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  1. Fegore

    I think that for now it's good solid blog outreach for guest posting links as well as some bought links for anything else please. I do not see any case regarding that matter will be shown that it's not that effective. Those two are most powerfull.
  2. Fegore

    Create a bit of links to it maybe, what do you say really about that ? Or make good proper link structure here for that matter. Do all what we need to do to index new website. How does that really sounds to you anyway ? Please respond better next time.
  3. Are people alreay tried that service or not ? I am seeing in my screen basically complete clone of DigitalOcean hosting, please guys let me know how are you different with them and that is really it, please report it here for sure.
  4. Are you plan to pay with something else except paypal maybe, what do you say ? I am not sure, but maybe skrill, payoneer or something similar like maybe webmoney or so ? Not every people can be paid by paypal anyway. I simply don't get that
  5. Fegore

    That's a good question to ask cause you don't really have that much SEO traffic it seems, I have found you via online database of online marketing forums, money making forums and so on. So from some refferal list and that's it, no other way for sure.
  6. Fegore

    I haven't yet trried this method but you guys tell me if it's worked anyway, there is so much scam lately on the web that you can't even imagine anyway. So much is going on there. For how long this method will work, what do you say ? Is it pay by Paypal ?
  7. Are people really get such big returns on investments there ? I am just reading https://bitschain.net/ and it sounds to good to be true anyway. Like 6% daily for all that stuff along with like upto 250% return for like 2 weeks investments with almost immediate withdraw.
  8. It's for sure better for B2C business, cause not that many of the B2B companies have or even plan to have something like FB page, they do it old usual mail via physical meeting, phone or e-mails at best and that's it. All that fancy stuff is for end clients really.
  9. How is the service of this guys, is it work fine really or not ? Please let me know cause I have some spare time and want to upload and share few things I have in my collection with internet public, I hope it will work well for those. I haven't noticed how do you pay ? I got about $1 min payout.
  10. Fegore

    Like many others have said here, just work at your traffic and that's it. I mean promote it like you did, what exactly you did to achieve anything ? Usually it's something like new content, various type of backlinks and overall on site SEO optimisation of the website.
  11. Fegore

    Different people a ct differently when faced with any kind of loss. Similarly, traders have different ways of reacting to losses. Some people take time out to recover and study the market while others simply ignore the losses and continue trading. Either way, you should accept and learn from your mistakes
  12. Very true. A good forex broker should offer demo trading accounts to enable new traders to familiarise with the real thing. Demo experience can't exactly be similar to a real account because one uses real money and the other uses virtual money. Avoid huge bonuses as much as you can, they are traps
  13. Does this offer comes with something like free subdomain of yours ? If so I will try it, cause in real need of some free webhost which is not so well known, so thanks to that. It really something I need, just please allow free subdomains on it, and that's it;)
  14. The best place for sharing blog content in my opinion is social media platforms. There are several platforms to choose for and they are very reliable. You can also get quality backlinks and do guest posting through which you can lead visitors to your site.
  15. To Wordpress and Blogger ? Probably nothing, cause they are really top notch, for SEO puroses of making link I would make Blogger number 1 really anyway. I would call somethine like maybe Tumblr, Wix, Weebly and some other second tier things, what else ? There are tons anyway.
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