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  1. The dollar is a fairly stable asset. And even when I see such price fluctuations, I still do not panic and know that the dollar will return to its usual limits.
  2. When you read such articles, you immediately want to believe that you will definitely work qualitatively and accurately. But in fact, you are most often confronted with your emotions, and this can even more severely hinder the correct decision making.
  3. Spread is a profit of a brokerage company, and you need to be ready to "pay" for access to the market.
  4. I think that you need to get advise from some construction people that you. I know that you have come across some of them in your life and if you have not then you can always ask the people that you know. These construction experts are the ones that will tell you where they get all the inexpensive door harware.
  5. I have been looking fo a suitable broker and I am glad that you made this post because it has not been flagged down which mean that you can be trusted. I wll consider joining you. I just hope that everything you said is true. For the others you can find out further and tell me about it.
  6. That's good tips. But I think the most important thing in finding a job is a good resume. It shouldn't be empty, but you shouldn't try to fill it with all this "learning fast; I'm an optimist; I really want to work and stuff like that". It's better to write things for which you will be hired. And the interview itself is also important. You don't have to show that you're scared or nervous, not all employers will like it.
  7. I've wanted to read a good investment book for a long time. And this set is just a great catch for me. I will certainly read at least one of these amazing books, I think they will be very useful to me. Thank you for sharing this compilation with us!)
  8. It's always a good idea. Sometimes we just live day by day and forget that we don't live just this one single day, and we still have a future to think about. That's the problem with most people, they don't think about self-development or just something useful to do today, otherwise there will be no result. Stay motivated!!
  9. Most recently, I read an article that crises are an absolutely natural phenomenon, which is necessary to eliminate inactive business and economic models and to make something new come true. It seems to me that it makes sense.
  10. Lot of great contextual backlinks from very reputable and high traust domains with a bit citiations flow and long rich texts with videos and graphs anyway for many many reasons. I think it's obvious, not every niche will allow that clearly)
  11. It is true that there are currenty a lot of people on the web that are searchikng for online work that getting your own job has become really hard. Websites are receiving registrations but lots of people looking to earn a little bit extra cash. Right now the best option I can recommend is for anyone looking forward to making money online is to join freelancer platforms. There are a lot of fake websites that have been made to capture the unsuspecting victims. They claim to foffer online work when all they want is your details. Some will wvwn ask for a deposit before you ca begin working which i
  12. To work on freelancer platforms you must show that you are capable of working. You cannot just be anybody and then seek freelance work when you have no experience in what you are doung. That is how it works. Some freelancer platforms suc as upwork are very good but they are very strict. Most people apply for an account but are rejected because they do not fit the description. You can try it. If your application is accepted then you are definetly ready to work as a freelancer. Know how to handle computers, do research and be able to think wide. Typing speed also matters alot. I wish you all th
  13. As for me it's a title tag in the first place, then headings, then probably alt tags, all else would go to link building activities this days. I do want to keep it real finally. But my experience says like I just explained to you.
  14. There is no possible way to know this if you are really talking here now as a tracker for example, but I can really tell you that all is done via pixels and preferably to use server side and not javascript based client side and all will be well then.
  15. Which could be better honestly than google analytics entirely? Do you know any other cases of that matter or what? I do know something like you know Clicky as well and many other things which could lead to that, but Google tool is really the best clearly.
  16. Those are the keywords which do consists from several different keywords from all over the place. For example "green mushrooms from the miami store and other usefull advices for anything" I do hope you can get back matter.
  17. Yes, you still need to it, at least continue to do it cause people simply may overspend you and so on entirely on so many levels I can't now tell. There are always people fighting for your lucrative space and it's already damn that tool.
  18. IT's like set of the URL's which are completely showing from where this particular visited have come before he really appeared on your URL, so it's something like his scheme of actions before he traveled to you, got it?
  19. I think that totally everything could be done like that if you really need it, correct? So why should we even mock with that? Every industry can be done like that matter entirely and completely anyway. For all your needs you should hire some native people for that.
  20. I am working with them in a way that I at least replying on them doing all what I can to ease other person deal on so many matters that it's really not that possible for whatever means. That way you care about the customer in best possible way you may imagine.
  21. Well, I simply wanted to register a demo here. And I was offered to use MetaTrader as one of the platform options. I refused it by the way :) The original platform is something I really liked when I read some of Olymp Trade’s reviews. It’s plain, it’s got MOST IMPORTANT indicators, its easy to switch between option and forex. But I do beileve some of their clients will appreciate the innovations like you did :)
  22. You know, this is really funny, but look like Olymp’s marketing team is watching our conversation. Did you know they’ve added MetaTrader support in the least of their constantly expanding features?
  23. I’m not that sure about exotics, but my set of simple indicators like moving averages and MACD help me remove emotional aspect from trading. I definitely can “read” charts as they are like you do, I can identify trends, see levels of support and resistance a you say, but without indicators I feel helpless in decision making. This wasn’t like that from the very beginning. In the beginning I considered myself to be a great naked trader and chart-reader as well. The problems started when I moved to trading live money and get consistently profitable. This is when I realized I need some help from t
  24. Taking care of professional traders and their needs is indeed a good path for any brokerage to choose. I don’t think that nowadays brokers can compete by a mere lowering of spreads and commissions. This is is a straight path to the hell of unprofessional attitude to the quality of service, cause you can’t keep lowering commissions leaving the high quality of service simultaneously. So in case Olymp really stakes on widening the scope of services they provide, maximizing the number of assets and improving the quality of connection and executions - this is what can really make the company compat
  25. I know SEO and PPC are the main digital marketing tools and the most effective ones. SEO gives you a possibility of high ROI Potential. Unpaid search results tend to get more clicks than paid ads. They result in more clicks, conversions, and ultimately a solid ROI. PPC - Pay per click is an advertising model in which the advertiser places ads on sites. It will give you instant traffic! You can start showing your ads on the top of the first page search results almost immediately after creating a campaign.
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