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  1. renatik

    interesting topic ... would tell if I knew. and you did not try to send the summary?
  2. it seems to me that it is easier to turn to the master
  3. Hello. I decided to create this topic and do something like a poll. The fact is that I can not choose where to spend my vacation. Whether I go to the Balearic Islands that are in the Mediterranean. And ride on a yacht that can be rented on https://12knots.com/en/yacht-charter/destinations/mediterranean-sea/mallorca/ Or should I go to Qatar that is located in South-West Asia. I just can not choose a vacation very soon ..
  4. renatik

    Well, I think that if a person is well versed in the sports world, he may well make sports bets. Just first you need to examine the forecast and analyze the situation. In my gambling in any gambling passion can only succeed if you do not lose your head.
  5. renatik

    probably Kenedy
  6. renatik

    thank you very much for the information
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