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  1. mastaria

    Why do you want a hormone therapy anyway? If you want it do for bodybuilding, just dont. It is soooo unhealthy for you and you signicantly lower your life expectancy with testo therapies. Just be patient and do your workouts, this will be much better for you. Also check https://newmind.com regularly, as they list all the new supplements which are still being researched. Some of them might be released some day, and then you can actually take some safe supplements.
  2. Dont do testosterone, just dont. It is very harmful to be fair. You should rather try a natural supplement such as https://liftmode.com/mood-lifting/rhodiola-rosea.html if you want to stay healthy and natural all the way. Testo is something your body is natural producing, so by articifially adminstering it to yourself you imbalance your natural bodies balance.
  3. mastaria

    Hi Christina, one of my hobbys are nootropics, too! However modaifnil is nothing for me. I tried a few times, but wasnt happy with the effects. At the moment im waiting for new supplements to be realeased. I am checking https://newmind.com/gabaergics.html nearly every day and hope some of those nice-sounding substances will get realeased any time soon!
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