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  1. I assume it can make only better really, no matter how do you put that, can we do something else instead of social seo services - really out of my mind anyway. I am ready to order such services from some honest person anyway. Can you do that ?
  2. Intcatekin

    Usually it's called like set of trechniques which really do implemented by some other different people out there for making your life much simplier with SEO but for short term, whole your domain could really be banned out there for many many meanings here totally and completely.
  3. The benfit ? If done right - it's a huge deal, it can make you very very rich overnight. IT's the biggest online advertising platform in the world which is currently exists and I do hope it will really make you rich for whatever reason no matter how much it's done anyway.
  4. I do not know about the others - but I am more than sure it will not have any real impact on that matter anyway. Feel free to put them a lot and install this tag if you do need them anyway for whatever possible reason. Can you really help me to get going ? I am seems do not want to get it.
  5. LOL - pagerank is really outdated method of ranging site by how much powerfull links are really linking to it and search engine result page or position is it's actuall number in that query anyway for many many reasons out there. Can you really tell me what it is ?
  6. Intcatekin

    Binary options are an interesting thing, but you need to be careful with it. You can earn big money for a short period, but the risks are high. So far, I have not been able to find a strategy for trading binary options, so I stick to Forex trading. But if you know how to make money here, then this is very cool!
  7. I haven't read the whole thread here, but I did visit their website for that matter and I really liked what I have seen here. It have tons of cfds, metals, cryptos, stock and a lot of forex cuurency pairs for basically every case of life. And they compensate commissions, which is fantastic.
  8. Intcatekin

    I believe in luck, but trading does not rely on luck, and you can not perform any magic to be successful. All you need to do is to identify and build your winning strategy, have a trading plan and follow it well, develop your analysis skills, manage your risks properly and be patient
  9. For example you have a lot of links in your signature and by making that post like you did, you may get some link juice by keywords you manetioned in your sig. That's answer you need ?;) But yes, it works that way, and you will also get visitors and sales from forum itself.
  10. Intcatekin

    Yes, you can avoid some but to some level something from that list can be done with ease with some sort of risk. For example a bit of link exchange will not hurt. Good selected manually bought links from hidden PBN's - as well. Some rewrote content as long as it's unique can also pass. Just be carefull
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