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  1. Kerazan

    When you trade on a real account, then you are afraid of losing your money. You will seek to close the order at the slightest jump in price. If you lose money, you will want to open a deal at a higher price to cover losses. Trading on a live account is difficult due to mental factors.
  2. I recommend checking your spam folder. A lot of messages come there. Well, try to create another account and write a letter to your mail. If there is still no result, then contact support.
  3. Basically it's how the SEO is done anyway, by applying all that strategies in the same time for many many aspects of it. Do you see how it really can happen here ? You are doing SEO for the website and in the same time obtaining backlinks for it.
  4. Kerazan

    It's really really different for each person, no matter how you put it but like people already replied here if it close to 300 you are damn to one step to the death really. Normal pressure for many people is like 120/80 or 130/90 or so. Keep in mind,
  5. Kerazan

    I plan to learn a bit of Vietnamese language really fast cause I have a team of freelancers operating there anyway. And I need to know how to communicate with them anyway for sure. That's very good links and I will examine them for sure later.
  6. No matter that you introduce yourself like All-in-one I still see you as some CPA network and that is really it. But that's good case. Please do tell me what is Transfer go, cause all other is well known to me, but what about that one ? For now I have that question.
  7. Yes, why honestly not ? Do you seriously think it's not worth it ? You should do your own blog on that matter and write like few times a month to be sure. How does that sounds ? Also please create some additional web 2.0 links to your pages from that sites.
  8. Please be sure to include something like your clients list who already use your hosting with that free domain name you really promote. Do you have something like that ? I never have seen that you really promote something and having free subdomain for sure.
  9. That's quite risky to put Perfect Money ; BitCoin ; Payeer ; LiteCoin ; Ethereum ; BitCoin Cash ; Dogecoin ; Dash on the system which pays that high simply for something like that 6% hourly or something ? Are you for real ? I may try with Perfect money maybe.
  10. Kerazan

    You mean that part which is indexed in Google for example ? It's quite easy to be frank, just use your page URL, let it be homepage to be strict and put it on something like link:url and that way you will see tons of backlinks to that page and that's really it.
  11. If I remember correctly it was already like that in past but as of now it's already like $8000 at least, correct ? So be it please. However I prefer to trade and invest manually so I am waiting some other reviews. There are a lof of members on that Telegram channel, but where are live one ?
  12. How this bot compared with some other one ? Which maybe not that free or something else. I really do not understand all that. All free versions I tried to use in the past was something like shit. Only real products with some real actions really. Stop please.
  13. Kerazan

    That is simply fantastic opportunity to have such list. In the past I really did something like that and tested every network I possibly can and that's it. Usually they asked for something like $50 or $100. I bet now it vastly increased to something like $100 or $200 really.
  14. MAybe it's so, but I bet a lot of people still using that Hostgator shared plans, MilesWeb being cheaper more productive and all such ways still can't be able to do anything like HG, simply because they lack funds for advertising. If you discovered MilesWeb is better you are doing good job for advertising it here anyway.
  15. Kerazan

    You probably meant to promote water purifiers but instead posting something about air purifiers and something else like that. That shouldn't be that anyway. I have at home water purifier and it works just well, I can say that even by the taste of the water really.
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