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  1. shokoman

    I think that if you do not know how, then you do not know what to write. Then I have a question for you, why do you even need a blog?
  2. shokoman

    thanks! But still, I prefer to choose my own route, so I feel much freer and more comfortable. I have previously rented my Ferrari 488 https://renty.ae/brands/ferrari ( by the way, for a very reasonable price ) , and plan to explore the city and stay only tamu where I really want to.
  3. I can also advise you to pay attention to free alternatives to Photoshop, which will help you save your money. Personally, my opinion, as many think, is that the best alternative at the moment is GIMP.
  4. shokoman

    I agree with you, renting a car online is much better and more convenient. I have been renting a car at Avis Denver airport online for several years , because I often fly there for work. It's great, no queues, chose, paid online and the car is already waiting for you to arrive.
  5. The fastest will be to buy Instagram followers , it's pretty quick and effective, but the option with organic followers, good content is still safer.
  6. shokoman

    Guys, does anyone have any experience in the design of crypto sites? I was advised this site https://gapsystudio.com/service/web-design/ . I looked at their portfolio, and in principle impressed by what I saw. And ,what do you think it makes sense to immediately make a mobile application or it is not very important?
  7. I think it will be useful for you, but more specifically you can tell by learning the theme and focus of your blog. Personally , I use maps to infographic visits to my blog by state, it is very clearly shows the statistics. If you sell a product, you can use it for other purposes, to clarify the delivery or something like that. There are many application options. If you have a desire to learn more information, I recommend to visit www.fla-shop.com . there you will find more, and you can also ask a question online on the site
  8. shokoman

    Why don’t you consider Tata Tiago as an alternative? It is more practical and functional.
  9. shokoman

    Depends on which way you want to go. You can try in a natural way, improving your content, to find something to interest your audience, to get feedback from them. Or option with the purchase of subscribers through the service. This way is faster and more efficient, but in any case, even after buying subscribers, you should improve your channel for further attraction. I did so when I increased the number of page views on instagram using https://instafollowfast.com/ . It is quite effective and inexpensive.
  10. shokoman

    Hi all! I recently bought a new SUV, the Tata Nexon. Perhaps someone does not even know what kind of car it is, but I am very happy with the purchase, especially for its price. Feels great on the road, spacious, accelerates quickly. And also, it is quite cheap to maintain
  11. I have own business 5 yers and tryied never to take credits . But now I thinking about over buisness expansion but it cost a lot ... I found information about credit history banks that don't use chexsystems. What do you think about this? Is it possible to take a credit without credit history?!
  12. shokoman

    Hi all, I am a shokoman!!!!!!!1 I am a new here!
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