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  1. Backlinks can be checked with several backlinks checker tools in the market. Here are a well-known Backlinks checker Ahrefs Semrush Accuranker OpenLinkProfiler SEOprofiler
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    Here is the list of important areas where you can include keywords. Title Tag Meta Description H1 Tag URL of Your web page Image Alt Tag First and last paragraphs of content Also, include LSI keywords in the content and some headers.
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    There are lots of SEO tools in different verticals Keyword Planner 1. Google keyword planner 2. Uber Suggest 3. Wordstream 4. Keywords [dot]io 5. KWfinder Link Building Tools 1. AuthoritySpy 2. BuzzStream 3. Dibz 4. GroupHigh 5. NinjaOutreach Content Optimization 1. Raven Tools 2. Yoast SEO 3. Webtexttool 4. BuzzSumo 5. MarketMuse Backlink/Competitor Analysis 1. Ahrefs 2. Google Search Console 3. Kerboo 4. RankWatch 5. SERanking All-in-one SEO Tools 1. MOZ 2. WooRank 3. MajesticSEO I hope this list helps you in moving forward with your SEO. However, listed tools here are not completely free you can always get a free trial with most the tools to experience the usefulness of their services.
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    The name says it all, you to pay for getting results. There are different tactics of paid ads that can be implemented in the overall marketing strategies. Paid results are great of announcing or creating the buzz around new product offerings. The most commonly adopted paid ads are Google/Bing ads, Social media ads, and cross channel re-targeting ads. PPC; CPA and CPM are the most used paid ads format. PPC - Pay-per-click - You have to pay for every click received on your website CPA - Cost per acquisition - You only if a certain event (Pre-defined)takes place for e.g. sign-up for the newsletter. CPM - Cost per impression - Cost per thousand, also called cost per mille, is a marketing term used to denote the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one webpage.
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    Hey @Dennis#MD , Thanks for writing back. As a part of my job, I know how important it is to gain quality backlinks on a consistent basis. It would be awesome to find a mentor that can strategies the entire process or something alike.
  6. I am a newbie here seeking some meaningful discussions on vivid areas of web marketing. I am hopeful of gaining some new knowledge and insights. Also, dedicated towards being useful towards this community.