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  1. Smoovetrade

    This broker must be very good, I saw some where that they won the Asia 2013 best broker award for their services. This is really commendable.
  2. Smoovetrade

    No what you want before you proceed with your search, if you are not decisive you will definitely fall in the wrong hands. This will help you narrow your search, and always ask fellow traders questions, especially the ones that trade with the broker of interest.
  3. Smoovetrade

    There are many good computers out there and very innovative one and you can't pin point one out as the best for the job. Basically what you should do is look out for some factors like; Speed (the processor) Battery life Memory (ram/rom)
  4. Smoovetrade

    It is true that leverage can breed trouble, but this cannot prevent us from using it. This best we can do is be careful, because the help leverage offers is really needed by many if not all.
  5. Smoovetrade

    There is nothing hard about choosing a broker. Always use a broker that has been existing for a long time an has good reviews from users. Not all reviews out there are fake. There are trusted websites like forexpeacearmy and earnforex to read reviews. I use Forexchief broker and I did read their reviews before registration. They are a very good broker with outstanding trading conditions.
  6. Smoovetrade

    Because of the supposed success of many in the market, and this drive many to be hasty and make rash decisions before their trades.
  7. Smoovetrade

    Nothing good comes easy, we have to work with patience. The problem many of us have is competing with others, not realizing that we cannot be the same.
  8. Smoovetrade

    whether people here say otherwise, I would use demo anytime and any day. It's just simply important to traders, especially newbies.
  9. Smoovetrade


    Thanks a lot, if you don't mind you can simply outline some interesting ones too so I'll see what can interest me.
  10. Smoovetrade

    The effect of aging is different with individuals, some lose their sight, hearing, memory loss and lots more. We can't really fathom the main cause now, hopefully in the future someday.
  11. Smoovetrade

    Call me Smoove, and am new here and open to any ideas I can get and look forward to sharing the little I know.
  12. Smoovetrade

    We should note that sometimes we can't control these feelings, having this realism will helps handle them more better when they come.
  13. Hey guys, pleasure joining you guys. You can call me Smith, am into whatever can profit me in the market especially forex. Am open to new ideas guys, so feel free to advise me on whatever you see fit.