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  1. Ivanny

    Forex is controlled by humans and so work is required to outsmart others and make money. Only the smart ones make money.
  2. Ivanny

    You forgot to mention the importance of risk management. No matter how good you are, without risk management you cannot keep your capital safe.
  3. You can't. binary brokers are not regulated in anyway. Trade at your own risk. Forex trading is better. I use Forexchief broker and they very well regulated and they offer excellent trading conditions such as low spreads, fast execution, no deposit bonuses and fast withdrawal of profit.
  4. Ivanny

    Order execution speed is very important. I get angry when my order delays and I experience slippages and requotes. I am happy with Forexchief broker, their platform server is very fast when it comes to execution. This broker is always my first recommendation for news trading.
  5. Ivanny

    One of the best way to determine what a broker has to offer (subject to review though) is demo trade with them, and thereafter start a small capital account for live trade and see how it plays out. If you want to, you can simply use a no-deposit bonus like the $100 free money given by Forexchief for all new accounts. Get it and test yourself on a live account without risking your own money.
  6. Ivanny

    Steady income is definitely possible but requires hard work and patience. But we should also realize that sometimes no matter how hard we try things might go wrong at some point and this is not from us.
  7. Ivanny

    No venture is easy, you have to manage the risk as it comes and live with them.
  8. Ivanny

    This is one broker I respect in the market, they have been around going strong. Good work guys.
  9. Ivanny

    I use Forexchief broker and I get as high as 1:400 coupled with very low spreads. High leverage guarantees high volume and high profit when it market is in your favor. If the market moves against you, the loss will be great as well. Use it wisely.
  10. I think I would agree with you, the picture doesn't look real to me.
  11. Ivanny

    You forgot to mention forex brokers as source of education, many broker now have educational materials on their websites for forex trade. I noticed Forex tutorial articles and free strategies on Forexchief website. It shows that they want you to succeed.
  12. Ivanny

    It is true that leverage can be very helpful, but we should be careful the way we go about it's usage. As this can cause big loss for us if anything goes wrong.
  13. Ivanny

    Am good admin and you? As regards your suggestion and question, why don't you give me a head start.
  14. Ivanny

    I have noticed that this broker has good customer services for their client, this is something that is very valuable.
  15. Ivanny

    This is why you need to be very careful when choosing a broker, especially now that we have so many out there that profess to offer good services.
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