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  1. Fegore

    It's basically the file with set of instructions for various robots, mainly search one who will visit your website each from different search engine and that set will set how it should behave with your site, which page to visit and which is not allowed or at all anyway. Very usefull thing by many reasons.
  2. Fegore

    Cause people with turned off images may really see them anyway for whatever reason and they should go on with such for example and they will see your text instead, see my point ? I assume it's just obvious things, but still in case you didn't know for sure.
  3. Well, there are lot of websites who do measure this parameter anyway. Can we really learn something from it or not ? I do not want you to do that but GTMetrix, Google PageSpeed and something YSpeed or so and a lot more less well known anyway. See my point ?
  4. Fegore

    Thank you for sharing! Looks like Olymp knew what they were doing when they offered pending by time orders. This is one-of-a-kind feature and looks like only Olymp offers it among options brokerages. Once you’ve explained one of the possible strategies, new ideas on how to use these time-based orders started raising in my mind.
  5. Fegore

    Ahahah, yes! Exactly! First I was thinking that this can somehow relate to economic news releases. But economic news are unpredictable, which makes no sense guessing about the price direction at this certain time particularly. There must be some other explanation of these time-based orders.
  6. That one without lot of video and images in comparison to the text, which do not have that extensive scripts or something like that along the lines anyway and probably something which is correct site structure with user friendly content and navigation which already done there.
  7. Fegore

    Did you find out how to apply these pending orders for Olymp’s options trading? I don’t think these orders were invented for no reason, but I’m a bit confused here. I can more or less understand how to apply pending order by price, but what is the use of time-based pending orders?
  8. Fegore

    Yes, it's for sure important as hell, I do remember working with that niche all together. It was really painfull experience anyway for whatever it may means never do so please by any standarts here. How can we go on with that ? I am not that sure anyway. Niches are very competetive.
  9. Based on your and other people search history, google can really suggest you something like that anyway with many many variants for you to select from, don't underestimate that feature cause it's already provide something for you to work with.
  10. They both are significant anyway no matter how do you put that much really, I am kinda lost with everything you may have there anyway totally and completely. So do both and you would be really good no matter how you put that in reality.
  11. What do you mean by "how" here ? By changing their code probably and no less than that correct ? I hope that it will work that way in reality. I do not see any reason for it not to work anyway. You need to login into their interface and that's really it.
  12. Fegore

    I do not see that much difference with usual backlink and contextual one just with noun of it, but if we'll talk in more detailed case then it's just link somewhere in the text related to your niche and topic and link back to you, it have some really good weight in Google.
  13. That is in the first place good structure of the website itself no matter how do you really put it and that's really it. Thanks for all that matter with that. If your site is small do use something like simple HTML and CSS and JS a lot of times. I hope it makes sense.
  14. Fegore

    Because it plays very big role in website SEO no matter what other people are really saying about all this. Do you want to let me know all of this ? Read basically any SEO guide and you will find answers there really. Now please let us do so.
  15. Fegore

    Main benefit probably would be something like light weight of the website and so on if needed. So I mean it should be the case where nothing else should be located except needed code, it's not always true but it's really like that. Thanks.
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