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  1. It seems to me that more success of a trader in the market depends on how quickly he finds his way in the market. Because it is a huge success and it allows you to act so that you can realize all your goals and dreams.
  2. I think it's worth getting used to classical strategies first, and after that, when you have enough experience - to try to invent something of your own...
  3. Forex is one of the most profitable, safe and interesting directions in the market. And I think that many traders choose it precisely because here you can safely act even with small capital and wait for any difficulties in the market.
  4. Yes, you can, but you really need to do the following. I assume you can pay them into their ad system like Adwords to make your site to be more prominent, but beware there are many many competitors of that service entirely.
  5. I know of how some of us a re stuck in lockdown and are unable to go to work but we do not have to worry anymore. While we wait this epidemic to come to an end there are a lot of ways you can make money at the comfort of your home. I am not going to tell you of how you can earn a ridicilous amount of money by working on some strange websites because those are jsut scams. To earn money you will have to be willing to work. Forst of all now that people are stuck in thei houses they are spending more time on the internet than ever. That means that youtube is now receiving a lot of views. This is your big chance. Become a youtuber. All you need is a camers. A simple video editing software like power director that will give you a 30 day trial and thus you will be able to make a lot of vodeos before time runs out. Infact you do not even need a laptop. You can use your phone to do everything. Get a good idea for your video and get on it right now.
  6. This seems like a good offer but I have some questions. I hope that when you say that the minimum is 2 dollars ypu do not imply that we have to pay 2 dollars to join your platform. A platform that asks you to play money before you can even begin working is usually not legit. I have browsed the web for a lot of freelancer platforms and I have never heard of you guys. Why is that. I hope that the microtasks do not involve surveys because I hate surveys. Allt hese payment platforms better have no restrictions on the amount of money that you can withdraw. Iam telling this to anyone who might give your website a try. They have to warch out for these kind of things. Now I need you to clarify to us.
  7. I am not even sure if those two are really comparable things anyway for many reasons. PR is Page Rank metric which is not used for very very long time absolutely and possibly. And SERP's = search engine ranking positions in search engine itself.
  8. I am reading forum like that totally and completely anyway entirely and clearly. Then I do update my info with something like you know clear way of something more possible than this like pro blogs and then all possible ways do get clearly from that.
  9. Please reformulate your question in the more correct way anyway for many possible reasons out there, I do not see to understand what is what with you entirely. Is it about social bookmarking links or what? Give me explanation please.
  10. I will try something other and maybe paid traffic, will start reading other SEO's blogs and start asking questions what is what and why it doesn't work and all things like that entirely and possibly. And you? I will wait for your reply as well here.
  11. Usually those serve like some subid's to track from where exactly your traffic comes if there is no other way, you can set some separate for that needs and you will see entirely what is what coming from, very easy to track and optimise anyway.
  12. Fingers crossed it's all about expansion, and they will keep the support of options trading. THe last few weeks were a total blessing for options trading. Markets are very volatile and there are so many opportunities. I absolutely hate when the price is stuck near the entry point and keeps moving between win and loss situation till the expiration. I didn’t happen much lately which I’m happy about.
  13. Where do you get all this links honestly? Do you have some ready made database or so? I do not understand how you could build something like 5000 links each month assuming that they all are on different domains entirely and possibly. Please explain.
  14. You can actually guess that that is additional once more show of impression to visitor who already been on your site or clicked your ads somewhere else, I assume it's obvious simply. But just in case it's like that and if it google display network on CPM you will be charged again.
  15. Person should have their portfolio there I would assume and there is nothing happens between those two things anyway. So something must be done entirely before hiring and you need to be able to verify that such person did that SEO for that company.
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