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  1. Of course, traders are looking for more comfortable conditions. This is normal. This is already a serious business with huge risks...
  2. We cannot be able to sue your services because this has nothing to do with the pandemic and then again it is risky because we are not supposed to be in crowded places. this was the wrong place to advertise. Like literally the wrong place.
  3. Yes, it seems adequate to me too, at least somewhere we see the prospects!
  4. It's cool that companies create more loyal conditions for their clients and support them in the crisis period... This is exactly what gives confidence that everything will be in perfect order.
  5. Sometimes I deliberately avoid working with gold, because I can't catch the logic. But sometimes there is such a strong and interesting correlation with the dollar that I take part in this work with great pleasure.
  6. Yes, everything looks so simple at first glance, and so complicated when you start to practice.
  7. Different assets, strategies, timeframes and much more. You can really try everything and make the best decision.
  8. Thanks indeed, I got the idea. And what about the quotes? R they accurate?
  9. Let me know once you have a chance, are there many slippages at AAFX? Alould also be fantastic to know whether quotes are accurate.
  10. I have not tried it but I have for certain seen so many people do the same thing. It sems like today there is no moral in work but anything that can make you money is considered. It is very profitable as long as you know how to create good videos and generate some very interesting thumbnails.
  11. If you do not know what it is that you have to do the you can do this. Do not do it for yourself but for your children. Have you thought about your future family and the kind of life that you want them to llive. Do not say that you do not plan on having a family because you will have a family. Work for them. Do something so that they can live a good life.
  12. Exactly! The volume counts both sides. Separately for trade open and separately for closing a trade.
  13. Correct the leverage is 1:2000 for majority of the assets. Yet, I've never considered it to be the main advantage here. Might work for averaging, but you know... that's a risky strategy. On the other hand, forex trading is risky in the essence. I wouldn't say the conditions for getting the bonus are that crazy. I agree broekrs aren't giving away the money for nothing, but the bonus looks like the offer to return the commissions for active trading in a form of bonus. Just a mean to get loyal customers, as you've said. I don't see anything wrong with that. They want you to trade activl
  14. Hello, Melisa! I'm glad you're with us, feel free to ask any questions. I also noticed that you have your email instead of just usual nickname. I don't know how safe it is to do that, it's your personal data. If you ask me, you shouldn't just show it to everyone in the forum, you can sometimes see scammers (unintentionally). And then they'll send you spam and stuff. So my advice (which nobody asked me to do, I'm sorry) - is if possible, change your nickname to some other. Good luck on the forum! 🙂
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