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  1. Trading gold is basically the same as using currency pairs. But there are small differences, the main one is that the gold price moves 20 pips in 1 hour, while the currency price moves up or down by only a few pips. I use the same indicators and advisors as I do on other currency pairs. Surprisingly, gold is a more interesting tool than some stocks. For example, the IBM stock is moving at 4 points per hour, but it is still far from the gold speed. The choice of indicators for gold is similar to the choice of indicators for the currency pairs. During the flat it is advisable to use indicators such as MACD, Stochastic Oscillator, and in other cases, you can use the moving averages and other tools. You can also use special indicators for trading gold, based on correlations, which show the information on several currency pairs in a single window. A striking example of such a tool is the gold indicator called Overlay Charts.
  2. I wish all traders would understand the worth of demo trading. It helps novices to dive into trading activity and literally teaches them basic things in trading. Demo trading is both dangerous and helpful. Some traders don't realize that it cna be dangerous but I'm gonna explain this statement. As for the benefit of demo trading, everything is quite clear, but what about harm of demo trading? The main idea, why demo trading can be harmful is that traders are getting used to trade on demo. They, psychologically, understand that they can't lose money, because they're unreal, and when it comes to start real trading they can't get over it and leave trading. So, comply with particular time spent on demo.
  3. The mosr depressing thing when we talk about demo accounts is the fact that if you make lots of demo profits, it doesn't mean that you are ready to do high profits with the real account. Demo is just an approximation of trading which lacks some of the most important characteristic features like psychological factor and slippages. As for psychology, you cannot really feel the psychological pressure when you trade with the imaginary money. You don't feel fear to lose everything like you feel it on live trading. However, whis moment shouldn't be underrated because it affects your trading results significantly. As for slippages, demo account operations are executed immediately, while real operations don't behave as smoothly as demo. Sometimes the volatily on the market is extremely high and several msecs, while your order goes to the broker's server, are enough for the price to change. So, your order may be opened not on the price you expected.
  4. Actually, the events or phenomena which take place for the reasons we don't know are usually called magic. So, if your profits are a part of magic, then you've got to do something with your trading strategy, because this 'magic' is able to make your money disappear.
  5. It is not just about 'can be risky', it is risky in the very essense of it. When you trade with not your personal money, it is always hard psychologically. I personally don't trade with leverages unless there is negative balance protection. Otherwise, I feel too nervous about my deals.
  6. There is always risk when trading forex, unfortunately. More than that, the more risk you take the more potential profit you have. Luckily, there are many ways of calculating and hedging the risks which every trader should be aware of. In spite of the fact that many forex newbies don't pay much attention to risk and money management, they are crucial for keeping the whole budget relatively safe from blowing it with the single deal.
  7. This is normal. A man just creates his own team. And he's moving in the right direction.
  8. You have to alternate between theory and practice. Pay a certain amount of attention to rest. Seek out new information. And do not think of trading as the purpose of your life.
  9. Well, rules and restrictions are exactly what allows you to control any activity and understand what will happen at one or another stage. So I see it only as an achievement, and no difficulties.
  10. It seems to me that more success of a trader in the market depends on how quickly he finds his way in the market. Because it is a huge success and it allows you to act so that you can realize all your goals and dreams.
  11. I think it's worth getting used to classical strategies first, and after that, when you have enough experience - to try to invent something of your own...
  12. Forex is one of the most profitable, safe and interesting directions in the market. And I think that many traders choose it precisely because here you can safely act even with small capital and wait for any difficulties in the market.
  13. Fingers crossed it's all about expansion, and they will keep the support of options trading. THe last few weeks were a total blessing for options trading. Markets are very volatile and there are so many opportunities. I absolutely hate when the price is stuck near the entry point and keeps moving between win and loss situation till the expiration. I didn’t happen much lately which I’m happy about.
  14. Does anyone know what this swap-free feature means and why they offer it?
  15. Nice to see I'm no longer the newest nube here :) no offence, just kidding. Olymp really does change the platform from time to time. You can always find the updates in the Help section. There is a bell in the fall out menu there called What's new? There you can learn not only about the platform itself, but see if they've added some new assets or have got some new tools. Just examined the history of updates there before writing this post. impressive list!
  16. True, you never know. Even the fact that the company has been working for ages with no issues does not mean that one day it can not collapse. Remember Lehman Brothers bank in 2008? I this its good that Olymp is covered with clients' funds protection program of FinaCom. This probably was the main reason why I chose this particular brokerage.
  17. Excellent idea! But I thought you trade forex, don't you?
  18. Exactly! If you are sure enough that some support or resistance horizontal level should work fine at a certain price, you can use this knowledge to apply pending by price order, so that you buy an “up” option once price reaches support level, not earlier than that. But why would anyone dare predicting where the price will go at certain time? Like the price wakes up at a certain time and thinks: “oh well, 6 o’clock! Shouldn’t I go visit my friends on the upper floor, they were supposed to have a pizza party there?”
  19. Thanks. Firstly I thought it`' exactly what I searched... but I have to make some deals to be sure. I will let you know once I will check...
  20. I’m a bit too incompetent in technical analysis, unfortunately to be able to appreciate all the pros of Olymp trading platform. I do need to understand how these indicators work, for sure, but I’ve got some other problems to deal with currently. Hope you can help me with the following. When I open positions at Olymp, is there a chance I can do so not at the current price, but at the desired one, when and if price comes there?
  21. I recently registered on Olymp Trade and learning everything here…As I understand in technical analysis windows there are more different indicators available and it’s better for the analysis?
  22. When you trade on a real account, then you are afraid of losing your money. You will seek to close the order at the slightest jump in price. If you lose money, you will want to open a deal at a higher price to cover losses. Trading on a live account is difficult due to mental factors.
  23. No matter that you introduce yourself like All-in-one I still see you as some CPA network and that is really it. But that's good case. Please do tell me what is Transfer go, cause all other is well known to me, but what about that one ? For now I have that question.
  24. I bet it's not possible, the way to earn on porn traffic is to advertise some products there, like adult pay sites, adult dating offers, adult male enhancement programs and things like that. You can try to buy traffic on Exoclick or TrafficJunlky or TrafficStars to start with what I described here really.

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