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  1. hey for crypto updates are you using any kind of tools guys? I have been using this one crypto links. I get all of the news and updates from one place. I don't need visit some other sites every day.
  2. Kanjilal

    Happy New Year 2019. Hope new year will bring lots of happiness and prosperity.
  3. Kanjilal

    What did you try in the past? There is a simple rule I always follow. Get up early in the morning. Walk at least 2 hours and work hard until sweating.
  4. Hey mate, I read your article right now. Looks like a good one. I think every people suffer from the depression or mental anxiety, me too. And there no medical treatment as far as I know. You can't get rid of yourself from depression but control is possible. There is a natural supplement called Kratom. I have heard about this one. This is much more effective for the people who is suffering from mental depression, anxiety and chronic pain. Recently I have tried this one for my mother who is suffering from depression over 6 months. I did medical treatment for her but nothing worked well for her. While I started using Kratom Powder. Then I see lots of progress and now she is totally fit. So I would like to suggest Kratom to everyone who have depression, anxiety or chronic pain.
  5. I am little bit interested about this pay day loan. Will check it out for sure. LOL!
  6. Kanjilal


    Yeah, I know a little bit about Forex. Lots of people are doing this as a career. I am also interested to learn about Forex.
  7. Hello experts, Good day to all! Newbie is looking for some kind of help. I found this forum while searching on google and joined here. I have heard a lot about making money online. So looking for some good tips and ideas about how to do that? Please let me know some legitimate methods. Thanks!
  8. Kanjilal

    How is everyone doing with Forex? I would like to know about this. Because I have great interest in investing some of my money in Forex. Thanks!
  9. Kanjilal

    Yeah obviously. Without knowing a proper guideline you can't gain success. So before doing any business everyone should know.
  10. Kanjilal


    Glad to see you here. I visit your signature link. Looks like a good one. Carry on!
  11. Kanjilal

    I'm also a newbie here. Glad to see you here. LOL!
  12. Kanjilal

    Money making niche no problem. I like this platform a lot. Thank you!
  13. Kanjilal

    Are those directory free or paid? And how much it takes to review the submission?
  14. Ranking a website not only depends on off or on page I think. You should every steps neat and cleanly like- mate tag, description, keywords selection, h1 tag, high quality. Besides SEO friendly website design is also important for website ranking.
  15. Kanjilal

    Yeah, sure. Really a interesting website. I also love this one and joined.
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