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  1. Dear publishers! We invite you to promote 4 latest foreign dating campaigns available in FireAds! Thanks to proper targeting they gain a very high conversion rate and at the same time a chance to earn a lot of money. Remember, everything depends on the quality of your traffic! Some of the programs available in FireAds may bring better profits depending on the place of promotion. NoordzeeMeisjes Rate: CPA 2,91 PLN GEO: BE, NL Category: DOI LINK: CLICK EmmaMadchen Rate: CPA 2,91 USD GEO: AT, CH, DE Category: DOI LINK: CLICK HotAsianFli
  2. Dear publishers! We invite you to get to know the list of the best campaigns available in FireAds! It's worth knowing that the best campaigns are taken in relation to global statistics, your traffic can better convert also in other available campaigns. #1 Trading Campaign: HandelPro [EXCLUSIVE]. ID: 630 Rate: CPA 290,03 USD GEO: CH, DE, ES, GB, PL, SE Link: CLICK #1 Dating campaign: LetsDate [Exclusive] ID: 541 Rate: CPA 0,80 - 0,93 USD, CPS 22,56 / 25,78 USD GEO: POLAND Link: CLICK #1 VOD Campaign: VoD Strefa ID: 613 Rate: CPS 50%
  3. Dear publishers! HOT WEEK in FireAds took off! Earn up to 20% more up to lead value. Promotion ends on 19.10 23:59! We wish you very high earnings!
  4. Dear publishers! Congratulations on more than 70,000 USD earned in September by one of our publishers! We wish all those earning money in FireAds a dream come true and make more and more progress! Thank you for being with us!
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Take advantage of the new promotion to withdraw funds available for withdrawal immediately. Especially for you this is now possible for a minimum commission of 8% (instead of 20%). Withdraw your money now: CLICK. Join our channel on the Telegram and stay up to date with all the information: CLICK. Promotion valid until 16.09.2020 23:59.
  7. Dear publishers! We inform about the newly added dating campaign "Bratnia Dusza". The registration fee and e-mail confirmation from Poland is over 1,5 USD! Bratnia Dusza: Link to the campaign: CLICK Rate: CPA 1.5 USD Countries served: Poland More landing pages soon. We encourage you to promote your new campaign in FireAds! We wish you record earnings!
  8. Dear publishers! We invite you to promote new landing pages available in EroDate campaign. Thanks to them you can reach a new target group! New landing pages that have joined the EroDate DOI version: - Chat - Gays - BDSM Link to the campaign: CLICK Rate: CPA 0,65 USD GEO: Poland Now start converting your movement even more with EroDate! We wish you a very high wage!
  9. Dear publishers! We invite you to promote the latest FXVC trading campaign in FireAds! Polish high quality Call Center operating 7 days a week until late. There are 2 landing page variants available. Campaign information: FXVC Rate: CPA 320.21 / 336.22 USD GEO: GB, EN LINK: CLICK We wish you a high earnings!
  10. Dear publishers! Start earning even 15% more in the best trading campaign "HandelPro [EXCLUSIVE]". You only earn the most in FireAds! Take advantage of this exclusive promotion until the end of the week (12.07). About the campaign: HandelPro [EXCLUSIVE] Rate: CPA 340,27 USD (Promotional rate) GEO: PL, DE, GB, ES (CallCenter in Polish) LINK: CLICK A truly epic trade campaign, which you will only find with us FireAds!
  11. Dear Publishers! Take advantage of the new Jolly.me campaign in FireAds. Start promoting the new dating portal now! Information about the campaign: Jolly.me Rate: CPA 1,06 USD Geo: Poland Link: CLICK
  12. Dear publishers! We invite you to promote the iDates campaign with a new limit in FireAds! The current limit is about 200 leads per day per publisher. Information about the campaign: iDates Rate: CPA 0.81 / 1.03 USD Geo: Poland Link: KLIK We wish you high earnings!
  13. Dear publishers! Get ready for a mega weekend in FireAds! Take advantage of the extra rates up to +20% more in the best dating campaigns! Campaigns that include a promotion: - IAmNaughty, - Filtr, - Tylko Ty i ja, - LetsDate [Exclusive], - Zakazane Flirty, - Flirthis (adult), - Flirthis (non adult), - iDates All campaigns available in the panel: CLICK We wish you very high earnings! Promotional rates will be activated today (12.06) after midnight.
  14. Dear publishers! We invite you to promote new campaigns in FireAds! Newly added campaigns are dating portal and trading campaign. Take advantage of the new campaigns now! Newly added campaigns: Zakazana Miłość Rate: CPA 0,75 / 1,49 USD GEO: POLAND Link: CLICK NsBroker Rate: CPA 422,75 USD GEO: GERMANY Link: CLICK We wish you high earnings!
  15. Dear Publishers! Promotion "Earn up to 20% more in SOI and ERO campaigns". Still on! Take advantage today and increase your earnings! The promotion will end today on 01.06 23:59. We wish you record earnings!
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