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    Hello. I have created smart contact that makes everyone get ether. Hope you are interested.
  2. The Rise of Double ETH: Get 150% ETH When You Play The world of cryptocurrency is one that has continued to experience different levels of changes and improvements, and further exploration of the blockchain technology has paved the way for the creation of new blockchain-based platforms and decentralized applications that will facilitate improved efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity in our daily activities. Double Eth is a decentralized application with a difference, and it is not in any way like your usual DAPP, as it comes with amazing benefits. One of the major benefits stems from the fact that a Smart Contract has been created that will facilitate the safe increment of your ETH by 150%, hence, by implementing Smart Contracts, it will eliminate the chances of anyone trying to manipulate, fix, or cheat the system. Double ETH comes at a time when the crypto market is bubbly with various ICOs promising one benefit or the other, and while some of them are not usually up to the task, however, in the case of Double ETH, they have all the necessary systems in place to ensure that processes are seamless on the platform. How it Works Smart Contracts have been created to ensure profitability every time an individual plays, as earlier stated, the Smart Contract is one that cannot be modified even by the creators of the platform, thus encouraging fair play for players. Let us assume we have two players: player 1 and player 2. When player one sends 1 ETH to the Smart Contract, then waits for player two who also sends 1 ETH to the Smart Contract. At this point there are 2 ETH in balance, which will be enough to pay the player by multiplying the deposit by 1.5, hence, player 1 gets 1.5 ETH, then player 2 becomes player 1 and waits for another player to join the game, and when he or she sends ETH to the Smart Contract, if it’s enough to pay the new player one he/she gets paid, then they get paid. how to play 1. Send ETH to the Smart contract address 0x9D1cBF4eF833340120e721E5028C326Ec1066c7e 2. Waiting for your queue. 3. Wait for ETH * 150% profit and DET to return to your ether account. It is, however, important to note the following: · The minimum amount of ETH that can be sent is 0.5 ETH · The maximum that can be sent is 3 ETH · There are penalties for sending less than the minimum and more than the maximum · Low gas translates to a failed transfer · If your ether account has some issues, there is the likelihood of the account getting pulled off from the player 1 status. · In 1 day, the system will randomly restart the Smart Contract once to eliminate the queue too. There will be a total of 35 queues that will not receive ETH but will receive a token.Which is: Your deposit * 200 DET · Ether account 0x0 not available. The platform decentralized app will also function with the aid of the Double Ether Token (DET), as business tokens that will increase profitability for every player, and also facilitate lower costs of transactions. Every player on the platform will gain from the platform’s profitability. Token Information Name: Double Ether Symbol: DET Decimals: 18 Contract: 0x9D1cBF4eF833340120e721E5028C326Ec1066c7e Protocol : Ethereum, ERC20 Total Supply : 100,000,000 DET 1 DET = $1 US Dollar during open sale Token Distribution: 50,000,000 DET will get distributed to the platform’s users on older systems. 30,000,000 DET will be used for the development of a new system, and also for investments. 10,000,000 DET will be set aside for the development team. 10,000,000DET will get distributed to users who may have to migrate from an old system to a new system. Useful Links: Website: www.deteth.com Facebook: facebook.com/detethx Twitter: twitter.com/deteth1 Instagram instagram.com/doubleeth/
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