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  1. Kerazan

    Nice to see I'm no longer the newest nube here :) no offence, just kidding. Olymp really does change the platform from time to time. You can always find the updates in the Help section. There is a bell in the fall out menu there called What's new? There you can learn not only about the platform itself, but see if they've added some new assets or have got some new tools. Just examined the history of updates there before writing this post. impressive list!
  2. Kerazan

    Blog post it's basically any random post created by anyone or even automatically for example. While something like guest post is usually paid services which was really done by something out there for example. It's not always got approved or things like that.
  3. Kerazan

    True, you never know. Even the fact that the company has been working for ages with no issues does not mean that one day it can not collapse. Remember Lehman Brothers bank in 2008? I this its good that Olymp is covered with clients' funds protection program of FinaCom. This probably was the main reason why I chose this particular brokerage.
  4. Kerazan

    IT's all really depends on very different factors out there for whatever reasons being done with such. Each company charge different set of money anyway. How else we do want to get it better ? I hope it will be somewhat done to some level with anyone.
  5. Kerazan

    You are on the right track, for sure SEO takes time, what the hell did you expect anyway. IT's a good timeframe for doing so, if your site is new please definitely give it that six months to gain some weight in google eyes and all will work out later anyway.
  6. Kerazan

    Excellent idea! But I thought you trade forex, don't you?
  7. Kerazan

    Because it's main goal of that damn SEO when you obviously do it right no matter how do you put it. So I completely lost everything out there for whatever reasons it may really have. I do assume it should be really something out of touch with it. I do not really see anything. I do not recommend you to do bad links cause you really can be punished with that much.
  8. LOL, probably by how much money it do make with associated costs and that costs really do calculated by it's score, bid and CTR, all combined I assume. Cause you may have some flaws in all that strategies anyway so we really can talk about something else.
  9. Well, probably it's your own unique selling proposition or something like that anyway for whatever reason out there and we really should be able to do something with that ? How else it could really be done ? I assume you have something with that matter ? Be better.
  10. Kerazan

    It's basically some storage for often used data and that data usually same or do not change a lot at least, then it's have some common sense to store it somehow anyway for whatever reason out there. Do you want to make it happen ? I do not understand that really.
  11. Kerazan

    It's basically the link text which corresponding to the link you are making so it's making all of that link building different if it's different by itself anyway. Where else can we be here to make it variable ? You shouldn't make it similar to everything else out there for many many things.
  12. Kerazan

    Exactly! If you are sure enough that some support or resistance horizontal level should work fine at a certain price, you can use this knowledge to apply pending by price order, so that you buy an “up” option once price reaches support level, not earlier than that. But why would anyone dare predicting where the price will go at certain time? Like the price wakes up at a certain time and thinks: “oh well, 6 o’clock! Shouldn’t I go visit my friends on the upper floor, they were supposed to have a pizza party there?”
  13. Kerazan

    Top techniques currently ? Probabably as usualy lot of relevant contextual niche links and not that far as well. Along with content made for humans and something like that along with correct social work anyway for many many matters here. Can you please do that too ?
  14. I would say so called things like consumer behaviour, when he looking over shop, browsing products, browsing related products, buying, leaving/reading reviews and so basically on by many many standarts all together with all that set for example anyway.
  15. Kerazan

    IT was surprise for me to discover that something like that still working fine anyway with whatever you really want. I was thinking that AOL simply dead long long time ago already. Are you with me here totally and completely. Thanks for that matter.
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