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  1. Yes, Forex is really a sea of money, but then why do 90% of people lose this money? Only in order to survive in this sea, you have to be able to swim well, and even better to dive, sink to the bottom, push off the bottom and come back up. I'm not going to advertise here some broker who is very good at sailing with, like a trusty ship. That's just ridiculous. Yes, indeed, it is not easy to survive in Forex. But not so unreal. In fact, if you listen to the opinions of experienced people, it's not such a difficult task. If you don't take into account a broker's spread, you should have 50/50 luck. Why, then, do 90% of people lose? That's what you have to think about before you start trading. The problem is that you don't really follow any trading strategy to the end, or you think you're smarter and you're constantly changing it, and as a result you get losses. I had a special pillow when I started trading. When I gave myself my word to follow a strategy and then wanted to change it, I would squeeze the pillow tightly in my hands to restrain myself.
  2. No doubts that using leverages can be risky. It really is, nevertheless leverages open quite good opportunities for earning money. There are some traders who advice using leverages, but they don't understand that it can be quite difficult to sort out with leverages in case you're a total novice in trading activity. Otherwise, there are some traders who claim that nobody should use leverages because some brokers offer pretty high leverages which can possibly blow the accounts of rookies just in couple of minutes. So, I think that beginners should learn everything properly before starting trading with leverages.
  3. You mean a dirty trick from market makers, right?
  4. Many folks failed that day, I read. For personal reasons, I didn’t have an opportunity to trade since the beginning of September. Respectively, I learned about that selloff a bit later. I’m following BTC now with great interest. This correction is very intricate. I hope to find good entry points soon. Market makers have grabbed enough liquidity below and I think the asset is being prepared for another skyrocketing.
  5. What made you shift to long-term trading? Did you notice anything special on charts?
  6. I think that despite a wild nature of Bitcoin as well as other cryptos, price levels still work and this already makes crypto trading less chaotic and more predictable, although Musk or any other business shark can still kick our assess with a single tweet.
  7. You will get used to this in a week if you work on it, of course. In my opinion, it’s even a positive thing about cryptos that they don’t have a strict news system because it makes trading less stressful. You don’t need to expect anything and be ready for a situation when this expectation is not met and the data is worse or the previously released. Just follow crypto news on specialized resources.
  8. I guess you should follow crypto news on Twitter. Besides this, there are a lot of Internet resources devoted to cryptocurrency. You should have them bookmarked. Yeah, there’s a big difference between news trading on Forex and what we see on the crypto market. Unfortunately, when trading cryptos we can’t have a schedule that could tell us when Musk is going to write another all-mighty tweet and we don’t have prompts such as those available on Forex news. I mean previous data and expected by the crowd. Here you should look for news all the time.
  9. I think I should have a rest. The market should calm down after the Fed’s storm and it also applies to me. But I intend to ponder over charts on Sunday. It’s getting a more exciting thing for me.
  10. That’s so sad that I missed an opportunity to trade at the time of the last Powell's speech! You know that the Fed made a pleasant surprise for bears on EUR/USD as well as other pairs. But at that time I was having a party with my friends. I somehow forgot about pending orders or simply was reluctant to risk. Afterall, I’m not a robot and I can’t control all the time. I took a look at the EUR/USD chart and that’s so sad. I have no idea how to break into this mess. It was a so steep dive, so it only remains to hope for a correction to join a downward ride. But I hope I will finally manage to break into this ride. Really hope that the market will not kicked me out. What about your yesterday’s experience, guys?
  11. Yeah, because it gives me peace of mind. I can’t imagine trading such volatile and liquid assets with floating spreads. I can trade currencies with floating spread, but metals and crude are different. For a week of trading crude and metals I increased my ECN account to $343. Most of my gains I attribute to crude, while most of my metal trades were losing. The situation with metals improved when I started trading them early in the morning. So, crude is more preferable.
  12. So, as I told, I shifted to metal and crude trading and as of now I can say that crude is much easier to trade. However, it may be just a matter of personal preferences. Metals are too volatile for me, especially gold and silver. It’s true for most of the day starting from the European session and till the end of the American one. However, I noticed that early in the morning gold and silver are less volatile and that’s the only chance to enter the market in a relatively calm manner. What can I say about gold and silver? Extreme volatility and therefore candlesticks that grow at light speed and then instantly reverse. I don’t know whether it was always like this or not. But they are liquid and therefore more profitable, but it’s not easy to trade this stuff. Crude is also volatile but it seems more predictable. At least, I can trade it throughout the day.
  13. That’s what I want to do. Afterall, with this broker I can trade Bitcoin only, but it has many other worthy assets I want to make the most of.
  14. I have just stopped my crypto trading. No, I’m not going to give it up. I have two trading accounts and cryptos are not the only one assets I can trade. I find precious metals and energies promising too. I should say that previously I traded them from time to time but when that crypto marathon burst out once again in the summer of 2020 I forgot about many other assets. No matter how promising cryptos are, I realize that I shouldn’t miss other lucrative opportunities. I’m particularly interested in gold and Brent oil. These are not only liquid and highly volatile assets but also instruments that influence other financial instruments, in particular currency pairs.
  15. I heard that serious guys have invested a lot in Bitcoin as well as altcoins, so it’s no wonder that if BTC may hit $100. Why not? I put much value on the last halving. You know that the value of BTC goes up drastically after every halving. By the way, when the last halving took place, Bitcoin didn’t grow immediately. I remember that it disappointed me and I thought that it was the beginning of the end of Bitcoin. You know that many experts kept repeating that Bitcoin had no value and other pessimistic stuff. But it managed to grow and it was a pleasant surprise for me. I keep chasing Bitcoin with AAFX and hope for the better, although sometimes this crypto ride exhausts me.

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