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  1. Weentar WEENTAR PRESALE IS NOW LIVE!!! At Weentar are reimagining social media through the power of the blockchain. We are creating social media 3.0 with influencers, celebrities and creators being able to launch their own digital currency by simply creating a profile with media content posted as Non fungible Tokens that can be owned and traded on the Weentar network. - Visible team with experience. - Audit smart contract by solidity finance. - Good use case and Tokenomics. - Community driven Visit our website https://weentar.com t
  2. JUNCACASH CRYPTO AND FINTECH SERVICES TO ENABLE PAYMENT AND EXCHANGES FOR THE PHILIPPINES JUNCACASH CRYPTO AND FINTECH SERVICES TO ENABLE PAYMENT AND EXCHANGES FOR THE PHILIPPINES Junca Group Company, a beauty and finance market leader. The Junca Cash Token is a unit price exchange in the Junca Cash blockchain software. #JuncaCash Junca Group Company, a beauty and finance market leader. The Junca Cash Token is a unit price exchange in the Junca Cash blockchain software. The token is solely used for Junca Group members and fans to join the Junca Cash plat
  3. cryptoglobalreport cryptoglobalreport.com is one of the most reputed crypto news aggregation platforms available in the world today. It is designed to cover a wide array of information related to digital currencies (both large and small) as well as a host of other projects related to this burgeoning domain
  4. Jupter Wallet Jupter Wallet, the 1st wallet to interact across all networks 1st Wallet On-Line That Transacts All Networks You can earn interest with Jupter by holding it. Total 10% Fee on the transactions: 5% auto-locked to liquidity and 5% for the holders. Anti-Rug, Dev has no tokens, this is a community coin, no mint new token 40 % Liquidity will be locked at the FairLaunch Ownership renouncing at the listing Buy here: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xD72B9AFEf41DcB14060e82f2D21F0b0173958b21
  5. Jupter Wallet Jupter just released today, a new crypto investment opportunity. 500k Market cap, only 300 holders. The Jupter Wallet Protocol is a community-driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn.
  6. Edufex Edufex: Advanced E-learning Management System Edufex is a world-leading blockchain platform providing a learning management system. It helps connect learners and educators, help them achieve their career goals with the numerous online courses, and secure universal accepted blockchain certification to upgrade their job skills and advance their careers. Many education and professional courses and certification aren't accessible, affordable, and out of reach for students. However, we are there to provide a ray of hope by delivering many online platform courses w
  7. Echelon DAO EchelonDAO is solid project with honest devs and their products are coming soon. It's currently below the IDO price so it's good time to accumulate now - Only 310k Market Cap with Liquidity locked We are Echelon DAO, a transparent organization that is governed by Smart Contracts, controlled by the Echelon team, on the Binance Smart Chain link to buy: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x6aaa14929d74b8533343c1a5b6e42443f59b6f6f
  8. Mello Token The Mello Token is a cryptocurrency created by a small group of people who met each other while working on another cryptocurrency project. We do not have funding by any groups, we are paying for costs of development out of our own pockets. (we want to get across a grassroots sort of message early on in the white paper, so readers understand that we are a by the people for the people project) We are mainly promoting the eventual casino. We are not encouraging people to “buy the token” as the mello token is NOT a security. The Mello Token is a cryptocurrency b
  9. Betconix #TRADING TOURNAMENT 2021 #from the licensed crypto exchange BETCONIX. #WE INVITE YOU AND YOUR TEAM TO PARTICIPATE! #$ 1000 is A gift for A deposit. #40% discount on all commissions. #Cashback. #The prize pool is 40,000 USD and 5 prizes. #And many other bonuses. DETAILS HERE: https://www.bnix.info/tradertournament2021 Cryptocurrency Exchange BETCONIX: https://betconix.com
  10. Hillstone Hillstone Defi, which will be listed in Binance soon! Maximum investment opportunities in DeFi platform The Hillstone Finance project provides investment opportunities that are inaccessible to individual investors. Hillstone Finance's goal is to create a new type of financial product to achieve an open, no barriers to entry, a borderless investment system based on blockchain technology. This is a fan based community for Hillstone DeFi token which will be listed in Binance. Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/hillstone_binance Contrac
  11. HOW TO TRADE CRYPTOCURRENCY USING THE QOINIQ PLATFORM How to trade cryptocurency is a question many people are asking today with the global digital currency market stood at 754.0 million USD in 2019 and is likely to surpass 1,758.0 million USD by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 11.2 percent. The increased popularity of crypto assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, among other cryptocurrencies, are the primary reasons behind the growth of the crypto market How To Trade Cryptocurrency - The innovative QoinSuit platform to facilitate all financial actors, individuals, companies, priv
  12. Car Coin – CCM Buy a Car with Cryptocurrency Tech Company connects you with a network of US car dealers that allows your to purchase a vehicle with Bitcoin, Ether and other Cryptocurrencies.
  13. TriumphX (TRIX) TriumphX (TRIX) – Cryptocurrency for gamers, by gamers, crypto related to games like metal slug TriumphX (TRIX) is a decentralised exchange & cryptocurrency for in-game items interoperable across blockchains through Polkadot. Why TriumphX? 50 Billion USD worth of in-games items is expected to be traded on secondary markets annually, but growth of market is held back to due inefficiencies in the market. Problem 1: Inefficient Markets There is no official marketplace for most games, resulting in multiple third party service provide
  14. MFG Powers the Supply Chain to Mars with NFT Tokenized Rocket Parts Like NFTs? Like Gems? MFG powers the supply chain to Mars with NFT tokenized rocket parts - literally and it is now available for staking rewards on Linkswap! https://smartmfg.io/blog/mfg-linkswap-yfl-lp-liquidity-mining-rewards-launch/ They recently onboarded 75% of Switzerland's Aerospace and Defense Suppliers to support their upcoming $BN Defense contract. https://twitter.com/MFGcoin/status/1360010298673881089 They work with at least 5 of the top 100 Defense companies in the world
  15. DGCBOND LIMITED DIGITAL GOLD & CORPORATION BOND LIMITED Your reliable global partner in the business of private, public and corporate investment ABOUT US We are DGCBOND Limited Call us a global investment company, you will be right, but i bet you....we are more than just a global investment company. Digital Gold & Corporate Bond (DGCBOND) Limited is a leading player in the global financial and mutual funds management industry with distinctive business in: Digital Gold which comprises of Gold exchange-traded fund (Paper
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