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  1. MEGA COMPETITION! CAR, MACBOOK, IPHONE AND OTHER PRIZES! Dear participants! Together with the UMI team and the SIGEN.pro platform, we are launching the largest competition in the history of the ROY Club with many top prizes! LIST OF PRIZES: The main prize is a new Hyundai Solaris car in premium configuration! Other prizes: - MacBook Air: 4 pieces. - iPhone 11 Pro 256GB: 6 pieces. - Apple Watch: 20 - AirPods: 30 pieces. There will be 61 winners in the competition! All prizes will be branded in the corporate design of UMI and ROY Club! HOW TO TAKE PART IN THE COMPETITION
  2. Dear participants, today is our holiday: exactly 3 months have passed since the integration of UMI into the ROY Club! Think about it - only 3 months, and what heights we have achieved in such a short period of time. In our structure for UMI staking: There are already over 39,000 active participants, of which: 1100 bronze partners, 260 silver, 36 gold, 3 ruby and 1 sapphire. A little more, and we will overcome the milestone of 40,000 people! More than 4,750,000 UMI were commissioned, which is 4.75 million dollars, or 350 million rubles! We are sure that one of these days we will reach
  3. More than $ 300,000 in the order book for UMI purchase! Dear friends, the UMI cryptocurrency continues to develop by leaps and bounds, and the glass for buying for BTC is filling up by leaps and bounds. The order book for UMI successfully passed the $ 300,000 mark, providing the coin with even greater liquidity and stability. In simple words: each member of the Club can at any time and without any problems sell coins earned through staking at a good price, without worrying that the rate will drop. It is most important. The second wave of cut payments has gotten even closer. Not
  4. Friends, our community is already 1 year and 9 months old! It may not be a round date, but it is an excellent reason to sum up the next results of our work. Today ROY Club is: - More than 210,000 accounts of participants from dozens of countries around the world. - More than 4,200,000 UMI staked. - More than 330,000,000 prized prizes. - A successful crypto community with an impeccable reputation, which has proven its effectiveness in practice. - More than 40 offices: in the Russian Federation and around the world. We successfully collaborated with UMI and helped implement one of t
  5. 4,000,000 UMI in the Club! Friends, today we have good news - we were able to overcome a new milestone. The number of UMI coins in our structure has exceeded 4,000,000, which means that 4/5 of the way to 25% staking has already been passed! The most interesting thing is that we were able to achieve such a result in the shortest possible time. Back on August 22, there were 3,000,000 coins in our structure. That is, we were able to grow a million in just over a week! This means, quite realistically, that within the next couple of weeks we will be able to reach the 5,000,000 mark and start
  6. Friends! Excellent news! In less than a day, through the CBC.cx service, UMI was purchased for more than $ 30,000 and everything was transferred to bitcoins and has already been put up for UMI purchase in support / provision on the SIGEN.pro exchange To date, the amount is already more than $ 171,576 and the number of trades is growing. Good start! Further more! Need money? Interested in passive income? We are ready to help you! Invest in joint staking / paramining at the ROY club. Details on the link: https://roy.cash/club
  7. Friends, we have updated the ROY Helper and made it more functional! Now you can register referrals not only to the PRIZM structure, but also to the UMI structure! List of changes: - Added the ability to select a cryptocurrency to attract new users in the "Landing" section - In the "Funnel" section, you can choose which cryptocurrency attracted contacts to show, UMI or PRIZM. - Depending on which ref. the number will be indicated in the link, roy.support/umi000 or roy.support/pzm0000, different data will be displayed to attract referrals, in the first case referrals will be attracted to
  8. Why the PRIZM output does not affect the slice and how is it profitable to exchange PRIZM for UMI Friends, you can enter and withdraw PRIZM coins in any amount and do whatever you want with them. Your balances were successfully fixed back on August 4th, so all your further actions with PRIZM no longer affect the cut in any way. ROY Club does not limit you in any way, enter / withdraw - as much as you want, UMI coins will be credited in any case for the entire amount of the cut. Including if you want to exchange PRIZM for UMI, you can do it without any fear - you will still receive all th
  9. Dear participants! Today we have crossed new important milestones. In our staking structure there are already more than 3,000,000 UMI coins, that is, over 3 million dollars, or 220 million rubles. In total, the UMI structure already has more than 38,000 participants from around the world. And most importantly, we achieved this in a little over two months. What other community can boast such powerful results? That's right, only the ROY Club can do this! Recently, we were halfway to staking at 25% a month, but now we have covered almost two-thirds of that road. Already, our UMI staki
  10. Friends, exactly 2 months have passed since the ROY Club started building its UMI structure. And we congratulate all the participants with a stormy start! During these 2 months, we went through 2 waves of airdrops, successfully coped with the Telegram bot, studied all the possibilities of UMI and built a new, strong structure! Today the structure of UMI in the ROY Club is: - More than 30,000 active members - 1466 Bronze partners - 272 Silver Partners - 36 Gold Partners - 3 Ruby partners - 1 Sapphire Partner Since the start, we have together instilled more than 400,000 UMIs and
  11. IMPORTANT! UMI trading has started! Shop now - the time has come! Dear participants! Great news - full-fledged trading in UMI coin has started today! From that day on, the cryptocurrency has been added to the exchange and the automatic exchanger SIGEN.pro, and many offers to buy and sell at a bargain price and for any amount will begin to appear on the p2p platform! Moreover, the exchange and the automatic exchanger allow you to buy UMI not only for BTC, but also for PRIZM. Therefore, if you plan to exchange PRIZM for UMI, then you do not need to sell PRIZM first, but use the proceeds to
  12. Last chance to beat the bot to get the UMI cut! Dear friends! As you well remember, as part of a pleasant exception, at the first stage of cut payments, we accrued 10% of the relying coins to EVERYONE who linked their UMI and PRIZM accounts. But the remaining 90% will be received only by those who have completed the bot completely. There will be no more exceptions. Today is your last chance to complete the bot in order to qualify for all subsequent stages of cut payments. The Telegram bot needs to have time to go through before 5 am (August 12, 05:00 Moscow time) - exactly
  13. The cut has been successfully completed, the results have been calculated! Dear participants! The good news doesn't end with just payments for the second wave of airdrops. Also, a cut of the offices was successfully carried out - we fixed the number of coins on balances and the rate of the PRIZM cryptocurrency. We are sharing pleasant statistics on all participants who linked their UMI and PRIZM accounts to receive coins by cut: - The number of people participating in the cut: 27 796 - The total number of PRIZM among the participants of the cut: 256,700,447.09 PZM - Fixed rate PRIZM
  14. Great news! Dear participants! Everything is going according to plan: at exactly 5:00 Moscow time, we stopped the airdrop bot and removed the ability to link UMI and PRIZM personal accounts. The second airdrop wave has been successfully completed, the cut has been completed. Everything went perfectly! Right now, we are actively summing up the results and will soon start making payments. And also - we are preparing some surprise for you! Follow the news! Your ROY Club! Need money? Interested in passive income? We are ready to help you! Invest in joint staking / paramining at the
  15. UMI staking is already 20% per month! Friends, we have great news for the entire community! UMI staking in the ROY Club structure has reached 20% per month! This means that the growth of coins for each participant has accelerated by another 5%. In addition, payments were made to members of the ROY Bank pool. Investors received a return on their shares in UMI, and now these coins are growing at 20% per month. The best part is that we successfully hit the 20% staking target even before the second airdrop wave ended. And in the near future, a cut of PRIZM cabinets wi
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