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  1. Vergil

    Excessive self-confidence of course does not always work in our favor, since sometimes it is difficult for a confident person to give up his actions that drive him to a standstill
  2. Vergil

    Crypto-trading can only become easier when a trader gains experience and trades based on his own conclusions by analyzing the market and predicting the situation.
  3. you need to invest wisely and in projects that are 100% profitable for you. In this project, not only can you not win anything, but also remain without your own money
  4. Vergil

    To be honest it's hard to believe considering this kind of company, but I will not draw conclusions without trying, if you already tried, do you have any proof that you tried and it worked?
  5. I am not so long in this field, and as a person who is not much advanced in this, can you give me some hints. In your opinion which of these 5 ways is the most reliable and more profitable, please tell me)
  6. Vergil

    Great company, I liked everything and I'm gonna try. Please tell me what the free version of the site includes, and what are the advantages of the paid version of the site?)
  7. Vergil

    Hello! Please tell me how long are you cooperating with this company, and is there any evidence of your profit right here, and it looks beautiful, but how does it turn out in practice)
  8. Vergil

    Now I want to do trading and I wonder, please tell me where and how to find a reliable broker so I don't expect to be a substitute, maybe someone has already worked and there are some options, tell me)
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