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  1. Kerazan

    IT was surprise for me to discover that something like that still working fine anyway with whatever you really want. I was thinking that AOL simply dead long long time ago already. Are you with me here totally and completely. Thanks for that matter.
  2. Kerazan

    On page optimisation really help to establish everything like that you name like that SEO. It means it will be done WITH the site itself like probably some person already stated. So please be sure to make it possible. It's so easy cause you have full control of that.
  3. Kerazan

    It's the tag which really help search engine, at least partially too see which content was done by you or not at least partially. See my point ? So basically if you have writtent something and you do know it's unique make it canonical anyway.
  4. Kerazan

    Thanks. Firstly I thought it`' exactly what I searched... but I have to make some deals to be sure. I will let you know once I will check...
  5. Kerazan

    I’m a bit too incompetent in technical analysis, unfortunately to be able to appreciate all the pros of Olymp trading platform. I do need to understand how these indicators work, for sure, but I’ve got some other problems to deal with currently. Hope you can help me with the following. When I open positions at Olymp, is there a chance I can do so not at the current price, but at the desired one, when and if price comes there?
  6. It's serves like security layer and protects personal sensitive clients data with that matter anyway. Every e-commerce website who do take payments on paypal / credit cards should have it installed. Also lately there is a rumor it helps with more SEO traffic.
  7. I am not choosing focus keywords in that plugin or something like that really, I do choose them in something like keyword research programs and that's really it. I do not really see what is going on there anyway. I completely do not understand it really.
  8. By Frames ? I think it's quite simple - I describe it like page of HTML in page of HTML, sometimes you need to put some content even dynamic one from some HTML page to somewhere in the other page and for that reason there is a frames, but they are not that popular now.
  9. I would say it's blogging outreach, not that many people reply to calls or e-mails and not that many really even leaving some feedback on you along with they always want money no matter how you really put it. Thanks for that matter anyway. See my point ?
  10. Kerazan

    But does people really use Uber a lot or is it all dull no matter what ? I am trying to figure it all out anyway. Thanks for letting me know I am now capable to do all of that with your help, I never used Uber in my life nor plan to anyway. Thanks for that matter.
  11. Kerazan

    What do you mean here by body content ? For sure you should try to post more theme news everywhere on your website where only possible, there is no other ways about that. It will gain much bigger authority that ways. So let's really make it happy.
  12. I am not sure if it's really for SEO or not, so let's do that in some other way you propose here no matter how you really put it. There are probably like 100 platforms for all that stuff anyway. Are you with me here or not ? I do not see all that really. Use FB, Pinterest, IG, Twitter and so on.
  13. Kerazan

    I recently registered on Olymp Trade and learning everything here…As I understand in technical analysis windows there are more different indicators available and it’s better for the analysis?
  14. I would say it's to use very simple HTML website with something like that lately. I do see a lot of websites are powered on Wordpress and that's really it. Try to make it HTML next time, it will be much more light weight and that's it. And SEO friendly.
  15. Kerazan

    Those are the links which are .... what ? site-wide, means there wide takes whole site, so it's like probably means they are located on every page of the website, correct ? I hope you really do understand that. Let me check something like that here.
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