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  1. Zelethale

    I think that standard computer will do well for trading. You just need good internet connection, that is very important in order not to face delays. Some traders prefer to have few monitors to watch market, but it is not necessary for beginners
  2. Zelethale

    For longer period of time currency pair is moving in channel. It seems like market is unable to decide which direction to take. I see possibility of 1.20 to be tested in the future period but not sure. What do you think?
  3. Zelethale

    Resistance at 1.32 has been tested but with no market strength to break it. So I am expecting some short term down trend. There might be even potential for testing support at 1.20 on longer term. What are your thoughts?
  4. Zelethale

    Trading Forex today is easier than ever. Availability of trading systems, real-time charts and analysis has allowed to many people easy and swift approach to this market and significant earning potential
  5. Zelethale

    Forex market provides significant flexibility to a trader. Traders are defining amount of investment which can be extremely small (i.e.minimum deposit $50) and trade 24/5. Accessibility is possible through almost any devise and at any spot with Internet connection. Perfect market if you ask me
  6. Zelethale

    Forex market offers huge possibilities for profit, but there are also huge risks, especially for inexperienced and new traders. This is why learning how to apply risk management in trading is very important for profitable trading and safety of invested funds
  7. Zelethale

    Forex market is highly volatile market. This volatility is the major driver of risk, which provides huge possibilities for profits but also huge potential for loss. This is why risk management techniques are always stressed as important tool. Even experienced traders are using at least SL and TP
  8. Zelethale

    If you really want to make money on forex, then you need to invest a lot of time in learning, researching and analysing. But one must be very realistic. With a good strategy and relatively smaller investment, it could take several years in order to increase funds to significant level
  9. Zelethale

    Customer support is also what I look with broker. Good customer support is for me very important. If they are not easy to reach and they are not responsive, I would not choose such broker, for sure
  10. Zelethale

    For me it is all relative to opportunity. I trade only few major pairs. When market is relatively calm I prefer swing trading where profits are small but consistent. I also prefer to play on the results. Moves are higher and so the profitability.
  11. Zelethale

    Absolutely forex is not a magic nor some sort of statistical probability for winning as in gambling. Forex trading is a well developed strategy, based on long time spent learning.It takes hard work and dedication to become a really successful traded who makes significant profits
  12. Zelethale

    A well defined strategy including some principles of risk and capital management is the most important for successful forex trading. Good broker needs to be able to support defined strategy through excellent customer service and ability to provide all requirements for strategy execution
  13. Zelethale

    Generally forex trends can be seen on a bigger chart time frame. However, technical analysis can be apply on the intraday chart but then we are speaking about daily trends and not overall currency pair trend
  14. Zelethale

    I find risk and funds management very important part of my trading strategies. In this way I am able to control my position and potential losses incurred, and at the same time to keep my funds from deterioration. I would recommend these techniques to everyone
  15. Zelethale

    Listing the indicators doesn't make much sense, as they are different depending on the current situation on the market. Some of work when there's flat and others work when a trend appears. The market is under consolidation most of the time, so in this case I use oscillators, and when a trend occurs, I switch. In the Olymp Trade trading terminal, you can attach a variety of indicators and simultaneously monitor them in real time.