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  1. 70,000 members and about 40,000,000 UMI in the Roy Club! Our UMI staking structure continues to develop and strengthen, reaching more and more members around the world every day! Today there are over 70,000 of us. Moreover, the growth dynamics continues to improve. On average, about 500-700 people join us every day, and on Saturday, January 16, a record was recorded - 1022 registrations per day! At the same time, the average efficiency of all registrations continues to remain above 80%. That is, the vast majority of newbies immediately put coins into staking. Also, our structure a
  2. New features at SIGEN.pro Dear users! We have added several useful functions to the trading platform that will make your interaction with SIGEN.pro even more convenient, and also fixed a number of bugs. List of changes: - Added display of the average cryptocurrency rate in statistics: for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. - Added the "Suspicious" filter for the offered offers on the p2p platform. The filter includes offers whose rate is higher or lower than the market rate by more than 30%. - Added a hint about a suspicious course when making a deal. - At the conclusion of t
  3. Get UMI at ROY Market! Where can I get more UMI coins to multiply them through staking? The answer is on the ROY Market! On this site, thousands of users are ready to exchange their coins for your things or services. Perhaps you have an extra laptop, or baby things that your child grew out of? You can exchange them for UMI! Create ads for free and in a couple of minutes and get coins from other community members. The whole process is no more complicated than on Avito or Yulia! Try ROY Market right now and multiply your coins thanks to staking in the ROY Club! Exchange goods and
  4. Incredible activity on SIGEN.pro Dear users! In recent days, many new people have come to our site. And those who were already with us began to show even greater activity in the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency. This is great news, as trading volumes and the attractiveness of our site as a whole are growing with the growth of the number of users. This means that we will be introducing more new features and functionality in the near future. However, there is another side - the system is currently slightly overloaded, there are minor malfunctions in operation. For example, noti
  5. 7 months of UMI in the ROY Club! The course is only for success! Dear friends, today our staking structure UMI is exactly 7 months old. We sincerely congratulate all the leaders and participants on this significant event! We are sincerely proud that in such a short time we have achieved truly colossal achievements. And one of the most important of them is the growth of the UMI rate after the final distribution of the premine. The UMI coin set off on a free market float and shows simply amazing dynamics! We really have something to brag about: - The UMI rate on the SIGEN.pro ex
  6. About the UMI course Soon in our bot, on the SIGEN.pro trading platform and in all mobile applications, the current coin rate will be displayed, which will change depending on the market. Technical work in this regard is already underway in all areas. When every detail is polished to a shine, everything will start. Now the numbers are as follows: over the past 4 days, the UMI exchange rate on SIGEN.pro has grown by 55% and today is $ 1.55 per coin. On the p2p platform, the cryptocurrency is traded in the region of 108-110 rubles. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  7. UMI rate has grown by 35%, $ 2 million in p2p volume and other achievements! ROY Club and UMI cryptocurrency continue to develop in a wonderful tandem, showing more and more impressive results every day. Let's start with the main thing - with the UMI course: After the final distribution of the premine, the UMI rate on the SIGEN.pro exchange has increased by 35%. The cryptocurrency is trading in the region of $ 1.30- $ 1.40 per 1 UMI, despite the fall in the rate of bitcoin, ether and most altcoins. Note that at the peaks, the UMI rate reached levels above $ 1.5.
  8. Explosive growth and optimization! Friends, we have great news! Recently, the load on SIGEN.pro has increased significantly. This is both an influx of new users and a high activity of existing ones. We are glad that SIGEN.pro is growing, developing and that you are using our platform to the maximum. However, due to such a lot of activity, there may be minor problems with the service. But don't worry - our team is already actively working on optimizing the functionality. In the coming days, everything will run like clockwork again And if you encounter any problem - write to th
  9. UMI premine is over! What's next? Dear friends! Literally, the UMI team has just put up the last coins from the initial issue for sale for bitcoin on SIGEN.pro, and there are exactly 0 coins left on the genesis address: https://blockchain.umi.top/address/umi1funq869de06x8tdfth0hs5z8v37ral3yyalmuvj7j0z2894rtxcaxq289cf9 Thus, the UMI premine is completely over. Explaining what will happen next (read the news to the end): - Once the remaining coins are sold, the UMI team will not be able to keep the rate from rising, as it was before. - Thus, the UMI rat
  10. Use cryptocurrencies wherever you are! Do you want to urgently withdraw coins from SIGEN.pro? Have you seen a bargain price for buying cryptocurrency, but going on vacation? Now this is not a problem, because SIGEN.pro is always at hand thanks to our mobile application! In the application, you have access to the full functionality of the exchange, P2P sites, as well as wallets and transactions in cryptocurrency. Everything you need is now in your smartphone and works without any problems even via mobile Internet The application is constantly evolving and in the future the functi
  11. $ 11,000,000 in order book for buying UMI! Dear friends! The number of bitcoins in the order book for buying UMI and the rate of BTC itself continue to grow rapidly, as does the demand for the coin along with the trading volume. Therefore, we are ready to please you with new wonderful records! There are already more than 313 BTC in the order book for buying UMI! Back on January 4, there were only 300 of them. The BTC rate has risen above $ 35,000! The amount in the order book for buying UMI has exceeded the fantastic $ 11,300,000! The total liquidity of UM
  12. Our channel already has over 1500 subscribers! Dear friends! Our crypto-media portal SIGEN.pro launched just a little over a week ago, and we already have over 1500 subscribers in the telegram channel! We sincerely thank you for your support - it is very important to us, especially at first. We value each of you and, in turn, promise to constantly delight you with interesting and useful materials from the world of the crypto industry, blockchain and finance. With us, you will always be in the know and learn to understand cryptocurrencies as easily as in your smartphone. Thanks a
  13. BOMB! $ 10,000,000 in order book for UMI purchase! It's finished! The glass for the purchase of UMI exceeded the record $ 10 million, which in terms of rubles is an incredible 740 million !!! The psychologically important mark has been successfully overcome - an absolute historical maximum has been taken! $ 10,000,000 in the order book - this was the long-term goal of both the UMI cryptocurrency and the entire ROY Club. And we achieved it with dignity! Thus, we proved to everyone who did not believe in the success of our coin that everything is possible in life, if you firmly follow th
  14. Important! New chatbot with notifications! Dear users, we have made a number of important changes and updates to the chatbot with notifications. This was impossible to implement on the basis of the old chatbot, so a new one was created - @SigenNotifyBot. The old @sigenbot chatbot will not be supported by our platform. To connect a new chatbot, you need: - Log into your account at SIGEN.pro - Go to the menu: My profile - Notifications - Copy personal code for notifications - Open chatbot @SigenNotifyBot - Launch chatbot and send your personal code After that, you w
  15. New record: more than $ 8,000,000 in UMI order book! Friends, the UMI cryptocurrency continues its victorious ascent to the Olympus of success - today there are already over $ 8,000,000 in the order book, or more than 280 BTC. And in ruble terms the amount is almost (575,000,000)! Despite the New Year holidays, when activity in most projects is significantly reduced, we continue to take off! And this is not surprising, because you and I know very well that UMI is a reliable and profitable staking at 30% per month, where the coin rate is protected by a solid wall - already as m
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