportunity and its organizational power should be sufficient to handle the challenges that come its way. Follow the following links to learn more about 2Local project Website — https://2local.io/ Whitepaper —https://2local.io/docs/Whitepaper.pdf Telegram — https://t.me/Group_2local LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/company/2local Twitter — https://twitter.com/2local1 Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/2local-2297961593816000 My Connect Username: TonDc Address: GBPGAI7K6SB374J765Y6WG4ZWOY5X6W42EHOHGWLGEP2LWY3QIMO747Z
  3. @Dr.Aditi thank you, I'm glad you like my article. Please kindly follow my profile, I write great article like this regularly. You can like and leave your comments 👍
  4. One of the most imperative factors in growing the average human knowledge is collaboration. Naturally, the more minds at work, the better. This is evidenced by the fact that developments in technology and medicine have propelled forward since the establishment of the internet. The internet has provided us with the invaluable ability to make information and knowledge accessibility at an immeasurable level. This has greatly benefitted the general community as information transfers that used to take days with physical transfers are now possible within an instant. Cross-border sharing of of knowledge and skills and access to information is a reality. However, even the internet does have some limitations. The internet provides a very useful means to transfer information but it cannot provide an efficient medium to verify the authenticity of this skill and knowledge. A lot of skilled professionals and experts posses the required knowledge and know-how. However, getting a channel that verifies this skill and offer it to potential clients us a massive problem. The problem is that these professionals need an authority that verifies their skills so they can get job offers very easily Before now, there are millions of people around the globe with years of experience and impressive skill and knowledge that need to meet other people that require the service of their knowledge. However, it has been mostly difficult as a huge portion of these kind of people posts their info on their social media handles; where only few people get to see. Moreso there information provided does not have a genuine authenticity. This challenge is what Intelligent Hero is here to solve Efficient ecosystem for sharing of Proprietary Data, knowledge and skill. Intelligent Hero provides an efficient ecosystem for the transfer of skill and knowledge. The core functionality of the project is to eliminate the discouraging processes involved in knowledge and skills transfer and ensuring the growth of human knowledge can be accelerated. Intelligent Hero makes it possible for people to easily connect with like-minds and share knowledge across various fields of human endeavours; Intelligent Hero will exist as and anchor point and pivot that authenticate the competence and knowledge of the community members. How the platform works Information validation and the subsequent authorization of knowledge provided by a member become part of a decentralized cycle. These information are recorded on the blockchain; previous work experience can easily be onboarded within the Intelligent Hero ecosystem. is used to verify the members through process of testing. The members are tested before their data is accepted into the ledger. Consequently, intelligent Hero provides a means for people to easily gain access to required knowledge and skills more efficiently than ever before, and it then allows for an easy, instantaneous payment for access to data that sits within the platform through the use of HERO token Conclusion As intelligent Hero places the transactions for proprietary data on the blockchain, it allows the usage of smart contracts for automated processing of transactions. The removal of middlemen makes the transactions easy and the blockchain facilitates immediate delivery of funds to the professionals With these value-additives, intelligent Hero makes it possible for members to access valuable knowledge more economically and at a faster pace. The accelerated access to knowledge and professionals can ensure clients are able to advance their work efficiently, thereby providing the potential means to accelerate the aggregate growth of our knowledge as humans. WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | TELEGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | LINKEDIN
  5. Employment is an imperative operational need for every small, medium, and large company around the world; it has understandably garnered the involvement of a wide array of services that provide some value throughout an employment lifecycle. There are millions of job positions need to be filled every year, so, the process of personnel recruitment has become an industry of its own. When vacancies are open, employers place ads and contact talent search agencies. Since the advent of the internet, the delivery of a single product targeted at massive usage has become easier and so the employment industry has upgraded from serious reliance on physical presence of their staff. The recruitment process of companies and businesses mostly focus on hiring employees that will work from distance and not have to be present a designated office or building. Thanks to freelancing, companies can very much cut down on huge running cost of their businesses. Freelancers are easily hired as company staff who operate even from the comfort of their beds or home seaters. Freelancing is becoming very huge and due to the sheer size of this industry and its obvious existence in every country around the world, a large number of start-ups have successfully flourished here, even on a regional level. A new blockchain project, Pixby, intends to provide the next leap to the employment process. The company is about to facilitate the incorporation of blockchain technology with freelancing to ensure that freelancers are in full control of their earnings and profits while also increasing the efficiency of freelancing as a tool of employment. This article looks at the potential worth of Pixby project in the coming years. A Look At The Peers Microsoft acquired LinkedIn who is the uncontested champion of all employment related services in a record acquisition valued at $26.2 billion. However, while LinkedIn scored the biggest price tag with respect to services in the general employment industry, many other billion-dollar products targeting this industry that began their journeys as ambitious start-ups, are spread across the globe. Another example is Monster.com, a job search site, brings in nearly a billion dollars in revenue Maimai, a recruitment site from China, recently raised enough funds to establish a valuation north of $500 million A job-search site named Glassdoor which largely drives its popularity by providing transparency over salaries, interview questions, and company culture, is valued at $1 billion Indeed.com is a genuinely boot-strapped billion-dollar company The list above indicates that the employment industry is massive and innovative concepts are able to rise quite easily. The Chinese company Maimai was founded only about 6 years ago and despite being in LinkedIn’s shadow, it has managed to become a giant. Similarly, other individual employment services company across the world, like India’s naukri.com and Bayt.com in the Middle East, have not just held their own, but have managed to become huge companies. A Look At Pixby Pixby is uniquely positioned in its approach — while all the companies highlighted above provides more or less similar services, Pixby platform will be the first ever to offer a more convenience-oriented advantage others do not yet possess. Pixby is creating a platform that focuses on freelancing. Most employment-related platforms are still operating as a bridge for information for the companies that seek to hire employees; Pixby is part of the blockchain era, the project does not only serves as an information bridge, but it also attaches a value for it. Freelancers are able to work on Pixby platform and completely control their profits. Pixby also eliminates the excessive charges and platform fees that popular freelancing platforms like fiverr and freelancer.com place on their services. Glassdoor offers a small but of transparency to the employment market and that became its major competitive edge, however Pixby is making the entire industry transparent by eliminating information asymmetry and integrating blockchain technology. Pixby stands on the shoulders of giants as it has adopted the best of its predecessors and combined it with blockchain which is the technological advances of tomorrow. Pixby platform could easily be the most important update to the employment industry since the first online job ad was placed. So, undoubtedly, if the current prototype is available to develop into the intended platform, Pixby has the potential to not only match the valuations of giant players in the employment and freelancing industry, but to surpass them WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | BLOG | TELEGRAM | TWITTER Writer’s detail Bitcointalk username: CRYPTICYASU Eth: 0x126C278E6e446aaB2c85F0ce0702E315Fc03eA2A
  6. Only 2 quarters ago, this market had witnessed a bull-run that soared it to record heights. That bull run was caused by an influx of early adopters who had realized the potential of blockchain. Cryptocurrencies have now exhausted their penetration into the hands of early adopters and there's now a need for fresh interest and fresh fiat. The opportunities available in this market, despite the volatility, are very tempting. However, as the market remains heavily unregulated, it is too unfriendly towards the average person. The vast portion of the world participate in investments with a casual frequency and prefer some degree of paved guidance, a feature that is largely rare in the crypto market. A group of Russian entrepreneurs are working to change this by developing the ZoomEx Global Crypto Exchange. ZoomEx exchange will incorporate specific features that target the aspects of the cryptocurrency market that make it too challenging and undesirable for the average individual. Security, Convenience & service Security The media tends to regularly highlight weaknesses in the crypto market. Small exchanges that get hacked have an immense impact on discouraging adoption by the average person. While the damage that has been done cannot be reversed, ZoomEx has offered a safety measure that will win the interest of the mass market. All assets on the platform will be secured through an insurance provider. The result of this will be that those individuals who were intereste in the market but feared loss of assets to a hack would now be willing to adopt crypto trading. Convenience Security isn't the only factor that holds back adoption. Crypto market offers a very raw trading experience compared to e-brokerage platforms offered for stock trading. A new cryptocurrency trader would need to go through great leaps. Fiat must be converted to ETH or BTC on a fiat exchange and then the coins must be trasferred to a prominent crypto exchange to gain access to a larger menu of tokens. The lengthy, reverse process is necessary to get fiat. This is far too inconvenient to attract casual investors, which happen to be the majority of the population. Hence, ZoomEx is incorporating both fiat and crypto pairs in one platform. The days of having to hop between one exchange to another for trading are numbered. Service In a world where most businesses have adopted customer-centric operations, crypto exchanges have become increasingly crude in comparison. Most exchanges take their customers for granted. As the existing community has adjusted to a lack of convenience, most exchanges do not have a focus on customer satisfaction. However, ZoomEx has a goal to develop brand loyalty and wants to offer a more consumer-centric exchange by valuing customer support. The exchange even intends to allow regular voting to allow the community to decide upon which new cryptocurrencies should be added to the exchange. This shift to offering a more customer-centric environment will allow new adopters to feel welcomed. Wrap-Up The crypto market can enter a new bull-run if the market can garner fresh interest. The current crypto trading and investment experience remains too unfriendly for the mass market, however, ZoomEx is developing an exchange with the most customer-focused features to ensure a fresh wave of interest can adopt the market. Official links Website: https://www.zooomex.com/ Whitepaper: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4soga73dpsxw849/AAC2xnw5iHpzm2trUZaoM6lqa?dl=0 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php? Telegram: https://t.me/zooomex_en Twitter: https://twitter.com/zooomexcom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zooomexcom/ Bitcointalk Link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2493216
  7. ZoomEx tokens (ZXE) are the native currency of the ZoomEx Crypto Currency Exchange. ZoomEx is a new crypto currency exchange that intends to bridge the gap between the exchanges for traditional assets and the exchanges for the crypto market. ZoomEx prides itself in the security measures and the consumer-focused mission it will offer the users ZXE Token Potential The ZoomEx Crypto Currency Exchange has built an ecosystem where the ZXE tokens are essential to its operations. This is an important factor as any token that aims to retain value must be essential to the functioning of a project. ZXE tokens will be used to pay the fees on the ZoomEx exchange and to reward affiliates. This means that the token is not only a key to the exchange’s financial operations, but also its marketing. This is a step ahead of the token utility models utilized in the past by exchanges. Most exchanges utilized the native token for fees, but paid affiliate in Bitcoin. The ZoomEx Crypto Currency Exchange is adding an additional layer of utility to its native token by ensuring all interactions with this exchange need some degree of utility from the ZXE token. ZXE Token Metrics ZoomEx team has stated that a portion of every year’s profits will be dedicated to buying back ZXE tokens, thereby the tokens are guaranteed a perpetual reduction. While the crypto market is expected to face growth, ZXE tokens will be facing a decrease in supply. This offers a dual positive shock on the token price. Both increase in demand and decrease in supply are price increase factors. In addition, the team’s tokens are vested until 2020. Unlocking will take place in equal parts of 20% per year, starting in 2020. This ensures that the team’s best interest is on ensuring the project succeeds. Such an agreement motivates the alignment of investor interests with the team’s interests. The founders succeed if they are able to deliver success to the token investors. Token Sale ZXE token sale is live and 40,000,000 of all tokens are available for IEO. The minimum participation amount is only 15,000 ZXE (around $250), and that allows massive participation, thereby ensuring tokens are not held by a few hands. The team’s strategy to allow large scores of people to be able to invest in the token ensures the token is able to take enter the market without facing the danger of having major price shifts being controlled by a limited number of people. Also, all unsold tokens will be burned. The current token price is based on the expected value derived from a net supply of 100 millionZXE tokens. A token burn policy ensures tokens that are not backed by investor money are removed from circulation and so cannot cause any impact of dilution. Instead, they create a positive price impact as net supply is decreased. ZXE tokens are essential to the functioning of the ZoomEx Crypto Currency Exchange; investors can hold a stake in the success of the ZoomEx by holding ZXE. For more information, please visit: Website: https://www.zooomex.com/ Whitepaper: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4soga73dpsxw849/AAC2xnw5iHpzm2trUZaoM6lqa?dl=0 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php? Telegram: https://t.me/zooomex_en Twitter: https://twitter.com/zooomexcom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zooomexcom/ BTT username: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2136963 Eth: 0x126C278E6e446aaB2c85F0ce0702E315Fc03eA2A
  8. Ferrum is a multifunctional, all-in-one financial network for cryptocurrency. Ferrum will offer blockchain interoperability, fiat-crypto trading, low fees due to an internalized token for fees, optimized complex trade set-ups, heavy leverage, strong crypto wallet, and much more. This is the financial network that will bridge the gap between investments in traditional assets and cryptocurrency VRIO Analysis Of Ferrum blockchain network VRIO analysis explains in detail and give crisp snapshot of the odds of success of a project. I’ll be analyzing whether Ferrum and its range of products genuinely adds value to the overall state of cryptocurrenxy and blockchain, and whether its value-addition is sustainable and maintainable. Ferrum is offering value in too many ways since the product has many layers. It offers affordable trading with convenience: these two benefits are the most desirable value additive measures in today’s society: everyone wants to save money and everyone enjoys convenience. The core value of the Ferrum company is that the project is made up of a network of amazing value-added products such as; The Kudi Exchange The UniFyre Wallet The Ferrum Sub-Zero Wallet The Infinity DEX Ferrum extends its value addition to the cryptocurrency community as a whole as it makes market entry easy for the people. This will have a positive effect on the overall performance of the crypto market. And a strong portion of the growth will be positioned on this platform; this would allow Ferrum to establish a very lucrative ecosystem for its members and network users. Ferrum offers two value addition that is very critical to the crypto community at present: Ease and convenience! The Kudi Exchange is designed to provide easy access to cryptocurrency, offer a fiat-crypto bridge. UniFyre Wallet is built to be very user-friendly, and act as core component of the Ferrum network. It is an advanced form of wallet that users can use to securely store their digital assets and transfer coins easily to other users. Ferrum is a complex product with many functionalities, and each aspect of it provides a powerful value addition to the cryptocurrency market and the investment world. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges at present but most of them offer nothing beyond the ability to just trade. Existing exchanges lack proper support mechanisms, ability to host complex trade strategies, investment management by a professional, and many, many more benefits that are available on Ferrum. Ferrum is offering an aggregate and multipurpose financial network on the blockchain. There is no existing cryptocurrency network that is designed to offer blockchain interoperability, security, ease, affordability, liquidity, range, volume, and a customer-centric ethos all in one. Ferrum is, thankfully, about to change that. It’s important to establish that Ferrum is offering a platform that has not been achieved by even the earliest players in cryptocurrency. Clearly, such a project is not going to be imitated from within the blockchain sphere. It is true that existing fiat-crypto exchanges offer exchange between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies. But Ferrum's Kudi exchange is offering more than just a fiat-crypto bridge, the product is acting as an entrance gateway to cryptocurrency. As fiat trading platforms will not pursue risk their current revenues, they will outsource their crypto needs if they feel their client base wants to try those assets. Ferrum, being the most powerful platform for crypto trading, will be the premier option for established fiat exchanges hoping for a partnership. Any blockchain project’s success heavily rests on the capability of its team. Ferrum's CEO is a veteran in the cryptocurrency and technology industry. Aside from the CEO, the projects COO, Ian Friend is one of the most competent and knowledgeable project founder I've seen around. Furthermore, the team is generally comprised of experienced blockchain and UX developers as-well-as individuals with extensive experience in operational management and development. The team has all the qualifications necessary to build a platform as advanced as Ferrum. Ferrum Official Links: Website: https://ferrum.network/ Telegram: http://telegram.ferrum.network Twitter: http://twitter.ferrum.network LinkedIn: http://linkedin.ferrum.network YouTube: http://youtube.ferrum.network Reddit: http://reddit.ferrum.network Bitcoin Talk: http://bitcointalk.ferrum.network Facebook: http://facebook.ferrum.network Github: https://github.com/ferrumnet/ Instagram: http://instagram.ferrum.network My BTT https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2493216
  9. A good number of crypto exchanges available today are in the supremacy tussle of providing a highly capacitive engine that can easily carry out a good number of orders every second. The Atomic Swap Wallet network is the best of it kind ever because it provide exchange related services for beginners by ensuring that its new subscribers (beginners) are able to earn better, learn faster and also reduce their losses. The ASW encompasses an array of needs especially the needs of its beginners traders throughout, it gives the opportunity for them to actually learn how to effectively trade, make profit, borrow money and later spend it in anywhere around the globe. All this is made possible in ASW because it combines a tripartite functionality of highly demanding crypto exchange, payment channels and a social network to cap it up. The ASW network is a globalized initiative aimed at harnessing and at the same time use blockchain peculiarities, innovations and to offer the best of exchanges for beginners; it is system that is designed to function as a mutual economy. WHAT IS ATOMIC WALLET? AtomicWallet is known as an ingenious cryptocurrency wallet which can support a reasonably wide range of different cryptocurrencies and also equip its users with the highest security. Amazing Features Of ASW Atomic Wallet offers strong in-demand services that enable its wallet users to get rid of the labor spent in managing their cryptocurrency assets. Exchange Strong Encryption ( Securing Private Keys ) Multi-currency ( supports more than 300+ cryptocurrencies and tokens) Atomic Wallet enable users to get the following features Accept cryptocurrency assets in any generated wallet. Store secret keys in a secure encrypted environment. Choose a mode for cryptocurrency use. Can import assets into the wallet using secret keys ( known as a private key ). Transfer of crypto assets to different wallet addresses. Wrap Up The Atomic wallet offers asset management tool for all forms of a crypto asset. This offers effective security and interface to make all cryptocurrency trading perfect. The users of the different products offered by Atomic wallet will be able to generate wallet they can receive digital asset with and import old wallet with their private key. All of these features make it a fantastic crypto asset management tools for investors and traders globally. Official Links For more information about this platform, visit the links below: Website: https://atomicwallet.io/token Whitepaper: https://atomicwallet.io/download/atomicwallet-whitepaper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/atomicwallet Telegram: https://t.me/atomicwalletchat My Contact CryptoMonger: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2110141 Eth: 0x4933F4d60ED6c3d8FB104De8B13eB9664a4381F8
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