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  1. I think that no, only something like settings on the browser, like I mean for example that place where you select which results you really want to see there for a lof ot countries for example. For example set Google for Sweden - you will see that in search.
  2. 7bledin

    Simply discover them in Google search console and do it by that way, i.e. manually go for the links later and put them on the fixed state both on your website and in search console, I think it's a very very good idea for that matter. Thanks!
  3. 7bledin

    I do understand that you need to measure what you spend with creating nice content for search engines along with something better like good qulaity links and so on. Measure how you spend that with tracking each link and page with your earnings from the website.
  4. 7bledin

    Let me give you 3 links for that https://athemes.com/collections/free-wordpress-themes/ and https://colorlib.com/wp/free-wordpress-themes/ and that one finally https://themegrill.com/blog/free-wordpress-themes/ Let me know what you really think.
  5. 7bledin

    Very strange that it's located on such strange domain without us even knowing a bit about this software anyway. I do not understand how it's possible to go here without even knowing if it's program will be good for me, quite bad sales pitch here;)
  6. What if you are not resident of Colorado springs or something like that anyway. What to do in that case ? Do you have services listed for that in some other ways of life. What do you say ? Or should we seek somebody else for that ?
  7. Really good thing, but I personally would use something like that for messengers and they do avaliable here for Windows PC, while something like games I would still play on mobile and that's it. On powerfull mobile I would say, top models - all others are not capable for them.
  8. 7bledin

    Not that much of my friends like to travel in the company, I am not sure why really. As for me it's really a lot of fun. So I do not think it's best option, for sure it's your own unique experience but not that much at all really. In past we traveled in companies, I do not like current trend.
  9. 7bledin

    It's still not the explanation of everything else here. And not anywhere, but from your own explanation it's trough ACH network and nothing else. For example it's still not possible to pay somebody else to other country like let's not say with wire but with P2P transactions.
  10. 7bledin

    Earning income through online work is very easy and comfortable, since all you need to do is to have a stable internet connection, a laptop and a power backup if necessary. Choosing the best online job depends on your passion and profession. You can sign up for freelancer accounts on Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, freelancer.com, or People per Hour among others
  11. Online dating has its pros and cons, and I can say that they are just as good as those who meet their partners face to face. Online dating is fast, you get to find a partner according to your preference and you have a variety to choose from. The disadvantage is that you are never sure of what you are getting, so be ready for surprises
  12. 7bledin

    There are several freelancers who specialize in essay writing and you can make use of their services, that are reliable and of high quality. I suggest you look for writers on freelancer.com, Upwork, Essaypro.com, or FastEssay. They all have good writers who know their jobs and deliver on time
  13. 7bledin

    True, there is no magic whatsoever in trading. For a trader to be successful and remain successful, one must learn fundamental and technical analysis and how to manage risks. You must first practise on demo and build your strategy before going live. It is not easy, but its also not difficult, so long as you are dedicated, patient and disciplined in following your trading plan
  14. 7bledin

    I wouldn't say that it comes with aging, for sure something maybe not as much as it was in youth, but I really do understand that a lot of mathematicians for example got their possible discoveries in the very late age of their lives. So only this facts disapproves everything you talk about.
  15. 7bledin

    It's a really powerfull backlinkg strategy, I even sure it's more powerfull than solid privately bought links and such. You will get contextual backlink from related site to you. Of course it's all paid mainly, but anyway it's still way worth it. Include your links in some articles about you and try to reach relevant sites with that info.
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