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  1. John9180

    Try to post 2 images or videos which is related to your business and use the hashtags to reach more people with the help of hashtags so many people will come to your profile.
  2. Yes, blogs will be really helpful for your business if you are posting the high-quality content
  3. Email is the good one but social media can be engaged to more people which you don't know and if they are interested they will contact you when it comes to email means you will send a mail to unknown person so the people will find that as spam so the conversion will be sometimes low in email than the social media
  4. John9180

    the robot.txt file would suggest the search engine crawl the pages in the website like you don't want to crawl the admin page or other stuff. Just crawl the main content of the pages
  5. John9180

    Both of them good only, if you have a lot of money you can go for PPC or you can do SEO, but while doing SEO you won't much traffic at the starting point after few months you will start to notice and you can do which one suits you.
  6. John9180

    Nice article. I am planned to run a blog in blogger in that also we want to do an SEO to increase the traffic? and one more questions Wordpress or blogger which one is good? I am not having that much money to get hosting and stuff. Let me know, Advance thanks for your reply
  7. John9180

    There are many bookmarking sites available before that you want to know how to post good content in that sites, for sites you can search in google you will get many sites for bookmarking.
  8. John9180

    Google analytics is a free tool you can use that for seeing website traffic like from where they are coming and what their interests are and how long they are looking up to your site like that you can see so many things in analytics tool.
  9. John9180

    I think Christmas is most popular one
  10. John9180

    So many tools are there but if you want to use freely means you can check these things like google ads, analytics, search console, trends and ubersuggests like this so many are there, try to learn every google tools
  11. John9180

    It is important to increase your website ranking and it will index your page at the top of Google page
  12. John9180

    From google search results
  13. John9180

    There are many tools available for the SEO: You can use each and every tools of google like analytics,ads,business,search console,trends
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