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    I agree that there are a lot of important things you should pay attention to while hiring a Node.js developer so you know for sure you won't have any problem in the future. Node.js developer's responsibilities, skills they should have etc., you need to consider all of this. For example, Node.js developers should be familiar with Agile development methods to follow them during product development. The methodology helps to organize planning, design, and testing during the development lifecycle which greatly simplifies the whole process. I would highly recommend you to read guides on how to hire Node.js developers before you start the whole process to have a better understanding of what kind of a specialist you want to hire. Lately I've been reading a lot of articles on this subject and came across this incredible guide, check it out: https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/how-to-hire-nodejs-developers
  2. I feel like development trends usually change really fast and if you want to be a successful iOS app developer, it is very important to keep tabs on them. I read a similar article about the latest iOS app development trends for 2019 https://mobiledevelopmentcompany.top/blog/ios-development-trends and here is a short list of trends that are coming this year: 1. Security 2. Augmented reality/Virtual reality 3. Machine Reality and Artificial Intelligence 4. On-Demand Apps 5. Wearable Devices 6. Payment Services 7. IoT
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