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  1. Backstory: For a brief period I ran a business, selling a piece of software of which I sold by running email campaigns. Those emails I had sourced myself and they proved to be very profitable, put together with the correct email marketing tools. Statistics of the campaigns I ran, using this list were the following: Open rate ≈ 40% Click through rate ≈ 25% Conversion rate ≈ 5% Disclaimer for the numbers, those were gathered using a very specific setup and for my particular product. They can't be guaranteed for all products, it very much depends on the product and message. Because I have now sold off the business and don't have any real need for the email list anymore, I figured some other people could profit from it, thus I am selling it off to a select few. Email lists: I have a total of 75 million emails available from countries all over the world and in the categories of B2C and B2B targeted users. Each list consists of 250k emails and the countries available are the following: United States (Both B2C & B2B) (17 million emails total) Canada (Only B2C) (9.5 million emails total) UK (Only B2C) (3 million emails total) EU (Only B2C) (14.7 million emails total) Russia (Only B2C) (3 million emails total) Asia (Both B2C & B2B) (20.5 million emails total) Mix western countries emails (Only B2C) (2 million emails total) Gmail emails (US,UK,EU) (Only B2C) (5.5 million emails total) All the emails are fully validated using the paid software Atomic Bulk Email Verifier. This means that all the emails have been run through the software and have been verified to be 100% working and running emails. The list only contains emails, there is no other information and it is packed as regular .txt files. FAQ: Q: How are your emails sourced? A: All the emails are gathered through opt ins, social groups and partnerships. Q: What countries are the email users from? A: Please check the "Email List" section above for info regarding the countries. Q: Can I use these emails for whatever I want? A: Yes, anything you want. Price: The prices for lists only are here below: 250k emails = $45 USD 500k emails = $85 USD 1 million emails = $150 USD Along with this I also offer a guide on how I got my setup made, to be able to send millions of emails a month and get the open rates and conversions I did. That guide costs $25 USD if bought alone, but if bought alongside one or more email lists, the prices are the following: 250k emails + guide = $60 USD 500k emails + guide = $100 USD 1 million + guide = $160 USD In terms of payment I use PayPal and if you are interested and ready to order or If you still have questions, or want to get in contact first. Please contact me through Discord username BusFlation8#2798 or Skype username live:swiftems
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