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  1. Investing seems really good if you know your basics. You should never go into the stock market without having enough knowledge of what you are dealing with. There are brokerage firms that you can go to. These brokerage firms have stock brokers that help you out with the tradings while advising you about the risks involved and how you can increase your profit. There are also numerous options to invest in the stock market which can suit your choices. I'll ask you to note all the different options available in SK and refer to a good stock brokerage. Stock market is a volatile investment asset. Before you start investing in stock market, it is important to know what is share market, what are your financial goals, and accordingly you should invest your money. Otherwise, there are chances that you may incur losses. Wish you all the best and happy trading.
  2. The criteria to avail the personal loan is different for respective banks. At times, the criteria are too complex and the process is too lengthy. I was going through a cash crunch last year and needed instant money to renovate my office in Hyderabad. Therefore, rather than availing a personal loan from the bank, I decided to go ahead with an online website or app to fasten the process. That is when I came across a website called Upwards which provides an personal loan in Hyderabad. You can go to the website and fill in your personal details in the eligibility section. You can also select the loan amount and tenure, Upwards provides personal loan only up to INR 2 lakhs. You can submit the required documents in the KYC and Document Upload Section. There is no application fee to apply for a loan and the whole process took me approximately half an hour. Within 48 hours, I got a message that my loan application has been approved.
  3. Is it easy to start this business? This guide is about making a shirt, what would be the minimal cost of manufacturing?
  4. I used to consult a broker for all my tradings when I was a novice investor. But slowly I started reading up and learning about how the market works. Also, I stopped investing directly in stocks and only kept investing in mutual funds. So now I am using this app called Groww which helps me in directly invest in the mutual funds of my choice eliminating the broker. I am really happy with the direct investment plan and feel like I should have done it sooner. Right now I am spending less just by taking in inputs from the web and looking at statistics of which mf is earning good and their past record. I have started investing in reliance mf because it has been performing really well for the past couple of years just by looking it up online.
  5. I really wish someone would explain Blockchain technology. Since cryptocurrency and bitcoin blew up, I have been trying to get a hang of it. I do understand these concepts now but blockchain technology is a tough one. I have tried my best to understand and I do get some of it. I read this article that said blockchain technology would eliminate the middle-men and therefore, no extra fees like a transactional fee would be charged for buying something. I found this really interesting! Though I haven’t grasped the whole concept, yet but knowing about its usage and properties really makes me want to understand it more. I mean the whole blockchain technology market size is predicted to grow to 23.3 billion in 2023! And to be honest, this technology is banned in so many countries and is not even in use. Isn’t that weird if the technology is said to be so unique? I am really not sure if blockchain is safe but it really does have some advantages. I am hoping that someone will explain this by simplifying the concept.
  6. Well, this is something which will require to keep eye on 24hr. because keeping the track of everything requires lot time and notes.
  7. Gold is considered to be very auspicious in Indian culture. Gold is exchanged during the wedding and gold ornaments are a symbol of the family's pride. Gold is also a very good investment asset. One of the important reason to invest in gold is it is easy to liquidate. Whenever you are facing a financial crisis, you can sell off your gold and earn money to make your ends meet. The gold coin price remains unaffected during the inflation period. There is no risk involved in buying gold when compared to investing in stock markets or real estate. However, gold coins are a long form of investment. You cannot buy them and expect a continuous source of income. You can buy them and liquidate once. Gold is also considered to be a diversifying investment. It can be a useful asset during your retirement or when you are having a tough time in life. Buying gold coins is a way of investing in gold. The best time to buy gold coins is when the price is low. You can buy gold when it is inexpensive and sell it when the market value elevates so that you can make a handsome profit.
  8. True. Also, it's very dynamic and customers could be updated about the real-time availability of products. Thereby saving time. Also, due to images, it's easier to decide what to buy and what not to.
  9. That was a good addition! I did know about Dropshipping, though this added more insights regarding marketing techniques
  10. Totally agree with this statement. Also, I will highly recommend everyone to practise mindfulness using Meditation/ Yoga or any sort of such activity which rests your mind and makes you stress free. If you are able to approach problems with calmer and peaceful mind, half your problem is solved as you are thinking tension-free and having a clear mindset of solving the problem at your hand. This level of structured approach can only be possible if you have a focused mind. So highly recommend everyone to practise mindfulness in order to achieve success.
  11. Before applying for any loan, you must keep a checklist of a few important things to avoid any problems during and after the loan approval takes place. 1. Credit score: This determines your ability to pay back your debt to the bank. Having a bad credit history shows a low credit score. This increases the chances of a loan getting disapproved. A good credit score is a must for getting a loan. 2. Thorough research: You must conduct thorough research to compare loans from different banks to find the most suitable one for you. You must look for good interest rates, less processing time, bank transparency etc. For home loans, you must check the loan against property for your required property. 3. Repayment capacity: Before applying for a loan, you should know your repayment capacity. If it matches with what the bank's asking for, then that is an ideal loan option. Not being able to repay the loan on time will negatively affect your credit score. Apart from the above checklist, you must have the required documents commonly required for a loan application.
  12. As Bitcoin is a currency as well as a payment of method, you can pay with Bitcoin. Bitcoin was established in 2008 and the popularity and the prices have been soaring since then. 2018 was the year when we saw its downfall. Due to Bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrencies coming up, too, like Ehereum, Litecoin, etc. Cryptocurrencies are very beneficial and can give huge profits if invested in smartly. Dut to their limited number, it will lead to an increase in the demand due to its rarity. There is also growth in the Gold and Silver trade which involves exchanging cryptocurrency for physical gold and silver. I have tried investing in cryptocurrency but I couldn't deal with how volatile the market was. I have been investing in the Stock market for years on which is no trouble as I had a stock broker to handle my tradings. Investing in bitcoins does a fair idea of the workings of it and when to pull out. I hope I have helped you out.
  13. Thanks for such a good and well-informed article! I have been trading for a while now and everything is going pretty well. Trading is easier if you gain knowledge and try understanding the basics. I see a lot of people going into trading because their friend told them some good strategy or something of that sort. https://topgoldforum.com/topic/321439-how-trading-the-daily-charts-will-improve-your-trading-results/
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