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  1. It was so in past it seems no matter how you really put it, then so be it. I do not see anything with that online. Please do explain to me whole scenario of those. Good name is brand for your visitors now and not SEO keyword or all sort of it.
  2. 7bledin

    If you competently trade, then with a small balance you can make a decent amount. You will need more time, but the costs will be minimal. I started trading with a small balance, I did not have large investments. It took me a year to reach a decent amount. But I could, so you can too.
  3. 7bledin

    Hi Asvery. This forum will help you find answers to your questions. Do not be afraid, any questions are accepted here, so you can safely ask them. If you want to know something in more detail, then you can ask me. I will always be happy to help you. Tell me, what do you like to do? Do you know how to trade?
  4. 7bledin

    Good article. I will add that you need to practice a lot. If you do not have basic concepts, then read books and look for incomprehensible things on the Internet. Now a lot of training videos have appeared, so it is much easier to deal with the market. Do not forget about the experience, you may not be able to trade for a very long time, so do not despair!
  5. Hello my dear, you tell me where will be the datacenters of that dedicated servers here anyway ? Do you have any real picture of that matter ? I do understand that you offer SSD dedicated and VPS servers, but that IPV4 will be located where for example ?
  6. 7bledin

    I have used free proxy net website for that matter, there were tons of free proxies basically for any country out there. And you really not that sure how it's going ? Order some VPN from Google service and that's really it no matter what.
  7. 7bledin

    Well main benefit that it's actually allows you to do advertising with it really and not less than that. You have a platform with like few billions of the people to which you really can market something else. See my point out there anyway ?
  8. I think that no, only something like settings on the browser, like I mean for example that place where you select which results you really want to see there for a lof ot countries for example. For example set Google for Sweden - you will see that in search.
  9. 7bledin

    Simply discover them in Google search console and do it by that way, i.e. manually go for the links later and put them on the fixed state both on your website and in search console, I think it's a very very good idea for that matter. Thanks!
  10. 7bledin

    I do understand that you need to measure what you spend with creating nice content for search engines along with something better like good qulaity links and so on. Measure how you spend that with tracking each link and page with your earnings from the website.
  11. 7bledin

    Let me give you 3 links for that https://athemes.com/collections/free-wordpress-themes/ and https://colorlib.com/wp/free-wordpress-themes/ and that one finally https://themegrill.com/blog/free-wordpress-themes/ Let me know what you really think.
  12. 7bledin

    Very strange that it's located on such strange domain without us even knowing a bit about this software anyway. I do not understand how it's possible to go here without even knowing if it's program will be good for me, quite bad sales pitch here;)
  13. What if you are not resident of Colorado springs or something like that anyway. What to do in that case ? Do you have services listed for that in some other ways of life. What do you say ? Or should we seek somebody else for that ?
  14. Really good thing, but I personally would use something like that for messengers and they do avaliable here for Windows PC, while something like games I would still play on mobile and that's it. On powerfull mobile I would say, top models - all others are not capable for them.
  15. 7bledin

    Not that much of my friends like to travel in the company, I am not sure why really. As for me it's really a lot of fun. So I do not think it's best option, for sure it's your own unique experience but not that much at all really. In past we traveled in companies, I do not like current trend.
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