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  1. I trade with Forexchief broker. Can I connect this app to the trading platform and make profit?
  2. Smoovetrade

    So in 15 days I can take back my money if not satisfied. Do you accept paypal?
  3. Smoovetrade

    This donesn't mean other brokers are not credible, they just don't allow certain things. Am sure they do this for the best reason, probably to better their services. No one can be a master of all, else he will fail at all.
  4. Smoovetrade

    Honestly, I can't really pick between the two. But if I was to choose anyways, I would choose knowledge because you even need that before you start and even to get the right broker you need good knowledge.
  5. Yes, certainly. I was able to withdraw $50 of that profit and I continued trading with it. There is however, a certain number lots that needs to be traded before you can withdraw your profit.
  6. Smoovetrade

    Anytime lad, by the way; which do you mostly use?
  7. Smoovetrade

    How is this like, can you kindly put down some details here?
  8. Smoovetrade

    I think it's more difficult now trading on Binary as there are scammers on this option these days.
  9. Smoovetrade

    I think it should be the English Language, I might be wrong though.
  10. Scalping is really nice, especially when you have multiple trades. That is when it becomes more profitable. Forexchief mt4 is very smooth, fast and less cumbersome when it comes to scalping. The lower spreads also makes it more profitable.
  11. Regulation is not all that we need to focus on, but we should also consider other features when choosing a broker.
  12. Smoovetrade

    Transparency is better needed from brokers, what you see should be what you get. No hidden charges and no surprises.
  13. A trader should do this even before they choose a broker, you have define yourself first before you enter the market.
  14. Smoovetrade

    Not necessarily anyone, some are not stable emotionally, and at such conditions it might be difficult to handle the pressure that comes with the market.
  15. Patience is needed to maintain consistent profit in the market, you have to be focused and up and doing.
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