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  1. You picked a great time to be in Europe - you’ll be able to top up your wallet using a card for free.
  2. That's right, even if the trader uses technical analysis only, it will still have to constantly keep an eye on the economic calendar. All because even if the trader is a good strategy, everything can go according to plan because of the release of important news.
  3. Between stocks, the crypt, and many others, I prefer forex. I like him more than anything else. True cryptocurrency - is also interesting. Interest in the crypt I grow more and more.
  4. Trade the trend - this is one of the few good decisions! But the trend to trade should be able to. More precisely you need to correctly identify the trend and the entry point in the deal. exit point in my opinion is even more important than the entry point!
  5. Create a strategy on a demo account is a very dangerous thing to do! Your strategy will never work as well on a real account, like working on a demo account. Unless you are using a robot.
  6. Many good brokers. Select the correct really important step, because the bad brokers will always be more.
  7. You wanted to exchange euros for crypto so much that you decided to move, didn’t you? 😄
  8. Yes, there are. It doesn’t work with USD, it’s only for europeans.
  9. I also agree that new traders should start will small leverage amount. But, it is quite important for them to use risk and capital management techniques also when trading with leverage funds, in order to minimize potential losses and keep their capital safe
  10. Pradegxs, this is very good question, but the answer is not at all easy to provide. As you know there are several trading methods. I strongly recommend to all new traders to research these methods on demo account as see for themselves which method is the most easiest for them to trade
  11. Every trader had experienced loss at one point in his trading life. It is relatively normal on this market. But, if you are experiencing frequent losses, you need immediately to make analysis of your trading strategy or skills in order to realize what you are doing wrong. Losses are good teachers
  12. One of the important things to learn on this market is how to properly choose your broker. Not all brokers are offering the same services, so you need to find one which is providing account type which you need. Then costs of service must also be taken into account as they affect your profitability
  13. If you are using copy trading you will never be able to become a real trader. Everyone can do copy trading, but I am just asking, what will you do if market turns against you in one moment? You will have to call your tips provider in order to be able to close your position?
  14. Pixie, I dont think that legal broker can scam you. But what they can do is to charge you huge spreads or commissions or even propping your trades, and similar. Certainly this sort of behaviour is not welcomed and they can expect that traders will eventually switch to another broker
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