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  1. Mine is SEO itself like making all that little unique title, meta, keyword, alt, canonical and some other tags for everything possible like pages and posts on your website so please do let me know how it's really going for you there.
  2. Learning plays an important role in our lives. But one theory cannot make you a millionaire. You have to train, experiment and practice. If you apply only what is written in books, then you cannot become successful. Look for your strategy, your trading style and then you will succeed.
  3. Fegore

    I used my hosting for this. Some hosting companies provide services of automatic transfer of a site from one hosting to another. If you can’t do this through hosting, you can upload the previous database and the root folders of the site to the new hosting.
  4. Fegore

    It’s better to travel alone to any country :) When you are alone, then you decide where to go, what to see. No one will say that he is tired or hungry. I always try to travel alone. I go to places that interest me. I spend a day in museums, almost none of my friends share my hobbies.
  5. Yes, why not ? Today basically every broker do offer such capabilities, but they really do not offer that much than cryptoexchanges probably or I still do not know that topic in full anyway. What do you say ? Sounds good ? I do not see that at all.
  6. Basically the guy really talking about things which are listed there https://medium.com/@abdulmajeedc18/top-10-affiliate-marketing-companies-9d90790a394b I do agree Pay per sale model will outbid pay per lead in long term cause of many shady scams in the latter.
  7. In order to make people believe you, you would better post some direct screens how it's all done and how people get paid and with which ways honestly, for now I do not see any real evidence of that matter for example. I do not see how it's done and do not believe it now
  8. I have used in past for such tasks very well known on the web service which is called onehourtranslation.com here you will find translator for any language you may dream of for a very reasonable price for all your needs, be prepaired to pay;)
  9. Fegore

    I think that for now it's good solid blog outreach for guest posting links as well as some bought links for anything else please. I do not see any case regarding that matter will be shown that it's not that effective. Those two are most powerfull.
  10. Fegore

    Create a bit of links to it maybe, what do you say really about that ? Or make good proper link structure here for that matter. Do all what we need to do to index new website. How does that really sounds to you anyway ? Please respond better next time.
  11. Are people alreay tried that service or not ? I am seeing in my screen basically complete clone of DigitalOcean hosting, please guys let me know how are you different with them and that is really it, please report it here for sure.
  12. Are you plan to pay with something else except paypal maybe, what do you say ? I am not sure, but maybe skrill, payoneer or something similar like maybe webmoney or so ? Not every people can be paid by paypal anyway. I simply don't get that
  13. Fegore

    That's a good question to ask cause you don't really have that much SEO traffic it seems, I have found you via online database of online marketing forums, money making forums and so on. So from some refferal list and that's it, no other way for sure.
  14. Fegore

    I haven't yet trried this method but you guys tell me if it's worked anyway, there is so much scam lately on the web that you can't even imagine anyway. So much is going on there. For how long this method will work, what do you say ? Is it pay by Paypal ?
  15. Are people really get such big returns on investments there ? I am just reading https://bitschain.net/ and it sounds to good to be true anyway. Like 6% daily for all that stuff along with like upto 250% return for like 2 weeks investments with almost immediate withdraw.
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