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  1. It's even worse now, as many fake platforms abound. Especially on binary options, you invest and see fake progress on your funds increasing. I will stick to trading Forex with Forexchief broker. It is legal and the broker is very well regulated.
  2. puskas

    This is why learning in the market cannot end, it's a continued process that you must engage yourself in.
  3. puskas

    One thing to watch out for is transparency; what you see should be what you get, there should be no hidden charges anywhere. That is why I am glad I am able to use Forexchief broker, they are very transparent and don't have any hidden charges.
  4. puskas

    On my part, I don't like going alone. It's my principle to always have someone with me, maybe all that will change when I get married in the future.
  5. This is something I appreciate about the marker (forex), it cuts across all boundaries and accommodates folks from the world over.
  6. puskas

    Regulation is not the first thing to think about. That broker can be regulated and still provide a shitty trading condition. You should use brokers that have lowest spreads, fastest execution and no hidden charges. Brokers like Forexchief have those advantages. It is also regulated, but I chose that broker because their platform is very good for success and making profit.
  7. puskas

    Go easy please, because this hasty quest you have to be rich overnight can get you in big trouble. just learn to take it one step at a time.
  8. I appreciate their support system, if what I heard and what you are saying is true. It is something we should watch out for.
  9. Demo trade has done so much, in fact whoever brought that idea should be awarded with a trophy because he made some innovative revelation indeed.
  10. puskas

    Brokers have really made it easy for traders now, you don't have to look too far for tools or information on trading. It's right there while you trade.
  11. puskas

    If you don't control your emotions, they will control you and that will mean trouble for you.
  12. puskas

    Applying this thread more practically, you can compare brokers, especially through opening a mini account with two or more and see how it turns out over a period of time.
  13. puskas

    Great recommendations here, but be sure to investigate thoroughly before you decide which to trade with.
  14. puskas

    It has been good for me so far, especially having a good broker has made life very easy for me in the market. I hope and pray they continue in the same vain with their services like from the onset.
  15. Sometimes brokers hide what they really are, you see very low commission on their sites and experience something else, the principle should be; what you see should be what you get.
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