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  1. Miraty23

    As for me, Vietnam is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. Nature there is just amazing! Its has rivers, ocean, mountains, forest, whatever you like, you can find there. Even if you are not very active tourist, but simply enjoy breathtaking views, you would be surprised what Vietnam’s nature has to offer. I’m writing it and wish to go back soon! You can see this page for my full review of the trip with photos.
  2. Miraty23

    I believe it's not healthy, even if it works. It's dangerous to interfere with mind like this
  3. Miraty23

    Now you can meet people who believe that the Earth is flat as well, ahahah
  4. Miraty23

    I follow intuitive eating diet. It’s very simple and healthy one and I can eat whatever I want, but it was difficult to understand my real needs at the very beginning
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