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  1. MegaPu.sh

    The most popular and the biggest advertising network Megapu.sh is starting a poker tournament for the affiliate marketing community all over the world. The Prize budget is 100 000$ (On your Megapu.sh account). Everyone who wishes to participate in the tournament is free to apply. In order to participate, you should: Apply here: https://megapu.sh/poker/ Add 100$ balance on Megapu.sh in July 2019! Participate in the tournament on 25 July 2019 and become one of the 20 winners! More detailed information on the poker tournament is available here: https: //megapu. sh/poker/
  2. MegaPu.sh

    MegaPu.sh cares about the quality of the traffic it provides and works on its improvement every single day. From now on we will be blocking the source ids with low-quality or suspicious traffic ourselves. Based on the data provided by our internal arbitrage department, we are totally blocking the sources with ROI lower than -80%. The process is personally controlled by the CEO of Megapush - Lev Artishchev
  3. MegaPu.sh

    MegaPu.sh is the first advertising network which allows you to deliver an advertisement to the users through Push Notifications. The platform makes it possible to send notifications to both desktop and mobile devices. Push notifications are a great way to remind existing customers about your product or services. Being formed in 2018 Megapu.sh managed to become a leader in the market due to its high-quality traffic. The majority of users are male (80%) and you will find out that nearly half of them are among 35-54 year age range. With such interests as business and software, this key demographic can be ripe for affiliate marketing opportunities. Strong points: Traffic from all countries Detailed settings of the target (OS/platform/country/browser/ISP) The system works according to the CPC model The minimum price is 0.001 $ per click Full tracker (no need to use third-party trackers) Support 24/7 Moderation 24/7 Daily free cases Simple and intuitive interface Referral program (3%) More than 12 million clicks per day Push notifications are also a great way to remind existing customers about your product or services. The platform has a convenient filter system, for example, you can choose OS, GEO, device, time of start and stop of campaigns, and many other filters too. What verticals you can advertise: •Dating •Gambling •Products •Sweepstakes •Binary Options •News Creating a new campaign within MegaPu.sh consists of just a single page. You have to enter basic information; campaign name and target link, as well as upload the image, set your target country, enter your CPC bid and so forth. Megapu.sh gives you far more control over your ad campaigns than most other networks. If you use your push notification ads properly, you can see an insane ROI that you may never have thought possible. If you want to join Megapush just register here, add funds to your account starting from 100$ and start creating campaigns!
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