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  1. Alex Fedorov

    Instant Amount: 0.00148437 BTC Transaction ID: a6e4e59da474ad5eedc520b102c7c7593a2e83607b32b4b18c77f44bdcad8743 Date and time: 2019-08-05 06:12:04
  2. Alex Fedorov

    Instant Amount: 0.00158854 BTC Transaction ID: c0372f0b3f2bcaf62216bf40d0531f6346cb1fcc2f1f5f327f07033f4b61ea74 Date and time: 2019-08-02 21:17:34
  3. Alex Fedorov

    Instant: Amount: 0.00161458 BTC Transaction ID: e325aac1e98b4caeebb0d1f6bd0a2b5f2ad82c59cd7c415259bed53dfb5908b2 Date and time: 2019-07-31 08:01:28
  4. Alex Fedorov

    instant Amount: 0.0013281250000000185 BTC Transaction ID: 149ad282eca41754d5d8273f19c1c678bf3f588994d7f17e8554acb35c1e4bdc
  5. Alex Fedorov

    The deposit has completed its work and received a profit of +20% 😄 Instant payment of interest: Amount: 0.002338541666666452 BTC Transaction ID: 9d315a18228a566b70e72c8e2ebb24e55b3e3e8df445eb333c4cad67ebfcbfa9 Date and time: 2019-07-26 05:30:00 Made a second deposit: Amount: 0,01 BTC Transaction ID: 1ac0e20add573a8e69c8460a785c204ad3f4610c8d4fc800a24a03b3234becbd Date and time: 2019-07-26 05:31:00
  6. Alex Fedorov

    The project launched a bounty program with very tasty bonuses not only for active players with a deposit, but also for those who are still “eyeing” and have no deposit. Bounty is very extensive and involves payments for video and text reviews, posting in social networks, posting reviews on Internet sites and bonuses for referral activity. If you are interested, go to the bounty section of the office and choose what your heart desires. P.S. I already is accruing a profit on the deposit, waiting for when he will work to go to the second round http://prntscr.com/ojpayx
  7. Alex Fedorov

    instant Amount: 0.00151 BTC Transaction ID: 9da36aa569110bce1959deb170e02ecb027de1f729d31a9332 9b051d96f95152
  8. Alex Fedorov

    Instant Amount: 0.00122395 BTC Transaction ID: ba185acea4c489eda6a6b70af12a23cd49fb8528dcf498c85db5f8646ba69153 Date and time: 2019-07-19 20:57:22
  9. Alex Fedorov

    Instant payment Amount: 0.00143229 BTC Transaction ID: 9b079722c26a85cba53c5930804692ef1402df2910a803154228a1a5446409a7 Date and time: 2019-07-17 21:12:57
  10. Alex Fedorov

    Wild Instant 🙂 Amount: 0.00148437 BTC Transaction ID: 1ce9487a4262f5341e173a25cfabc343aae313803ac7c191b9e906cb47cb915e Wild Instant 🙂 Amount: 0.00148437 BTC Transaction ID: 1ce9487a4262f5341e173a25cfabc343aae313803ac7c191b9e906cb47cb915e
  11. Alex Fedorov

    Instant payment to Bitcoin 0.001224 BTC https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/7948c1b63b914679a5b61ce6370a6965e33cf0ce81e4b7954011450e1201bc33
  12. Alex Fedorov

    Instant withdrawal 🙂 Amount: 0.0013 BTC Transaction ID: c4a783cbcf050588c14ed4c09d6294200eac64369bd49b1d279c7833fceb358
  13. Alex Fedorov

    Instant withdraw btc: 0.00091 BTC Transaction ID: 3d0382807afb6dbac3a17ee309b20e4da40fad58272b2abecffeefb6759e5116
  14. Alex Fedorov

    Instant withdrawal Amount: 0.0021 BTCTransaction ID: a6a47ad1e1879c425eb844545b9df5c8eb4fb78ad88c877e0c8697b7573081e5
  15. Alex Fedorov

    Hello to all forum users and guests. Decided to take part in the new project. I am not the admin or creator of this project, the topic was created for review and is not an appeal to invest something somewhere, everyone decides for himself. Start Date: 07/06/2019 Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum Plans: 1. LITE REST Up to 0.4% EACH HOUR for 20 DAYS (you start with income is 6% per day in the first depo and then for each depo the percentage increases up to 10% per day) 2. WILD REST Up to 280% after 20 days Minimum deposit: Bitcoin - 0.0017 BTC, Ethereum - 0.067 ETH Minimum withdrawal: Bitcoin - 0.0008 BTC, for Ethereum - 0.033 ETH Payment type: instant Affiliate Program: Up to 15%. It starts from 5% and will increase to 15% as the structure grows. (to all my referrals i'm set auto refback 100%) $1 sign-up BONUS! $1 to each registered player on the balance! >>> VIEW THE PROJECT CAN BE CLICKED HERE <<< My deposit 0.01 Bitcoin, transaction number: 4664fa0be444d7721d7aa8f7ec97ca60cfc07f1e612e4de3f1808d2cdd32c8a6
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