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  1. New record: UMI trading volume per day - $ 2,500,000 Friends, we hasten to share with you amazing news. Another record has been set on the SIGEN.pro cryptocurrency platform! The daily trading volume of UMI cryptocurrency exceeded $ 2,500,000 https://umi.top/volumes This means that over the past 24 hours, users have bought and sold UMI for a total of $ 2.5 million - more than 190 million rubles! This is our new mega-record! Of these millions: - $ 750,000 was bought / sold on the SIGEN.pro exchange for BTC; - Another $ 1,750,000 - on a P2P site for fiat mon
  2. Trade Crypto conveniently and securely! Think cryptocurrency trading is difficult? But no. On the p2p platform SIGEN.pro, all operations are quick, easy and understandable! This is the most convenient way to buy coins, because here you can find many offers for the sale of coins at a favorable rate. It is a flexible tool in which payments are made in a variety of ways. You can even post your own offer on your own terms! The p2p service on SIGEN.pro is specially designed for comfort and safety. Plus, it's a quick and cost-effective way. Hurry up to buy UMI coins with the hottest offers!
  3. Multiply your UMIs in the crypto game! Every Friday you have a real opportunity to turn 1 UMI into 15, or even 100! Or even more! This is all thanks to our crypto game. Don't miss the game this Friday - join the winners who have made a charitable contribution to 1 UMI and have definitely not regretted this decision. And someone even received a super prize and multiplied their coins by a factor of 100 or more! The rules are simple: - Log in to your personal account in the ROY Club - Go to the Crypto Games page - Pay the fee and choose the numbers on the playing field - You are wa
  4. Roy Club app update Dear participants! The ROY Club mobile application has been updated. List of changes: • Application optimization; • Changed pagination in the application (a mechanism that divides content into separate pages); • Added display of the premium program; • Added information to the transaction; • Other internal changes. Download for iOS https://apps.apple.com/ru/app/roy-club/id1498052381 Download for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roy.royclub Your ROY Club! Follow us! Need money? Interested in passive income? We are ready t
  5. The total liquidity of UMI is $ 240 000 000 million! Incredible! Just a few hours ago, we reported that UMI liquidity rose to $ 62 million, and immediately after that, the figure began to grow even more crazy. Right now, UMI's total liquidity is $ 240,000,000! https: //umi.top/liquidity The amount of sell orders has not changed. As a result, the demand for UMI exceeds the supply by 550 times! Your ROY Club! Follow us! Need money? Interested in passive income? We are ready to help you! Invest in joint staking / paramining at the ROY club. Details on the link: https://roy.c
  6. App update on IOS Friends, great news! We've updated our app for Apple devices with a number of important and enjoyable changes. New opportunities: - Implemented a change of leader through the leader assignment pop-up window - Added polls Changes: - Made changes to the current bonus program - Improved the search for a leader in the form of a change of leader - Changed the location of tabs in history Fixes: - Fixed PZM output errors - Fixed bugs in goals Now the change of leader is available directly in the mobile application, and the use of the application itself has beco
  7. There are already 75,000,000 UMI in staking Another achievement of the ROY Club - the number of UMIs in our staking structure has exceeded 75,000,000 coins https://blockchain.umi.top/ru/structures. At the current exchange rate, this is almost $ 120 million or 9 billion rubles! Just 2 weeks ago, we announced that we had reached the 65 million UMI mark. In just 13 days, the figure increased by a fantastic 10 million UMI. These are truly amazing results that have been achieved thanks to your activity. We remind you that when the ROY Club has 100 million UMI, staking will begin at 32%
  8. Total liquidity of UMI - more than $ 25,000,000 Friends! Not so long ago, the total liquidity of UMI overcame $ 20 million, and today the cryptocurrency has a new colossal achievement. UMI's total liquidity exceeded $ 25,000,000 https://umi.top/ru/liquidity What does it mean? Right now, offers have been created for the purchase of UMI for more than $ 25 million. The order book for the purchase of UMI for BTC on the SIGEN.pro exchange is more than $ 21.5 million. And they want to buy UMI on a P2P platform for another $ 3.5 million. At the same time, the trading volume continues t
  9. More than 80 million UMI and more than $ 1,000,000 - trading volume! Friends, we are in a hurry to share another achievement! More than 80 million UMIs have already been created. More than 73 million of them are in staking (70 million - in the ROY Club and 3 million - in the ISP Club)! Of the total emission, approximately only 10% of UMI is in free circulation, the remaining 90% are located in a smart contract for staking to increase up to 40% per month. Stunning statistics! At the same time, the daily trading volume of the UMI cryptocurrency has been steadily growing recently and cur
  10. 9 months of UMI in the ROY Club! We are successfully moving on! Dear members and leaders of the ROY Club, today our UMI staking structure is 9 months old, and we sincerely congratulate everyone on this wonderful event! Our Community and UMI cryptocurrency are steadily evolving, stepping shoulder to shoulder, becoming stronger and more stable. Let's take a look at the results of this fundamental union over the past month: The UMI rate continues to hold significantly above the $ 1 mark, mainly demonstrating a smooth growth: now the price of the coin on the exchange and p2p site SIGEN
  11. Important update of the ROY Club website and bonus program! Friends, technical work has been completed and we have fantastic news for all active leaders of the ROY Club! From today, for each personally invited referral, you will receive 5% bonuses from his top-up amount. Regardless of your rank. What does it mean? Let's take a look at the example of the Silver Partner of the ROY Club. Previously, if you registered a referral using a personal link, then it was determined in the nearest free space in your structure. He got into your third line, and you received only 1% of his deposit
  12. Crypto-by-Card is back! Well, friends, have you missed the simple and quick purchase of cryptocurrency directly from your bank card? Then our news is for you — the Crypto-by-Card service is working again! Thanks to this service, you can instantly buy UMI and PRIZM coins from a bank card in more than 150 countries of the world! The process is incredibly simple and takes only 1 to 30 minutes. This is a great option for both your own purchases and for registering newbies, especially if they are not from Russia. Please note that if you buy coins through Crypto-by-Card, then you will ne
  13. Banks vs Bitcoin A couple of years ago, the world's largest banks predicted an imminent death for bitcoin. The head of JPMorgan believed that bitcoin was a scam, analysts at Citibank called it a bubble, and at Goldman Sachs last year they convinced clients not to invest in the first cryptocurrency. Similar opinions were voiced at VTB, Otkritie Bank and by the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina. However, in 2021 the situation changed radically, including in Russia. Read on in our latest post on how the banking sector went from hate to Bitcoin adoption and what was
  14. 65 000 000 UMI in the ROY club structure! Today we would like to share a significant event — the number of UMIs in the ROY Club staking structure has reached 65,000,000. This is almost $ 100 million, or 7.4 billion rubles, if we count at the current exchange rate! At the same time, the trading volume of UMI cryptocurrency is stably kept within about $ 500,000 per day https://umi.top/volumes And the number of offers for purchase is more than $ 22 million https://umi.top/liquidity We recently reported that our community already has over 100,000 people. We are developing at a rapid
  15. Dear users! The site has undergone technical work. List of changes: 1. Moratorium of the user after logging in with the security code and trying to change the security settings; 2. Notifying the user by email and Telegram about entering the account; 3. Added the function of self-locking the user in the profile; 4. A link to block the account has been added to the letters; 5. Improving the usability of the site: - Optimization of profile loading; - Exchange. Correct display of the market depth chart; - For each case when a code is requested, the letter informs what this
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