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  1. jamescarr

    That an interesting question. Everyone knows that Earth has a shape of a sphere. But it's interesting to investigate what people thought about the shape in the Medieval age. Recently, I had an assignment to write an essay on this topic. That is why I started to collect all the information I needed with the help of https://edubirdie.com/coursework-writing to write high-quality research. It was very interesting to conduct such research on this topic because many people thought that the Earth has a flat shape. And those who oppose them greet the Church anger.
  2. jamescarr

    Lots of fruits and vegetables that are full of vitamins that are important for your health. Minimize the consumption of fast food and sugar.
  3. jamescarr

    I don't think that there is one place on this planet that is beautiful. Every person has its own beautiful place on Earth. For me, it's Grand Canyon in Arizona.
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