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  1. Its because-- low usage and engagement user sessions are less than 5 seconds But, important thing to know! Google+ will be shut down for consumers only. It'll remain available for enterprises. According to Google, Google+ is better suited as an enterprise product and the company will keep Google+ service available for enterprise customers.
  2. Optnation

    Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Broken link checker WordPress plugin SEO Smart Link WordPress plugin SEO friendly Images Mozbar
  3. Optnation

    The "Disallow: /" tells the robot that it should not visit any pages on the site. There are two important considerations when using /robots.txt: robots can ignore your /robots.txt.
  4. Optnation

    Digg.com Folkd.com Reddit.com Bizsugar.com Slashdot.org Scoop.it Plurk
  5. Optnation

    Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from websites or emails.
  6. Optnation

    Profile creation is a finest way for business endorsement on the web. Profile creation is one link building method in which we create profile in different platform's website such as forum sites, social networking, web 2.0 websites etc.
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    First step to make your website visible to the search engines is to write unique and quality content. Update blog content 2 -3 times in a week. Use images with alt tag and optimized size without reducing quality of image.
  8. Optnation

    Google Suggest is the “autocomplete” product that attempts to fill in your searches as you’re typing (through the Google suggestion box illustrated below). Have you noticed how detailed and long-tailed those suggestions usually are? They’re based on real searches done through Google.
  9. Optnation

    Link cloaking is the process of disguising the affiliate link URL, provided by an affiliate program, to obfuscate your affiliate ID and make the link shorter. This protects your affiliate commissions by making the affiliate ID less visible and makes the link more visually appealing to visitors.
  10. Optnation

    Keyword difficulty (KD) - is a metric that helps you to determine your chances to rank for a certain keyword in the top of search.
  11. Optnation

    For that refer these link: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-algorithm-history/panda-update/ Here you can find all version of Panda Update algorithm with details.
  12. Optnation

    Create better titles Customize for each platform Share at the right time Don’t be afraid to post multiple times Ask questions Share on the right platform Leverage communities Experiment with content creator communities Paid marketing
  13. Optnation

    Since Google Trends doesn't give actual search numbers, it works best when used in combination with the Keyword Planner. Google Trends will show a “normalized” or relative level of interest over time for a prospective keyword phrase. It also allows you to compare the level of interest among potential target phrases.
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    Check 1: Content value and originality Check 2: Spelling, punctuation and grammar Check 3: Fact check Check 4: Formatting Check 5: Keywords Check 6: Outgoing links
  15. Website Audit Keyword Analysis Website Analysis Backlink Analysis Content Optimization Competiter Analysis Ongoing Reports, Reviews and Maintenance