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  1. Limit Orders This is an order placed to either buy below the current market price or Sell above the market price. For example, if the current price for EURUSD is 1.1086 and you feel that the market will fall down once the price gets to a higher price of 1.900, you can place a Sell Limit order at 1.900. The broker will open a Sell order for you once the price gets to 1.900, and if the price falls down according to your prediction, you will make profit. So you place a Sell limit order above the current price, and a buy limit order below the current price. I Limit orders mostly and Forexchief broker is always fast in execution, there are no slippages. You will make more profit if you know how to enter the market even when you are not with your computer. The Forex broker will open the trade for you and close it when there is profit or loss.
  2. Smoovetrade

    You are talking about Swap charges, both positive and negative. You can't make profit from that since brokers have become very wise lately.
  3. Smoovetrade

    Yes, indeed. Patience is the only weapon against greed. Greed is the source of rash decision and revenge trading. Also self control helps in trading.
  4. The best thing to consider when choosing a broker is the trading conditions. When the trading condition is suitable for making profit consistent, it means the broker cares about their clients and wants them to succeed. That is why I always like trading with Forexchief, you will always make profit on their platform. The best part is that they pay your money within 24 hours after withdrawing.
  5. Smoovetrade

    Yes, not just Forex, all business carry a certain amount of risk. Forex is some what high risk.
  6. Smoovetrade

    Trader use different times frame because there are different trading strategies. If you are scalping you don't need to use a 1 day chart time frame for example. So use a time frame that allows you to see all you want to for a certain duration.
  7. I trade with Forexchief broker. Can I connect this app to the trading platform and make profit?
  8. Smoovetrade

    So in 15 days I can take back my money if not satisfied. Do you accept paypal?
  9. Smoovetrade

    This donesn't mean other brokers are not credible, they just don't allow certain things. Am sure they do this for the best reason, probably to better their services. No one can be a master of all, else he will fail at all.
  10. Smoovetrade

    Honestly, I can't really pick between the two. But if I was to choose anyways, I would choose knowledge because you even need that before you start and even to get the right broker you need good knowledge. I would not have know how good Forexchief trading conditions are if not for reviews by other traders. So I made my decision to use that broker because they said some very good things about the services.
  11. Yes, certainly. I was able to withdraw $50 of that profit and I continued trading with it. There is however, a certain number lots that needs to be traded before you can withdraw your profit.
  12. Smoovetrade

    Anytime lad, by the way; which do you mostly use?
  13. Smoovetrade

    How is this like, can you kindly put down some details here?
  14. Smoovetrade

    I think it's more difficult now trading on Binary as there are scammers on this option these days.
  15. Smoovetrade

    I think it should be the English Language, I might be wrong though.
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