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  1. It is not about whether you can make them or not but about whether betting apps are allowed India. If they are not allowed then you cannot make it. If it is then it is possible to make a bettig app but you need to understand that you are going to need a lot of money. Like 10 millio dollars.
  2. If you are thinking about doing that then it is good if you know that you do not actually have to make porn videos but you can just stream yourself doing some lewd things. Like an only fans kid of things. People will pay just to watch you do what they ask you and they pay handsomly. There are a lot of websites that provide such services.
  3. If you want to buy inexpensive door hardware then you can always google inexpesive door hardware near me. I am sure that you will get a lot of results and most of them will have exactly what you need. It is all that simple and not much more to it. You can also just ask around because the people around you know better than us.
  4. Cool! How does it feel to trade on a live account? Glad you've made up your mind. The uncertainty kills. Sometimes I think its better waste 100-200 bucks than regret for months that you didn't even dare to try.
  5. I will say this - long-term investment is profitable from the point of view of financial planning and that is what gives you the opportunity to do something else in parallel. But on the other hand it requires quite detailed market research and very serious analysis. And this is really difficult.
  6. It seems to me that we are now seeing some new interesting stage in the market, which will change our view of the market. And all we have to do right now is to be attentive to all changes and non-standard situations. And of course we have to work hard.
  7. Does the volume count for roundrurn? That's a big enough turnover of it counts for roundturn only. If you can divide it by 2 (the volume counts for both sides), then yeah, that's not that impossible, given the decent leverage.
  8. Up to you to decide. Yet, I bet the conditions are very close to impossible to complete. I know the business a little. Brokers won't miss their opportunity to make money. Or make you a very loyal customer.
  9. I find it hard to believe, too, that you can get paid for watching videos from YouTube. If that were true, I'd be a millionaire a long time ago LOL XD. But really, the people who believe in all this are very naive, and I'm glad that no one has responded under this post.
  10. If I were you, I wouldn't have counted on bonuses too much. This is merely an illusion of a cashback, yet, brokers won't let you have the money for nothing.
  11. Hi! I'm happy to welcome a new member of the community, too! It's great that our community is growing and expanding. If you want to, you can tell us about yourself: what purpose you came to the platform and forum, what your life goals are and so on. We always support and help each other, so if you have any problems, don't be afraid to write to the forum again. Have a nice visit! 🙂
  12. I think this food will be pizza. You can please all the people with it. Look at how many kinds of pizza you can find right now. All the toppings are good for pizza, too. It can be meat, vegetarian, with seafood. You can put almost any product in a pizza and bake it, and it'll be delicious. I really like pizza myself. And the thing is, you don't get tired of pizza. If I'm hungry, I can have a big pizza with meat and vegetables. If I want something lighter and more varied, I can have a pizza thin crust with seafood . It's as simple as that!
  13. In fact, this is extremely relevant now, because it is generally the only way to get a stable income from the current crisis situation. Although it takes a lot of work to be successful, this is another issue.
  14. The situation in this country looks the most frightening. But in fact, medicine is very well developed there, so I believe that they will cope with this problem. Although the truth is, I think we'll see the consequences for a very long time to come.
  15. I think this direction should be the most important right now. Because the sooner people learn to control and cure the virus, the sooner we will get back to normal life and get rid of this constant stress and fear!
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