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  1. Lack of communication. I constantly tell groups that they need to tell everyone when they find/use/haven’t used an item, but you still get people who will find something and not tell anyone. We have a multi-room game where when they open a door to a new room, customers will take the boxes they find out of that room and into the first room they were in and try to solve them. The boxes found in the room are meant to be solved with things in that room. Overthinking. Sometimes the correct answer is the most obvious. It doesn’t hurt to try it. Refusing help. If 30 minutes have gone by, you haven’t done anything in the room and you’re completely stuck, but refuse help….. It’s hard to watch because I feel bad. Not allowing others to try. Sometimes it takes more than one person to try it out.
  2. Samuel

    If you’re looking for a more map-focused solution (like only finding part-time work near you, instead of halfway across Kuala Lumpur) , you can try this app called Eyewil. It’s the only app I know that pings you jobs around 5–10km (not sure the radius on the map). Check it out.
  3. Samuel

    Better ecosystem for creators - I looked at sample code for BTC and ETH and was blown away how much easier it is to write code for ETH than BTC. I have not fact checked this, but I’ve heard this has resulted in far more apps created in the short amount of time ETH has been around then BTC.
  4. Where can I get personal loans?
  5. Samuel

    I have the same time limit form the start but I have already a stable income. You see, for a couple of months I went form one broker to the other and all of them wanted only my money. Then I read about some trusted ones that accepting US traders as clients from the list https://fx-list.com/brokers-for-us-traders It happen to be that if you deal with some trusted regulated brokers with a good reviews and fit back you can earn actual money from the very beginning. So, I am still with a couple from the list and do not want to stop.
  6. Have you decided already upon the material? There a huge variety of brands but it is better to read reviews first. I recommend to look through the most popular brands here https://furnishingsmaster.com/best-outdoor-lounge-chairs-review/ to be sure you know what you really want. Good luck
  7. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) seem to be the best variant if you are looking for some exotics. . Located in the east of Puerto Rico tranquil waters of BVI is the ultimate destination for first time and returning charterers providing exceptional sailing conditions. You can choose BVI boat rentals https://12knots.com/en/yacht-charter/destinations/caribbean/bvi/ that offers vast choice of yacht charter in BVI to fit your budget and type of yacht. I was impressed greatly and plan to sail one more time with my DW. Happy honeymoon!
  8. Samuel

    The body needs to get rid of viral infection for nearly a week the resulting runny nose, so preferably alleviate the symptoms of gonorrhea and not completely stop it, until the body gets rid of the whole virus, and the infection does not come back again after a short time. 1. Take hot citrus to drink more than once during the day by cutting any kind of citrus without peeling and then boiled it and then drink it with the addition of sugar by desire. 2. Eat a spoonful of honey in the morning. 3. Drink herb tea of all kinds like (Chamomile) to moisturize dry throat as a result of breathing from the mouth In the case of nasal congestion . 4. If there is a pain take analgesics and antipyretics to reduce it. 5. Take an antihistamines to relieve the irritation of the mucous membranes. 6. Use tissue paper to dry nose and discard it after the use. 7. Wash your hands several times to avoid cross-infection to other people. 8. Put olive oil on your nose before sleeping.
  9. Is Litecoin worth it for a long-term investment?
  10. Samuel

    The most important is to have a good plan actually. You see, when I helped my cousin to prepare her wedding day, we made a good plan using this planner https://www.weddingforward.com/how-to-plan-a-wedding/ It helped a lot and brought some new ideas even, So, be prepared, organized and attentive to details.
  11. What app can flip/mirror a video?
  12. Samuel

    I have taken some Japanese supplements https://bio-japan.net/supplements/ for a couple of months and should say it really works. Japanese are very wise as far as health issues are concerned. I have lost my pounds easily without any side effects.
  13. What you have to understand is that there are plenty of people and companies out there who have cash and are busting to lend it to someone, they work on a risk/ interest ratio, if you have great credit history they will lend to you for let's say 5% if not perfect credit history then 8% if poor credit history then 12%, poor history means 18% and very poor history means 20+ on top of that you have the rip off merchants / payday lenders who try to lend at +100% (and well over it), so depending on your history and where, what and when you need to borrow for the vast majority it's a simple matter of walking around all the banks, building societies and credit unions to get the best interest rate for the category you fall in, good luck and please be careful borrowing
  14. You’re going to have to supply more information than this if you expect a realistic answer.
  15. My son is 9 so a little young to worry about this, but the rule is that I have the right to look through his phone, tablet, computer, etc at any time for any reason. It doesn’t mean I will exert that right very often, or I might do it weekly. It will depend to a large extent on him. My house, my rules. That sounds harsh, but I’m the parent. If he gets into questionable actions online, I need to know. If he’s made friends with someone online who is asking him to do things he wouldn’t normally do and shouldn’t do, I definitely need to know. If he’s getting cyber-bullied, I need to know. If he’s trying to look at porn, I should at least try to slow him down on that until he’s older. He has a friend who’s already gotten in trouble for that at age 9, and it’s so pervasive and available that you can find it by accident while doing an innocent Google search. His parents discovered it by looking at his internet history. With texting, I’m more interested to see who he’s texting, and if I know them rather than read the small-talk. Online can be a dangerous world, so yes, I reserve the option to go through his stuff whenever I deem needed. I’m a parent and it’s my responsibility.
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