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  1. Zelethale

    I also agree that new traders should start will small leverage amount. But, it is quite important for them to use risk and capital management techniques also when trading with leverage funds, in order to minimize potential losses and keep their capital safe
  2. Zelethale

    Pradegxs, this is very good question, but the answer is not at all easy to provide. As you know there are several trading methods. I strongly recommend to all new traders to research these methods on demo account as see for themselves which method is the most easiest for them to trade
  3. Zelethale

    Every trader had experienced loss at one point in his trading life. It is relatively normal on this market. But, if you are experiencing frequent losses, you need immediately to make analysis of your trading strategy or skills in order to realize what you are doing wrong. Losses are good teachers
  4. Zelethale

    One of the important things to learn on this market is how to properly choose your broker. Not all brokers are offering the same services, so you need to find one which is providing account type which you need. Then costs of service must also be taken into account as they affect your profitability
  5. Zelethale

    If you are using copy trading you will never be able to become a real trader. Everyone can do copy trading, but I am just asking, what will you do if market turns against you in one moment? You will have to call your tips provider in order to be able to close your position?
  6. Zelethale

    Pixie, I dont think that legal broker can scam you. But what they can do is to charge you huge spreads or commissions or even propping your trades, and similar. Certainly this sort of behaviour is not welcomed and they can expect that traders will eventually switch to another broker
  7. Zelethale

    I really think that Forex can change life of some people. It might be that some of people dont even know that they have talent for trading on this market. This is why I think that everybody should at least try it on demo account first and then decide whether to continue or not
  8. Zelethale

    I find that demo can be used for various things. Aside from learning, for which it is most commonly used, traders can also use it for testing brokers new platform and get familiar with it. You can also test some new trading method and see if it fits you better than the old one
  9. Zelethale

    Generally speaking, in order to make money on this market you need to have one good strategy which can bring you continuous profits. However, in order to develop one such strategy a lot of effort, learning and dedication is necessary, still not all people are ready to make such investment
  10. Zelethale

    I think that forex market is excellent place for everyone to make money. But, in order to achieve that goal, they really need to sit down and learn well a lot of topics. One of, I think, the most hardest is how to control your emotions when you are trading. Not at all easy task
  11. Zelethale

    The difference between Mt4 and 5 platforms is minimal. What is there to compare? MT5 is a good strategy generator and depth of market. Well, maybe someone will like the calendar of events on the platform. However, as practice shows, traders usually track the economic calendar on a single site, and view the news in real time on the platform. In general, the calendar is not a problem. Depth of market is useful for stock assets. For forex, this tool is useless, for the interbank market, I mean. I would like to have a strategy generator on Olymp, of course. Try experimenting. Although, let's be honest, trading robots are used very rarely in practical trading.
  12. Zelethale

    I find that lose deals are not bad at all. I see them as excellent learning material, as they have the ability exactly to point on traders weaknesses in trading or in strategy. So, instead of being depressive, it is better to take a look what you have done wrong in your last lose trade
  13. Zelethale

    Ha, ha Keitan, there is absolutely no need for any forex trader to use drugs in order to eliminate stress. There are certainly other good methods, like for example, introspection and understanding why they feel so stress and what they can do in order to eliminate cause of stress
  14. Zelethale

    Pixie, nicely said. Indeed, if you really know how to trade, then leverage can be extremely beneficial for you. On the other side, if you have no idea what are you doing , then by using leverage you really can to blow up your account. So, just be careful
  15. Zelethale

    Traders have experienced various different issues when they were trading with brokers that are not legit, including problems with funds withdrawal. In order to avoid such situations and to protect your capital and profits, it is better to choose broker who is legit
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