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  1. I'll help you with a great pleasure. Here is a link on best online casino info you can find on the whole internet. This is not only a cool information source but also a great platform for discussions. So read it and make right decisions.
  2. Has someone here LG fridge? It just stopped working. What should I do???
  3. sikitor

    Hello! You'll be very glad as I recommend you a really trusted and proven information resource about cryptocurrencies https://cryptobit.media/ . Prefer Cryptobit because authors write well - they are obviously guided by the topic, so I can count on objective clarification of the facts here!
  4. sikitor

    Hi! Here is a link on crypto news https://cryptobit.media/ I read and can advise you to follow my suite. Advice this particular site because I read it every single day and really like it. Because you'll find here not only news 🙂
  5. Hi, guys! Can anybody here advise me what information resource about cryptocurrencies should I read?
  6. sikitor

    I use payment gateway provided by mobbypayments . This company can provide you with any solution connected to ecommerce www.mobbypayments.com . It has the highest level of PCI DSS Compliance and gateway processes payments with the bank are in real time (typically 2-3 seconds).
  7. Oooh yes, there're! I ordered on my website card processing solution here and been satisfied with it at all 100%! Fast, reliable, secure. Thanks to them card processing is carried out much more easily. Highly recommend!
  8. Have you heard about some good international merchant accounts? Help to find the best one, please.
  9. Guys! Need your advice: what company that provides e-commerce solutions should I use?
  10. Who can recommend me a card processing services? Need your help, guys!))
  11. sikitor

    What comnpany that provides international merchant accounts can you recommend me?
  12. This company can provide you with any solution connected to ecommerce , click on the link and you'll get access to its website. I'd like to say, on a personal note that it is really reliable, accepts a broad range of credit cards and provides you with 24/7 technical support.
  13. Friends, help me to find the best merchant account provider, please.
  14. What card processing services can you recommend me???
  15. sikitor

    Hello! I'm working at a big e-commerce company and we use this payment gateway , i'd liketo recommend you too. this company is a great choise as it provides you with a virtual terminal, which allows you to log onto its secure web portal and process payments over the phone anywhere you have an internet connection.
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