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  1. RESULTS OF THE “IB CONTEST” FOR APRIL-MAY Dear Partners, We are pleased to announce the results of the “IB Contest”! The intrigue and the results are growing every month! 255707 Malaysia – $750 withdrawable cash 261949 Singapore – $500 withdrawable cash 260817 Singapore – $400 withdrawable cash 259817 Malaysia – $250 withdrawable cash 261004 Malaysia – $100 withdrawable cash Congratulations and regret further success!
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  8. USD/JPY: technical analysis 04.02.2019 Current trend On the 4-hour chart, the USD/JPY is growing along the upper line of the Bollinger Bands. The lack of long-term corrections reflects the strength of the current trend. At the moment the price has met the resistance at the level of 109.76 (Murray [6/8]). The breakout of this level will let the price to grow to the area of 109.96 (Murray [7/8])-110.15 (Murray [8/8]), where is a chance of a downward rebound, while its breakout would allow the growth to continue. Technical indicators reflect the maintenance of the upward dynamics. Bollinger Bands are diverging, reflecting the active development of the current trend. The volumes of MACD histogram are growing in the positive zone. Stochastics' lines are pointed upwards. Support and resistance Support levels: 109.57, 109.37, 109.18, 108.98. Resistance levels: 109.76, 109.96, 110.15, 110.35 Trading recommendations Long positions can be opened above the level of 109.76 with the target at around 109.96-110.35 and stop-loss 109.60. Short positions can be opened below the level of 109.57 with the target at around 109.37-108.98 and stop-loss 109.75 #news #forex #trading #currency #analytics #usdjpy #technical_analysis
  9. GBP/USD: technical analysis 04.02.2019 Current trend On 4-hour chart, GBP/USD pair is consolidating around the area of 1.3061 level. Technical indicators mostly keep a sideway signal. Bollinger Bands and Stochastic’s lines are pointed sideways. MACD volumes are in the negative zone and are moving along the zero line. A significant decrease is possible after the breakout of the level 1.3044. In this case the downward movement can develop to the levels of 1.3000 (Murray [5/8]), 1.2939 (Murray [4/8])- strong support level. There is a high probability of a course reversal from the level of 1.2939. The upward trend will be restored after the price is set above the level of 1.3183, which is the strong resistance level. In this case, the next targets of " bulls" will be the level of 1.3244 (Murray [+1/8])- 1.3305 (Murray [+2/8]). Support and resistance Support levels: 1.3061, 1.3000, 1.2939, 1.2878. Resistance levels: 1.3122, 1.3183, 1.3244, 1.3305. Trading recommendations Short positions can be opened below the level of 1.3044 with the target at around 1.3000-1.2939 and stop-loss 1.3075. Long positions can be opened above the level of 1.3183 with the target at around 1.3244-1.3305 and stop-loss 1.3150.
  10. EUR/USD: technical analysis 04.02.2019Current trendOn 4-hour chart, EUR/USD price is trading below the middle line of Bollinger Bandsand is testing the support level of 1.1444 (Murray [7/8]). The downward trend maintains, which the technical indicators confirm. MACD volumes are decreasing in the positive zone.Stochastics' lines are pointed downwards and are reaching the oversold area. Bollinger Bands are slightly leaned downwards, reflecting the moderate developing of the downward trend.The breakout and consolidation of the price below the level of 1.1444 will let EUR/USD reach the level of 1.1413 (Murray [6/8])-1.1383 (Murray [5/8]).If the price is set above the level of 1.1474 (Murray [8/8]), the upward trend can restore.In this case the next targets of buyers will be the levels of 1.1505 (Murray [+1/8])- 1.1535 (Murray [+2/8]). Support and resistanceSupport levels: 1.1444, 1.1413, 1.1383.Resistance levels: 1.1474, 1.1505, 1.1535.Trading recommendationsShort positions can be opened below the level of 1.1444 with the target at around 1.1413 - 1.1383 and stop-loss 1.1460.Long positions can be opened above the level of 1.1474 with the target at around 1.1505-1.1535 and stop-loss 1.1450.#news #forex #trading #currency #analytics #eurusd #technical_analysis
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  15. Promotions continue! Dear Clients and Partners, At your request, promotions: IB Contest, Traders Promotion and iPhone XS for Lots have been extended until January 31st. In this regard, each of you still have the opportunity to get a valuable prize or win a super prize of one of the contests! We wish you good luck! Sincerely, Atirox Team #news #forex #trading #promo #currency
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