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  1. It will generate income for a long time... I am sure of it.
  2. It's something that unites beginners and professionals, and this tandem can be very successful.
  3. There are no win-win methods of working in the market. There are always risks.
  4. The dollar is a fairly stable asset. And even when I see such price fluctuations, I still do not panic and know that the dollar will return to its usual limits.
  5. When you read such articles, you immediately want to believe that you will definitely work qualitatively and accurately. But in fact, you are most often confronted with your emotions, and this can even more severely hinder the correct decision making.
  6. Spread is a profit of a brokerage company, and you need to be ready to "pay" for access to the market.
  7. I have been looking fo a suitable broker and I am glad that you made this post because it has not been flagged down which mean that you can be trusted. I wll consider joining you. I just hope that everything you said is true. For the others you can find out further and tell me about it.
  8. Most recently, I read an article that crises are an absolutely natural phenomenon, which is necessary to eliminate inactive business and economic models and to make something new come true. It seems to me that it makes sense.
  9. Well, I simply wanted to register a demo here. And I was offered to use MetaTrader as one of the platform options. I refused it by the way :) The original platform is something I really liked when I read some of Olymp Trade’s reviews. It’s plain, it’s got MOST IMPORTANT indicators, its easy to switch between option and forex. But I do beileve some of their clients will appreciate the innovations like you did :)
  10. You know, this is really funny, but look like Olymp’s marketing team is watching our conversation. Did you know they’ve added MetaTrader support in the least of their constantly expanding features?
  11. I’m not that sure about exotics, but my set of simple indicators like moving averages and MACD help me remove emotional aspect from trading. I definitely can “read” charts as they are like you do, I can identify trends, see levels of support and resistance a you say, but without indicators I feel helpless in decision making. This wasn’t like that from the very beginning. In the beginning I considered myself to be a great naked trader and chart-reader as well. The problems started when I moved to trading live money and get consistently profitable. This is when I realized I need some help from the side to be making sound and most importantly decisions. Without indicators its rather easy to see that i.e market is going up. But when exactly it’s time to go long? When it’s time to fix the profit, where should be the stop loss, where is target? People may laugh about moving averages intersections as long as they want to, but as long as they help traders make decisions without draining their brains - people will keep using those.
  12. Taking care of professional traders and their needs is indeed a good path for any brokerage to choose. I don’t think that nowadays brokers can compete by a mere lowering of spreads and commissions. This is is a straight path to the hell of unprofessional attitude to the quality of service, cause you can’t keep lowering commissions leaving the high quality of service simultaneously. So in case Olymp really stakes on widening the scope of services they provide, maximizing the number of assets and improving the quality of connection and executions - this is what can really make the company compatible among other brokerages.
  13. Its really hard to open two options simultaneously manually. This is when pending-by-time orders can help indeed. Good point! So how is it going so far on demo account?
  14. Thank you for sharing! Looks like Olymp knew what they were doing when they offered pending by time orders. This is one-of-a-kind feature and looks like only Olymp offers it among options brokerages. Once you’ve explained one of the possible strategies, new ideas on how to use these time-based orders started raising in my mind.
  15. Ahahah, yes! Exactly! First I was thinking that this can somehow relate to economic news releases. But economic news are unpredictable, which makes no sense guessing about the price direction at this certain time particularly. There must be some other explanation of these time-based orders.

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