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    Before applying for any loan, you must keep a checklist of a few important things to avoid any problems during and after the loan approval takes place. 1. Credit score: This determines your ability to pay back your debt to the bank. Having a bad credit history shows a low credit score. This increases the chances of a loan getting disapproved. A good credit score is a must for getting a loan. 2. Thorough research: You must conduct thorough research to compare loans from different banks to find the most suitable one for you. You must look for good interest rates, less processing time, bank transparency etc. For home loans, you must check the loan against property for your required property. 3. Repayment capacity: Before applying for a loan, you should know your repayment capacity. If it matches with what the bank's asking for, then that is an ideal loan option. Not being able to repay the loan on time will negatively affect your credit score. Apart from the above checklist, you must have the required documents commonly required for a loan application.
  2. ethanscott01

    As Bitcoin is a currency as well as a payment of method, you can pay with Bitcoin. Bitcoin was established in 2008 and the popularity and the prices have been soaring since then. 2018 was the year when we saw its downfall. Due to Bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrencies coming up, too, like Ehereum, Litecoin, etc. Cryptocurrencies are very beneficial and can give huge profits if invested in smartly. Dut to their limited number, it will lead to an increase in the demand due to its rarity. There is also growth in the Gold and Silver trade which involves exchanging cryptocurrency for physical gold and silver. I have tried investing in cryptocurrency but I couldn't deal with how volatile the market was. I have been investing in the Stock market for years on which is no trouble as I had a stock broker to handle my tradings. Investing in bitcoins does a fair idea of the workings of it and when to pull out. I hope I have helped you out.
  3. This seems alright! Thanks, mate
  4. Thanks for such a good and well-informed article! I have been trading for a while now and everything is going pretty well. Trading is easier if you gain knowledge and try understanding the basics. I see a lot of people going into trading because their friend told them some good strategy or something of that sort. https://topgoldforum.com/topic/321439-how-trading-the-daily-charts-will-improve-your-trading-results/
  5. I had never thought or heard of this! Thanks! My sister is into blogging. I'll let her know
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    I am a Financial analyst and I was looking for some forum with threads related to finance. When I was scrolling through I found topgold forum. I wanted to learn new things, interact with people and the most important thing was getting ton know what people really think about a certain question and topic
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    I think the best way is to plan in advance how you are going to proceed to invest your hard-earned money. Research thoroughly on the schemes that you are planning on investing to avoid potential losses. Also, if you are planning to make money by investing in the stock market, make sure that you take the help of stockbrokers to guide you in the right direction. There is always a bit of risk involved when you do Forex trading. I suggest that if you are continuously experiencing losses, you take a break from trading for a while and introspect on where you are going wrong. If nothing works, you can always take the help of experts.