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  1. Nichol tsen

    GADWP is an one of the best Google analytics plugin for viewing Google analytics stats in WordPress site. It can offer you the analysis of sessions, users, pageviews, locations, organic searches, and other traffic sources.
  2. How to use Google keyword planner for free? When I access to Adwords, I'm asked to set up an AdWords compaign.
  3. Nichol tsen

    In my opinion, Yoast is the best SEO plugin. Apart from this, there are many seo plugins for WordPress, such as All in one SEO pack, SEOPress, the SEO Framework and more. They are also worth giving a shot.
  4. Nichol tsen

    .htaccess file is used for configuration of the apache server and can help you change a number of settings such as: Enable and disable redirects to another page Password protect folders Ban users by IP Stop directory listings Create and use custom error pages If you need to edit htaccess file, Htaccess editor is one of the best plugin for WordPress site.
  5. Nichol tsen

    You can simply install Smush image compression and optimization plugin to make your blog image seo-friendly. Inaddtion to that, using relevant keywords in the alt and title attribuites helps both users and search engines interpret images better.
  6. Nichol tsen

    Try to install Simple 301 redirects on your site. It is actually one of the most simple, and easy redirect plugins for WordPress site.
  7. What tool do you use to target the keyword? Does anyone recommend some good tools?
  8. What is bounce rate and how to reduce it?
  9. Nichol tsen

    RSS, short for Rich Site Summary is a type of web feed which you can use to broadcast updates regarding online content to your users and site visitors. And all subscribed content are centralized in one location. The application for RSS Feed is called RSS reader or aggregator, the most popular RSS feed plugins include WP RSS Aggregator and Super RSS Reader.
  10. Nichol tsen

    Building a strong website structure that is easy to navigate combined with a fast page speeds and great user experiences will help search engines index your website faster. On-page SEO will help improve your search rankings.
  11. Nichol tsen

    301 redirect is a way to send your visitors and search engines from one URL to another permanently. It helps you maintain your domain authority and search rankings when your website’s URL changed with any reasons. Generaly, using WP htaccess editor, I edit Htaccess files and insert 301 redirects in my site. Also, Simple 301 Redirects is a good option for creating 301 redirects in WordPress.
  12. WPvivid Automatic Cloud Backup supports for backing up to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive now.
  13. We released a WordPress plugin, WPvivid Backup/Restore. It is a free backup plugin and available to download from WordPress backup plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpvivid-backuprestore/). It is our first plugin and we don’t have any experience on promoting a new WordPress plugin. So I am wondering if anyone can tell me the best way on promoting a brand new WordPress plugin. Any tips and advices are welcome and highly appreciated. Thanks
  14. We will keep all basic feature free of charge, including uploading to Amazon S3. Apart from Amazons S3, it will support for Dropbox in future release. If you encounter any issues and errors, please let me know. There is three different support channels available to users. See contact us section in description, you will find the contact ways for reaching out.
  15. Nichol tsen

    I am new here. Glad to meet you guys.
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