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  1. Hi! here are a few tips to promote your new site: OnPage Seo *Use less competitive longtail keywords *Use Meta descriptions *Use Alt descriptions on your images *Make your website design attractive for user eyes *Use H1 and H2 headlines *Create a blog *Create a NewsLetter *Invite your users to subscribe *Reduce your loading time by using light images OffPage Seo *Use Social media *Share your blogposts and news there *Boost your social media with some followers to make it more credible. You can use IGetFamous for this *Send DM to new potential users on social media *Join discussions on forums and leave quality content and include your link *Make a guestpost on sites with high domain authority.
  2. Hi! If you want to increase your views on youtube here are some recomendations: *Make a Keyword research to choose your headlines *Make Incredible Headlines *Make great featured images of your videos, if possible *Post your videos on social media, a lot, without being spammy *Post your video on whatsapp status and share it there too. *Post your videos on forums that are related to your content *Use tags *Make the video description SEO friendly. *Boost your credibility by getting some subscribers, likes and views. You can use (IGetFamous for this) *Make your headlines different of other videos.
  3. If you want to make extra cash with social media you should try using Followiz. Here's an explination about SMM panels and how they work. Infographic
  4. I just expect to make enough money to stop worrying about it anymore.
  5. I found a way to make a passive income with SMM panels. It is about selling social media services and works fine. I use Followiz . They have a good system support and their prices are really cheap.
  6. Hi everyone! 🙂 I was looking for an explanation on the forum about what was an SMM panel but didn't found anything. I have this infographic that explain about how to make money with them. Take a look. It is from followiz
  7. I'm interested in making money with smm panels and social media in general.
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