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  1. Subsiter

    A lot of good websites have special software in order to prevent spam links. As far as I know, Cleantalk company(https://cleantalk.org/) produce great services for cloud spam protection for forums, boards, blogs, and sites, probably they can help you to fight with your issue. You can ping me in PM.
  2. Subsiter

    Yes, I have experience in buying medicine online and I think that that is absolutely safe nowadays. If you are still aware of some things you can read more reviews of the shop where you want to buy or some shops comparison in order to choose the store with only positive feedback. Anyway, you can start from some small order just to try.
  3. Subsiter

    Anyway if you are choosing some new software, or if you have programmers who are developing some particular product for your personal internal use in SEO you have to remember how important software qa testing is. Always test your apps before you start working with them in order to receive the mos correct results in every field. If you don't have people who can make that in your company I recommend you to use the services of some outsource company.
  4. Subsiter

    Honestly, I am fond of all Marvel and DC movies. My favorite hero from Marvel is a Deadpool! Sometimes I like to take my tablet before I go to bed and watch at a streaming app like Showbox zone(https://showbox.zone), for example, ten minutes of my favorite movie. That is such a pleasure! I recommend you to make in such a way few times a week!
  5. That also depends on your location a lot. Sometimes it's better to pay attention to some local websites as there more people who want to meet right now. I am not an expert in this question, but I've used one time in my life. That was philippines dating website and I've found a girl for one night. That was a good night but since then I've become a married person and don't want to play in such a risky game.
  6. Subsiter

    I think that it is not true. It can't be true, man, because most people watch porn, and they are doing it because of their desire, not for money. Especially nowadays when you can find virtual real porn videos such as this one(https://xxxreal.com/channels/virtual-real-porn/femdom) I think that a lot of people would take money for not watching porn I think☺️☺️
  7. Subsiter

    First of all you have to fell asleep and to wake up at the same time every day. If you have some problems with falling asleep you can try to use CBD oil (https://naturalwellnesscbdoil.com/full-spectrum-cbd-oil-vs-cbd-isolate-whats-the-difference/), for example. It has been very useful for me in such situation.
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