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  1. 7bledin

    It's pay per click system system organised and created by google itself which is why it called google ad (which is ad itself) words (those are your promo keywords for all that promotion matter anyway). It works on auction based model including lot of factors except price.
  2. 7bledin

    Well, it's very easy, it's something which is really done like linking within your website itself, so basically all urls contain your domain name or it's subdomains or something like that, see my point ? I hope it simply and commonly makes sense.
  3. 7bledin

    Long tail keyword it's something like few keywords and that's really it, so it could be even like one sentence or up to that, like I mean probably something like 4 to 5 keywords in one search phrase and it's do provide crazy conversions cause of that.
  4. Very simple - it's not your niches then, if it will be something you would know about you will create some creativity here anyway. Your posts may not be that much but make them at least something like 1500 words anyway. Once a month would be cool.
  5. 7bledin

    A new ? It's whole lot like new programming language in comparison with HTML 3.2 and 4.01 for example, there are so many things I really have no time to describe them anyway. No matter how do you put it I can't tell it in one sentence here.
  6. 7bledin

    Well, I think the answer is already covered in the question I would say. Would you ? Cause I am totally and completely lost out there for many many reasons. Are you with me here ? It's a link on your site which points out to some other, not your URL.
  7. Do you understand that really nobody knows that, correct ? But I still bet it's something like keyword in title, domain name and in text several times along with various link building techniques anyway. I still see what I described going on everywhere.
  8. 7bledin

    Sure enough! It is called limit order type. At Olymp platform you’ve got to go to the settings and check the “pending trades” box. Then, when you click “order” on the right you will see two options: trade opening at a specific price and trade opening at a specific time.Simply enter the needed value and there you are!
  9. It's quite different for each website anyway. But I do hope that you really can make some plain google search and you will found them if you really need to. See my point ? I hope it will work out lately for you. It have sense when you already have some traffic.
  10. Why do you need some blogs for that matter ? I am totally lost here, I do not even remember where I looked how to write content, I simply write it and that's really it. But maybe backlinkco and seobook and nichepursuits or something like that I think.
  11. 7bledin

    honestly it could be a lot of different meaning, but in terms of SEO it's probably number of backlinks and their profile anyway no matter how hard you put it in. See my point ? As well as their title keywords and overall volume of searches including them.
  12. There is a rumor that black hat SEO could possibly penalise your website if you will do it, it consists of spam backlinks and a lot of unrelated bought backlinks along with keyword spamming all over the place and so on, while white hat more on following google guidelines.
  13. That is just damnd great service, I do see you even have like I am not sure but something like 100 forums posts for that money like $30, correct ? That is really good no matter what. Thanks for giving me that services anyway. Do you really even care ?
  14. I would say you should do that each update of the Google search and that's really it no matter how you really put it. Thanks for letting me know all of that. Do get me going with all that matters;) Be ready to send some google reports back to them.
  15. 7bledin

    Yes, this window is intended exactly for conducting the analysis, and there are a lot of indicators. In this term, the Olymp Trade platform for the technical analysis is on the same level as Tradingview or Metatrader.
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