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  1. I find that this is main issue with further development of crypto currencies. They are using relatively new and still unexplored technology, so mistakes and bugs are very common, which makes this business currently very fragile and not sustainable on a long run. What are your thoughts on that?
  2. You can check local translating agencies, but usually they are focused on only several languages. If you need more international language translators, then the best place would be any of well known freelancing websites. There are excellent translators from English to any other language in the world
  3. Sagar, I also find that every women would be very happy to have own business and especially to have enough time to devote to both business and their families. Right? As we are living in internet era, I find that opportunities are many, you just need to spot the right one
  4. Ggurah

    Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies need to be worked with on long-term. And a broker swaps every day. From Wednesday to Thursday swap is even triple.
  5. Stay calmed and keep your lawyer with you. This might be major premise of developing successful business in contemporary business world. There are really so many issues, so finding one reliable and trustworthy lawyer is really an asset in any business
  6. I find that this is good topic for all people who are considering to enter into entrepreneurship field. There are so many things to consider before start. This is serious job from market research, market segmentation, marketing strategy, etc, which requires time, but it is time worth spending
  7. I don’t think that Australian economy is going to enter into recession period. It might be that we are going to see some trend corrections due global slowdown, but recession is far away from this country. Certainly, some increased volatility on aussie is always welcomed as it brings green pips
  8. Having emotions in Forex trading is very bad idea. They can lead trader to misjudgements of market moves and, at the end, to lose deals. Learning a proper emotions management is requirement for becoming a successful trader
  9. Ggurah

    You do not need YouTube. everything is simple there. You share the link with your friends, then they follow this link and register. For each person who signs up, you get,say, $ 20. Further you will receive a percent every month from this person from their trade and turnover. The more trading customers, the more money you can get. The site states that their partners receive an average of $ 15,000 each. I don’t get so much of course, but my 300-400 per month is easy.
  10. Ggurah

    Instead of focusing on fear of losing money, it would be better to focus your brain on how to earn money. Try to accept that there will always be chance for a lose deal, but if you know how to control level of loss, then you will overcome fear of losing money
  11. Ggurah

    Lal, this is correct description of scalping technique. This is why it is necessary to have good broker which can support your trading method. First, broker needs to be legit, and second, needs to have lower spreads, as these will make significant impact on traders profitability
  12. Ggurah

    Anglea, I think that you are in completely wrong section and probably forum. Forex has nothing to do with betting, but with high level of knowledge of financial markets. Sports betting is really a field of gambling, so nothing to do with Forex
  13. Ggurah

    Yes! Their system is usual. There is no scam, you justhave to get used to not counting on these bonus funds. This is something like a cashback. It is best to earn on an affiliate program. There the money is good and you can immediately withdraw them.
  14. Ggurah

    I think that many brokers now are including crypto pairs in trading options. It is made for crypto-lovers and probably there is some opportunity to earn some pips, although the market is nowadays relatively calm. I am still trading only fiat currencies, as I am a little bit old-fashioned
  15. Ggurah

    I think that newbies should be very careful when using leverage on live account. Leverage is good thing to support increased profits, when deals are profitable, but on the negative side, loses will be also higher when lose deals are made. So, smaller leverage, or no leverage at all are best options
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