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  1. Mention which is the most important area to include your keywords?
  2. rscomponentseo

    A Do-Follow Link, as the name suggests, allows Google link calculator called PageRank to count all the inbound links from other web pages and websites as link points. The higher the link juice or link points are, the greater would be the search ranking of that web page, as these links make the web page appear very relevant and popular to the Google search engines.
  3. rscomponentseo

    1) On-page SEO 2) Off-Page SEO
  4. rscomponentseo

    Keyword research is your first step in optimizing your website for certain keywords. Without keyword research, you might find yourself lost in your own lingo and battling giants in your industry that can’t be beaten in the search result pages just like that. There is a variety of factors you have to take into account when doing keyword research and setting up your keyword strategy. In this article, we’ll discuss your mission, your audience, and your competition.
  5. What is stemming in search?
  6. rscomponentseo

    With a 301 Redirection, a webserver returns the HTTP Status Code 301 to the requesting client, which could be Google-Bot, for example, or a user. This status code tells the client that the requested resource (a URL for example) has permanently moved and is now available on a new URL. You can easily set up a 301 redirect in PHP or through the .htaccess-file and the necessary mod_rewrite module, if you use an Apache webserver.
  7. rscomponentseo

    On a Web site, redirection is a technique for moving visitors to a different Web page than the one they request, usually because the page requested is unavailable. Web users often encounter redirection when they visit the Web site of a company whose name has been changed or which has been acquired by another company.
  8. rscomponentseo

    A soft redirect or interwiki redirect is a replacement of usual or "hard" redirects and is used where the linked destination is another website — including other Wikimedia projects.
  9. rscomponentseo

    Guestographic is a whitehat link building strategy used by SEO experts. They call itguestographic because you are combining “guest post” with an “infographic”.
  10. rscomponentseo

    What are crawl stats?
  11. In the appearance position of a search engine, do you think that a browser has any role to play?
  12. Which SEO factors are not in your control?
  13. rscomponentseo

    What is Guestographic Method?
  14. rscomponentseo

    Keyword cannibalization is something to take seriously as it can potentially damage your rankings for multiple reasons. Keyword cannibalization happens when a website's information architecture relies on a single keyword or phrase on multiple parts of the website.
  15. rscomponentseo

    The Behavior Flow report displays nodes, connections and exits, which represent the flow of your traffic. Nodes are points through which traffic flows.
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