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  1. Sonja-Erica Pompa

    I've used an essay writing help for students, because it was impossible to meet deadlines. But if you have enough time, provide a research at firts! It's really taugh task to write an essay, when you don't know, what to write about. But if you have your own view, you want to share it with others, right?
  2. Sonja-Erica Pompa

    I'm originally from Russia, and wonder why do people want to visit this counry. Have no idea, except people don't know what to expect. Other way, they would change their destination.
  3. Sonja-Erica Pompa

    I like one old strategy "Age of Myths", it's amazing! And now you can complete a lot of achievements (Steam), so gameplay is even more interesting.
  4. Sonja-Erica Pompa

    I can provide some tips, but I'm not sure, if they are healthy and useful. 1. You have to increase your activity. Walking around is a good option. 2. Reduce your stress-factors. I mean, sometimes it's better to break up abusive relationship or friendship. Or, probably you wanted to change your workplace, but scared of it. Just do it! 3. Eat less food, eat it slowly, but alsways satisfy the feeling of hunger. Evetything seems simple, but don't go crazy.
  5. Sonja-Erica Pompa

    I like reading, but it's hard for me now to complete books. If you like book, you tend to complete it as sooner as you can, right? But something went wrong, so I start reading, and then start reading another one, then another one, and so on. So, I have to push myself, but it's weird for me. I mean, reading was a hobby, but it turns into a torture. Seems like a new form of procrastination.
  6. Sonja-Erica Pompa

    I think it's better not to limit children's screen time, but to help them to discover new hobbies beside screen. If your child is interested in some hobby, he or she will never waste time on games and social networks. But if children not so successful with their friends or have no interests, they try to escape into digital world.
  7. Sonja-Erica Pompa

    Of course it's better to live alone! When you live with parents, you're limited with your decisions. Parents usually like to control your life.
  8. Sonja-Erica Pompa

    My favorite movie is "Wind Chill", 2007. You can watch it again and again, and every time you discover more nuances. It has brilliant link between structure and content.
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