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  1. Dear publishers! Economic crisis? Not in FireAds! You can increase your incomes without looking at the situation around you! It's the best idea to use your favourite campaigns in that purpose! That's why, during whole Sunday you can use mega rates in campaigns: Monfex, IAmNaughty, LetsDate, Flirt, OneNightFriend, WildSpank and iPhone XS[SOI]! Use this opportunity well, to get some extra cash! We wish you all a successful Sunday!
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  7. Dear Publishers! Hot Week is way behind us and we have one more surprise for you! We would like to announce poetry competition for the most interesting poem about FireAds! Win +5% extra to the rate for a week What should I do? 1. Write a poem about FireAds and send it to mail: [email protected] . Don't forget to include your username from FireAds in mail. 2. The poem can be easy, the point is to make it interesting or funny. Competition ends in 05.03.2020.
  8. Dear Publishers! It's hot as hell here! We would like to show you the best campaigns of the previous week! Here you can find the most glowing campaigns of the past week! Their global conversion is extremely high! #1 Monfex Rate: CPA 294 / 472,5 USD Geo: DE, GB, PL Camapign URL: CLICK #2 Strefakina Rate: CPS 1,95 USD Geo: Global Camapign URL: CLICK #3 Vulkan Vegas Rate: CPA 35,67 - 87,2 USD Geo: AT, AZ, BY, CA, CH, DE, DK, FI, KG, KZ, LT, LV, MD, NO, NZ, PL, RU, SK, TJ, UZ Camapign URL: CLICK #4 Poflirtujemy Rate: CPA 1,13 - 1,26 USD Geo: Poland Camapign URL: CLICK #5 Letsdate Rate: CPA 0,88 - 0,98 USD, CPS 24,5 / 28 USD Geo: Poland Camapign URL: CLICK * Please be aware that the final conversion may vary due to your promotion method. This data shows global stats of all the publishers combined. You may reach better results with those campaigns or another.
  9. Three Kings of FireAds! Dear Publishers! We would like to present you three leaders of the best FireAds campaigns. Those campaigns were the most effective in the last month. # Crypto Profit # LetsDate # Syndicate Casino
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  14. Dear publishers! Our next EPIC promo is live! Since today, till the end of the week, you can use the highest available rates on the market for sweepstake campaigns (to be promoted in Poland). The promotional rate is 1,1 USD per lead! Your visitor is only required to provide his personal data and e-mail address to validate a lead. Use this week as best as you can! The list of campaigns eligible for promotion: *NEW* (536) Lego [SOI] - CLICK (524) Żabka [SOI] (Polish supermarket) - CLICK (403) Rossmann [SOI] - CLICK (406) Tesco [SOI] - CLICK (407) iPhone XS [SOI] - CLICK (527) Watch for free [SOI] - CLICK (526) Win a diet [SOI] - CLICK (525) CashRaid [SOI] - CLICK
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