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  1. Today there are a large number of forex brokers on the market, and each has its own trading conditions, and for each investor it is necessary to determine what conditions are optimal. Beginners should opt for a broker that does not have mandatory monthly payments. Some brokers have a limit for opening a brokerage account, in the form of a minimum amount. For some, this might be a problem. I just want to try, test the stock market with small amounts. And somehow I don’t want to seek additional money just to open an account. We would like to draw your attention to brokers who do not hav
  2. A few tips for beginners to increase the chances of success at first: Do not bet on express bets. Even experienced gamblers rarely take on this type of bet. There is a general opinion among tippers that it is stable to win on express trains; Do not play live bets. To play live means to count on luck. You need to become a cold-blooded pragmatist, so this path is not for you; Don't trust those who offer match fixing. Nobody will ever sell them online; Concentrate on one thing. Choose one sport, or even better one championship, so the chances of success will increase; Don't play all-in.
  3. And this had a significant effect on the market. It is very interesting to watch further developments.
  4. It's great that you start interesting topics. But you don't have to advertise your broker there.
  5. Long-term work is really more relaxed and secure. That's a fact.
  6. It's true. But stress is present in any business.
  7. The pandemic has disrupted a lot of thing but it seems like they are getting back on their feet which means that I can do something useful and especially here. I wish you guys to say safe and be careful with everything you do.
  8. There are many things that can be done physically to protect the family from getting affected by the corona virus. Firstly, you need to know that all the familly members have got masks. The disease spread via the direct contact between the infected victims and those who are not yet contacted the disease. Ensure that all the familly members are well confined in the house and not exposed outside.
  9. With time and experience, it becomes easier and easier. And you just get used to working by certain rules and it's normal. And not only in trading, but also in any other business.
  10. If you are thinking about doing that then it is good if you know that you do not actually have to make porn videos but you can just stream yourself doing some lewd things. Like an only fans kid of things. People will pay just to watch you do what they ask you and they pay handsomly. There are a lot of websites that provide such services.
  11. Cool! How does it feel to trade on a live account? Glad you've made up your mind. The uncertainty kills. Sometimes I think its better waste 100-200 bucks than regret for months that you didn't even dare to try.
  12. I will say this - long-term investment is profitable from the point of view of financial planning and that is what gives you the opportunity to do something else in parallel. But on the other hand it requires quite detailed market research and very serious analysis. And this is really difficult.
  13. It seems to me that we are now seeing some new interesting stage in the market, which will change our view of the market. And all we have to do right now is to be attentive to all changes and non-standard situations. And of course we have to work hard.
  14. Does the volume count for roundrurn? That's a big enough turnover of it counts for roundturn only. If you can divide it by 2 (the volume counts for both sides), then yeah, that's not that impossible, given the decent leverage.
  15. Up to you to decide. Yet, I bet the conditions are very close to impossible to complete. I know the business a little. Brokers won't miss their opportunity to make money. Or make you a very loyal customer.
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