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  1. Yeah, why not? If you don't like your current security system, why not improve it. The important thing is that it's hard to get around and you can't forge the cards that give you access to the room. Also, the fact that your warehouse's being stolen isn't very good. It's a common phenomenon in many places, it's true. But that doesn't mean that thieves have to go unpunished. I'm not trying to say you need to intimidate your employees, but the more impunity they feel, the worse it'll get and no improved security system will help you. Good luck to you, friend!
  2. Hello, Steve! Glad to be the first one on this forum to tell you "welcome"! Hopefully you'll find all the information you came for and maybe a couple of new acquaintances. If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to post on the forum, you'll find some advise or just support here. Good luck!
  3. Yes, our generation has not yet faced problems that affect the whole world. Actually, it looks pretty scary. But it proves once again that humanity can handle anything. We are much stronger than we thought.
  4. The virus had a negative impact on all business areas and industries. And now the main task of the state should be the development that will allow people to quickly establish production and return people to work.
  5. Yeap, this is actually why I paid attention to this particular company. Tading fees are low, which is important for active trading. Plus the wecome bonus +35% makes the idea even more interesting...
  6. I totally agree with you. These masks are something terrible. It's very hot to be wearing them, and after a while your face may itch. You wouldn't wish that on anybody... But the good news is that they should only be worn when you leave the house and go somewhere (presumably to the grocery). Another nightmare is gloves. Not only is it difficult to find your own size, but from them also your hands sweat a lot. And it' s just ewww 😞
  7. In fact, many of my friends are trading as part-time jobs, so they manage to pay some extra expenses and even save some money. But the problem is that many people initially take trading not seriously and because of this they fail very quickly. Some of them just don't have enough discipline and because of this they can't set themselves up properly. In general, there are many nuances and details. Nevertheless, for most traders, trading is really a profitable income of extra money, you can even work for you own.
  8. I think that short-term trading is more dynamic, but long-term trading is suitable for those who are used to working more calmly and maybe not even every day, it's work more for the future...
  9. Well, I'm not that excited spending the $100 of minimum investment each time I get interested in some brokerage, this is why I'd love to hear some review of existing customers if there are any here
  10. The broker offers forex, CFDs and Bitcoin trading with up to 1:2000 leverage, 35% welcome bonus and MT5 support. It would be nice to hear some reviews on the quality of their service here.
  11. No, MetaTrader does not have a feature that would allow options trading, so this would be the main difference. The other thing is that there is a different approach to trading fees. At Olymp’s web trading platform they apply commission per trade and no spreads. With MT4 there are spreads but no other fees.
  12. It’s for muslims. Islamic religion does not allow doing any financial operations after the sunset, this is why SWAPs are not charged upon their request. Instead they pay the alternative fee, which is about same as SWAP.
  13. No way! How did you find out? Oh my, any custom indicators of my choice are there now! Even volumes! Jeez, I can see the volumes now. THANK YOU OLYMP, U’DA BEST!
  14. You might be right. On my side I wouldn’t mind having a bit more variety in indicators usage here. I like the overall stability of Olymp’s platform, but adding custom indicators like this is possible in Metatrader, wouldn’t hurt at all.
  15. I understand what you are saying. Yes, the company is growing and adding new features makes the system making it a bit more complicated. Some people would prefer to have just two buttons BUY and SELL in the middle of the screen. But this is non-professional approach. We need tools to work more effectively. . I myself didn't know that Olymp can do automated trailing stops until not long ago. I participated in the tournament and one of the daily tasks was something like "complete x forex trades using trailing stop". I was like What? why didn't you tell me before you've got this tool! But it is not even available on demo. I think this is because they try to keep this balance between simplicity and effectiveness, so they open more tools for more professional traders.
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