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  1. Ggurah

    Lal, this is correct description of scalping technique. This is why it is necessary to have good broker which can support your trading method. First, broker needs to be legit, and second, needs to have lower spreads, as these will make significant impact on traders profitability
  2. Ggurah

    Anglea, I think that you are in completely wrong section and probably forum. Forex has nothing to do with betting, but with high level of knowledge of financial markets. Sports betting is really a field of gambling, so nothing to do with Forex
  3. Ggurah

    Yes! Their system is usual. There is no scam, you justhave to get used to not counting on these bonus funds. This is something like a cashback. It is best to earn on an affiliate program. There the money is good and you can immediately withdraw them.
  4. Ggurah

    I think that many brokers now are including crypto pairs in trading options. It is made for crypto-lovers and probably there is some opportunity to earn some pips, although the market is nowadays relatively calm. I am still trading only fiat currencies, as I am a little bit old-fashioned
  5. Ggurah

    I think that newbies should be very careful when using leverage on live account. Leverage is good thing to support increased profits, when deals are profitable, but on the negative side, loses will be also higher when lose deals are made. So, smaller leverage, or no leverage at all are best options
  6. Ggurah

    You are probably pointing to greed. And I fully agree that there are psychological effects on the market which open a way for greed to emerge. Luckily, these emotions can be controlled, but first they needs to be recognised by trader
  7. Ggurah

    In any case you won't lose if trading with known cryptocurrencies. Everything's not that simple as it seems. You have to know how to lose. If, for example, to scalp, this is a great opportunity to climb on the small fluctuations of the rate. Forex Optimum provides an opportunity to do so because of the rapid closing of orders. And pips lovers 100% have work here as well. I advise you not to ask which crypt to trade with, but to read the news, and draw conclusions based on them.
  8. Ggurah

    I know that it is a hard task to write an excellent essay on the first go. You just need to practise and start writing your essay with a plan. You need to have a proper theme in your mind before staring it off. It will take some time but it will enable you to write a top-notch essay.
  9. I think that parents need to realize that too much freedom will hurt you. Parents need to limit the time their children spend on the screen and internet. I know that it is a hard task to implement restrictions on your children but you need to do it for their own sake.
  10. Forex trading is one of the biggest markets in the world. I was reading somewhere that it is a multi-trillion dollar industry which has more room for expansion. The best thing about forex trading is that anyone can become a forex trader. There is no restriction in it for anyone.
  11. Ggurah

    I have a lot in common with Forex Optimum. But about trading with a little-known crypt I can argue. There is more chance to get some kind of money on the side. My broker has 17 or 20 cryptocurrencies and I trade the top five, because if whales come out of a small crypt, you will be left with a donut hole.
  12. Ggurah

    Interesting question. I do have few friends who are also traders and I talk with them regularly regarding my trading strategy and current market developments. But, we are much more focused on opportunities to make money, while for us loss deals are a way to learn something about mistakes made
  13. Ggurah

    Generally speaking Forex market provides opportunity to simply exchange one currency for another. The beauty of it is that, based on currency volatility, people who are trading can earn some extra money. Professional traders can earn a lot of money.This is main purpose of forex in a very wide sense
  14. Forex market is provides opportunity to earn extra money but I also know people who are professional traders. It is all relative on how good you are in trading and what is your initial investment. However, those are all professional traders with many years spent on the market and trading
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