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  1. I will try something other and maybe paid traffic, will start reading other SEO's blogs and start asking questions what is what and why it doesn't work and all things like that entirely and possibly. And you? I will wait for your reply as well here.
  2. Kerazan

    Usually those serve like some subid's to track from where exactly your traffic comes if there is no other way, you can set some separate for that needs and you will see entirely what is what coming from, very easy to track and optimise anyway.
  3. Kerazan

    Fingers crossed it's all about expansion, and they will keep the support of options trading. THe last few weeks were a total blessing for options trading. Markets are very volatile and there are so many opportunities. I absolutely hate when the price is stuck near the entry point and keeps moving between win and loss situation till the expiration. I didn’t happen much lately which I’m happy about.
  4. Kerazan

    Where do you get all this links honestly? Do you have some ready made database or so? I do not understand how you could build something like 5000 links each month assuming that they all are on different domains entirely and possibly. Please explain.
  5. Kerazan

    You can actually guess that that is additional once more show of impression to visitor who already been on your site or clicked your ads somewhere else, I assume it's obvious simply. But just in case it's like that and if it google display network on CPM you will be charged again.
  6. Person should have their portfolio there I would assume and there is nothing happens between those two things anyway. So something must be done entirely before hiring and you need to be able to verify that such person did that SEO for that company.
  7. Kerazan

    It's the link which already built to the pages which are non existent probably or links to the pages which may have some errors in that url but for working page, you may ask why? Cause they make your off page SEO looks natural cause people make mistakes in links;)
  8. Because you really need to have some time for it to get indexed at first and make it all correct so it will be capable cause of that for sure anyway. hopefully we can make it clear with you, I am not being able to collect anything on that! how do you do ?
  9. What do you mean how long? It's basically never ending if you do asking me that honestly. How do you plan some otherswise things to be corrected? Your competition are not sleeping so keep that in mind please when do off page.
  10. Kerazan

    Does anyone know what this swap-free feature means and why they offer it?
  11. Kerazan

    Something like 10 or even more like 15 years ago one of the way to making off page SEO was something like link exchange between the websites for many matters. How do you deal with such? So we can make it possible, for now it doesn't work at all anyway.
  12. It's very very simple, they may have something like contact information hidden in their social networks of various nature and somewhere in the whois information of their possible domain for many many things out there, hopefully you will learn that over time anyway.
  13. You can check out if the keywords are converting for it with a bit of help with PPC honestly and then you could make it worthy to create more content and backlinks, but not other way around that if you do ask me for that matter. Care to get more details?
  14. I am doing keyword research mainly with the inner google keyword suggestion tool, cause it's much more detailed, also I am using kwfinder.com for all my doings and things like for example alexa.com for potential keyword varities for all possible phrases.
  15. Kerazan

    Nice to see I'm no longer the newest nube here :) no offence, just kidding. Olymp really does change the platform from time to time. You can always find the updates in the Help section. There is a bell in the fall out menu there called What's new? There you can learn not only about the platform itself, but see if they've added some new assets or have got some new tools. Just examined the history of updates there before writing this post. impressive list!
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