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  1. What app can flip/mirror a video?
  2. Samuel

    I have taken some Japanese supplements https://bio-japan.net/supplements/ for a couple of months and should say it really works. Japanese are very wise as far as health issues are concerned. I have lost my pounds easily without any side effects.
  3. What you have to understand is that there are plenty of people and companies out there who have cash and are busting to lend it to someone, they work on a risk/ interest ratio, if you have great credit history they will lend to you for let's say 5% if not perfect credit history then 8% if poor credit history then 12%, poor history means 18% and very poor history means 20+ on top of that you have the rip off merchants / payday lenders who try to lend at +100% (and well over it), so depending on your history and where, what and when you need to borrow for the vast majority it's a simple matter of walking around all the banks, building societies and credit unions to get the best interest rate for the category you fall in, good luck and please be careful borrowing
  4. You’re going to have to supply more information than this if you expect a realistic answer.
  5. My son is 9 so a little young to worry about this, but the rule is that I have the right to look through his phone, tablet, computer, etc at any time for any reason. It doesn’t mean I will exert that right very often, or I might do it weekly. It will depend to a large extent on him. My house, my rules. That sounds harsh, but I’m the parent. If he gets into questionable actions online, I need to know. If he’s made friends with someone online who is asking him to do things he wouldn’t normally do and shouldn’t do, I definitely need to know. If he’s getting cyber-bullied, I need to know. If he’s trying to look at porn, I should at least try to slow him down on that until he’s older. He has a friend who’s already gotten in trouble for that at age 9, and it’s so pervasive and available that you can find it by accident while doing an innocent Google search. His parents discovered it by looking at his internet history. With texting, I’m more interested to see who he’s texting, and if I know them rather than read the small-talk. Online can be a dangerous world, so yes, I reserve the option to go through his stuff whenever I deem needed. I’m a parent and it’s my responsibility.