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  1. In your profile there're two buttons to become an investor or a trader. On a standard account with a balance above the minimum, nothing else is required. I mean no extra movements, except for pressing the corresponding button in your profile. It's very simple. But it just seems to be so. If you are a trader and you want to earn more by offering your services to investors, then you need to first develop statistics and show positive dynamics within a considerate period of time. The longer the period, the greater the interest. We must remember, there are enough competitors with good results.
  2. Well, since forex trading is very risky and serious business, you need to be at least 18+ years old in order to open an account. So, age does matter here, as forex is not playground for kids
  3. I think that these are basics of risk management which should be continuously applied. Never risk too much per one trade, especially if you are beginner in trading.
  4. I don't understand the claims. If you just click on any chart, it becomes a one-day period chart. What else do you want?
  5. Bonuses do not affect trading in any way. I will say more, the bonus is a kind of abstract concept until you make a good turnover on currencies. After fulfilling, bonuses are not considered profit. There will just be a history record of the transfer of a certain amount to the deposit and that's all.
  6. Forex market provides huge earning possibilities but only if you have winning strategy. In order to find one which is suitable for your skills it is better to use demo account and try several trading methods in order to choose the right one
  7. I find that demo accounts are extremely useful. You can use them for several purposes. Not only to learn how to trade, but later your can check various indicators or new trading methods. Demo accounts are sort of traders long term forex friends
  8. Not all traders are willing to trade on a long run. In this case you will need to have excellent analytical skills and be able to spot right market trend. In addition, you would need to wait for some time to see your profits
  9. I find that forex is stressful same like any other aspect of life. The issue here is to learn to control stress and to find right way to relax. As this is individual, each trader should search ways to relax himself while trading
  10. Why to put relation only with gold and forex market. There are traders who make significant profits by trading other commodities or stocks. Market is about your knowledge and skills and also your ability to make money on it, so it should be decided by each trader what he or she will trade
  11. Brokers have one account currency and it's a dollar. The dollar can be withdrawn, and the crypto, as well as the acquired indices, can't be.
  12. I think that you should relax and spend as much time as you feel that have sense. And by having sense means how much money you will be able to make on certain day, based on market volatility and your strategy. So, it is not question of time, it is question of right timing. Right?
  13. I would certainly agree that knowledge is a king in 21st century. Learning is always good choice, but I think that there is still luck of educational material when it comes to cryptos and Blockchain technology. Do you have any suggestions how to well educate yourself about this market?
  14. You can check local translating agencies, but usually they are focused on only several languages. If you need more international language translators, then the best place would be any of well known freelancing websites. There are excellent translators from English to any other language in the world
  15. Sagar, I also find that every women would be very happy to have own business and especially to have enough time to devote to both business and their families. Right? As we are living in internet era, I find that opportunities are many, you just need to spot the right one
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