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  1. I think I would agree with you, the picture doesn't look real to me.
  2. Ivanny

    You forgot to mention forex brokers as source of education, many now have educational materials on their websites for forex trade.
  3. Ivanny

    It is true that leverage can be very helpful, but we should be careful the way we go about it's usage. As this can cause big loss for us if anything goes wrong.
  4. Ivanny

    Am good admin and you? As regards your suggestion and question, why don't you give me a head start.
  5. Ivanny

    I have noticed that this broker has good customer services for their client, this is something that is very valuable.
  6. Ivanny

    This is why you need to be very careful when choosing a broker, especially now that we have so many out there that profess to offer good services.
  7. Ivanny

    The importance of demo account not be over-emphasized, just give it a try and you have nothing to lose if you do.
  8. Ivanny

    Something just came to my head as I was going through this thread, I think newbies should just come to forex forum like these without starting anything first for a while. I believe they would be familiar with the market too.
  9. Ivanny

    You can't dodge from the feelings the market produce, you can only learn to control them and see how to channel them positively into the market.
  10. Ivanny is the name, and a forex and crypto trade lover, am also open to other things that can benefit me. So be free to advise me on anything as I would also be sharing the little I know.