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    Do you ever find yourself doing what doesn't feel right, but you are still doing it? Imagine a scenario it is Friday night, you are going to a watch a movie, and you decide to splash on premium seats, VIP package - as the movie starts, you realize it is awful. What do you do? Honestly? I know for myself if I am not mindful, I will probably stay and watch it. In the back of mind, I will think I paid for this ticket, so I need to get my money worth. Even though if you think rationally whether I stay or go, money is already spent - so I should leave and not suffer through it. This what this video is about - a little flaw in our brain programming called Sunk Cost Fallacy, that could be affecting your personal finance and other areas of your life. Let us know if you ever fell into sunk cost fallacy?
  2. alexfisher50

    We looked at what we know about the Apple Credit Card so far. Our verdict is that is could be useful for those just starting out, but probably there is no point for those with good credit history as there are better cards out there. Do you agree or disagree? Watch the review on our YouTube channel
  3. Hi everyone! At www.Intelegency.com we teach you how to be smart with your money! If your goal is to achieve financial independence while still living your life and you are looking for somewhere to start – Welcome to Intelegency and subscribe to our accounts in social media: ✔ Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/intelegency1/ ✔ Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2012487335709685/ ✔ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/intelegency1/ ✔ Twitter https://twitter.com/Intelegency1 ✔ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh8SUIKIRNqY1SNPljaxzlQ ✔ Intelegency was created by a group of real people who want to build Wealth. It is that simple. We have diverse earning backgrounds and different ways that we spend our money. Our Core Principles Savings Rate. Our goal is to maximize our savings as early as possible. This allows us to use the compound interest returns in our favour. Big Decisions. Some financial advice starts with the example of “savings of $5 on daily coffee.” We don’t really spend $5 on coffee as it is, to be honest. We also think that paying attention to the biggest purchase decisions like a house, car, insurance and bank fees is what matters the most. Real Life and Frugality. We often hear about dedicated people who ate ramen noodles, rented out every room in their house and are debt free by age 28. While we admire them, we realize that this type of frugality is not for everyone. Our goal is to structure our lives in a way where we still spend money on what matters (travel, weddings, experiences), but do it in the most efficient way possible. Who Intelegency is Best For Wealth Creation Beginners. The core of the website is tailored to people with good to great credit history who are still beginners in the world of Wealth Creation and want to understand it better. Wealth Creation Intermediates. Perhaps you are already a guru at compound interest and your budget planning is always on point. You might benefit from the financial calculators we have and the highlights of the latest financial offers.
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