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  1. 7bledin

    I understand what you are saying. Yes, the company is growing and adding new features makes the system making it a bit more complicated. Some people would prefer to have just two buttons BUY and SELL in the middle of the screen. But this is non-professional approach. We need tools to work more effectively. . I myself didn't know that Olymp can do automated trailing stops until not long ago. I participated in the tournament and one of the daily tasks was something like "complete x forex trades using trailing stop". I was like What? why didn't you tell me before you've got this tool! But it is not even available on demo. I think this is because they try to keep this balance between simplicity and effectiveness, so they open more tools for more professional traders.
  2. 7bledin

    I've got a verified account, so not sure completely if demo has got the same interface, I'm pretty sure it has. Few weeks ago Olymp Trade has updated the platform, so right now you can switch between options and forex in the asset menu. Here u go:
  3. 7bledin

    You can do that in something like robots.txt probably if you do know their domains and everything about them like that all together. Hopefully it will work out alltogether anyway for whatever reasons out there. I do want to get it really for many things.
  4. If your site has been reviewed, and the status is "Failing," the Abusive Experience Report shows examples of experiences we found on your site that may be misleading your visitors. (Note that there may be other abusive experiences on your site that we did not find during the review.) For each listed experience, we include a brief definition, the URL of the page where the experience was found and, when available, images and/or a short video that shows you how it actually looked on your site.
  5. 7bledin

    Is it some indian outsource or something like that ? Please do create something better than that anyway for everything you should be doing here. How else do you really need to go from that ? Top gold Forum probably have paid ads section or something like that anyway.
  6. 7bledin

    What do you mean ? It's a speed with which page are being loaded in your case. How do you plan to go further with that matter ? do you have any thoughts for that or no ? I am totally done and disconnected. Please bear with me to make it possible. It matters cause people and google love fast loading websites.
  7. 7bledin

    Basically it's a link which doesn't located on your domain or subdomain anyway and it's really not going anywhere else on your site. It's linking to some other external thread anyway for whatever reason out there. How else it could really be possible to make it going ? I do not want it.
  8. 7bledin

    I can't really say that directly, cause they are way out of touch today, but there for sure should be keyword research, keyword density, broken links, link checker, meta tags uniqueness checker, same for titiles, alt tags editor and maybe something else really there.
  9. 7bledin

    This is rather difficult to explain, but once you gain some experience in options trading, you’ll understand how to use this feature. I can only explain how I use it personally, but I am absolutely sure that time-based pending orders are not limited to this approach. Ok, here is another holy grail that I’m generous today to share. Let’s say we are trading SnP500 index. If you watch it carefully, you might notice that very often price reversals happen there exactly at 8AM CST. This is probably caused by futures market opening. Very often market starts moving in a certain direction prior to 8AM. Price grows and grows for example. By 6-7AM it got very high since the start of the day (since midnight). In this case if you think that the trend will continue, you can be more or less sure that before it continues, the price will be pushed down around 7-8AM so that at 8AM more buyers (smart money) can buy more of the index at a lower price and only after that SnP will again start moving up. Sounds like a conspiracy theory, lol, but once you watch markets long enough, you’ll also start seeing more opportunities like these. Anyway, going back to Olymp options. If I expect that the price won’t move far up before 8AM and most likely it will stop at certain support (I’m not sure how low it will go before it finds such a support), I can buy a pending BUY option at Olymp with the time set to 8AM or 8:05AM. I have to warn you though that this is not an everyday strategy. It all depends on the market overall context.This strategy I use in less than 10% of my trades, but this is a profitable one. I win 70-80% of times when applying it.
  10. 7bledin

    I can't tell you cause it's a secret, but all in all I can tell that it's forum crowd marketing which means leaving links from established forum accounts on a lot of different forums to your product anyway. That should work wonders with probably everything - be ready.
  11. 7bledin

    Well, to be much much better than competitors I assume, it should really be your motto anyway by any reason, but you should be better than them with majority of the factors and it will play it keyrole then anyway for whatever reason it may get with that. Good luck.
  12. 7bledin

    Why questions here are so basic anyway ? PPC ? Okay, it's called pay per click marketing where you only pay per each click delivered to some landing page yours or somebody else. IT depends on auction price and CTR of your ad most of the time so be sure to make it good.
  13. It's not totally true, it's like that in reality anyway. Cause if your site for example have very very low loading time anyway and something like that totally and completely you could really be outbeaten by some other websites which in reality do not have that problem at all for example.
  14. 7bledin

    It's pay per click system system organised and created by google itself which is why it called google ad (which is ad itself) words (those are your promo keywords for all that promotion matter anyway). It works on auction based model including lot of factors except price.
  15. 7bledin

    Well, it's very easy, it's something which is really done like linking within your website itself, so basically all urls contain your domain name or it's subdomains or something like that, see my point ? I hope it simply and commonly makes sense.
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