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  1. Alina Abid

    Cross-linking refers to the process of linking between two sites. Whether or not they are owned by the same person, cross-linking is the process on which the internet is built. It allows users to reference sites with content similar to that which they are already viewing and may be of further interest to them.
  2. Alina Abid

    New Websites need to prove that they are worthy of ranking, Google puts new websites into a “Sandbox” before they can rank well in a Google. In order to gain search engine trust over time, a website should produce quality content that will generate natural inbound links and social media activity (shares, likes, comments, etc.). As a site age and it begins to earn this trust, it improves the chances that the site will be taken “out of the sandbox”.
  3. Alina Abid

    Now we are working on to redesign the site: https://www.gasntools.com/ Please suggest, What are fields we need to optimize.
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