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  1. Try these off-page seo techniques to get dofollow links: Guest Blogging Google Links Social bookmarking Web 2.0s Image submission Video submission Broken link building Profile creation sites
  2. You can try the following methods below to accelerate the loading speed of your WordPress site: 1. Choose an good web hosting provider 2. Install an efficient WordPress theme 3. Use a Content delivery networks 4. Optimize the images 5. Install an caching plugin.
  3. Nichol tsen

    Try these best SEO tools which can help you get higher rank in SERP. SEMrush Moz AuthorityLabs Google keyword Planner Raven tools SEOquake SERPs
  4. The following best SEO tools are very popular among bloggers for keywords research. They include free and premium solutions. Some of premium tools support for a free trial. 1. Google keyword planner 2. SEMrush 3. Moz 4. AuthorityLabs 5. Raven tools 6. SEOquake 7. SERPs
  5. Nichol tsen

    Broken links will send visitors to non-existing webpage. It can create a bad repute of your site in the online world and a bad experience for your website visitors. Most importantly, it will also compromise on your SEO efforts. I recommend you to use broken link checker plugin to check broken links once every six months, becuase you need to realize that some of the external links in your posts may not exist any more.
  6. Nichol tsen

    XML sitemap is a collection of links that tell search engines about all the pages that exist on a website and their relevancy.
  7. Sitemaps are generally of two types: XML sitemap helps web crawlers easily find and index all the pages and posts on your website so that they can show up in a search engine result page. Similarly, there is the HTML sitemap which helps humans find a specific page/post on your site so that they can quickly navigate there.
  8. Nichol tsen

    Over 80% of internet traffic today is using some kind of mobile device; it makes sense, therefore, to optimize your website to load faster on mobile. AMP is that Google designed as an open standard for any publisher to make pages load faster on mobile devices. By the way, I add Google AMP to my WordPress site to improve mobile site speed.
  9. Nichol tsen

    Rich snippet schema not only helps you improve your site’s ranking, but it also attracts the reader’s attention to your site. Imagine, your website standing out among the ten best Google ranking. It will help you increase your CTR rate. Moreover, if you are running a WooCommerce store, it will also boost your sells and attract more visitors. So to add schema markup to your website starts to boost your SEO efforts.
  10. Nichol tsen

    RSS feed, short for Rich Site Summary is a type of web feed which you can use to broadcast updates regarding online content to your users and site visitors. An RSS aggregator on your site can offer your visitors a comprehensive platform for discovering all related news on a particular topic. This can increase the time users spend on your site, decrease bounce rates, and help improve SEO scores.
  11. Nichol tsen

    Guest posting is the practice of contributing a post to another person's blog in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links. It is a part of off-page SEO strategies. Apart from this, off-page SEO includes social bookmarking, video submissions, web 2.0, Q&A sites.
  12. Nichol tsen

    Please try to take the actions below to reduce bounce rate: Create high quality and relevant content Halt traffic from source that send you untargeted visitors Improve the user experience of your website Accelerate the page loading speed Implement accessible call to actions on your site
  13. Nichol tsen

    In my opinion, Yoast is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. Apart from this, All in one SEO pack and Rank Math are also the good ones.
  14. Nichol tsen

    Schema Markup is a project by the top four search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex – schema.org to help website masters and developers provide search engines with the context of their content. When search engines can get a clearer picture of your content, they can display on their results markup content that is relevant to the search terms. When you add schema markup to WordPress website, Search engines will love it, that boosts your SEO efforts.
  15. Nichol tsen

    Personally, I make blog images SEO-friendly with two following way: 1. Google uses a website’s page speeds as an important metric in determining placement of websites in its search engine rankings. It is only logical therefore that having optimized and light images is important if we want to rank high on search engine results. So we need to optimize and compress our images. Smush image compression and optimization is a good plugin for that. 2. Another certain way to make blog images SEO-friendly is looking at the image Alt and Title attributes. Using relevant keywords in the alt and title attribuites helps both users and search engines interpret images better.
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