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  1. Zelethale

    I used to sleep a lot in my personal time. I was sleeping for 10-12 hours a day, then i wanted to change it. I made a pact with myself that I will try to live an active lifestyle. I started going to the gym and started running. I felt amazing and i sleep about 5-6 hours a day.
  2. Zelethale

    Starting trading as a hobby might indeed be a good start. In this way new traders can be a bit relaxed and learn better as there is no pressure to make some immediate huge money. Later they can decide whether to switch to part time trader with higher investment
  3. Zelethale

    Well, getting a mentor might be only one of the options that are at disposal to new traders in order to successfully finish their trainings. However, mentors usually comes with some lower or higher cost, this is why I say that forums are actually good mentoring place for free
  4. Zelethale

    Pixie the name of that game is called risk management. This is one of the most important lessons to be learnt on Forex. Always strive to protect your capital and profits, as market will inevitably turn against you in one moment.
  5. Zelethale

    According to me new traders need all support that they can get. Good learning materials are only starting point. Trading on a demo account is second important step. I also find that utilization of forums could be also beneficial as they can get many valuable information and ask any question
  6. Zelethale

    I find that a small dose of stress might be helpful. It will put traders alerts and brain cells into motion. However, large amount of stress can be very harmful for both trader’s health and profits. If you are in such condition, move away from trading for a while
  7. Zelethale

    The regulations indicated five days for withdrawal. If more time has passed, you need to contact the support or call them. I would venture to suggest that the money just didn't have time to come. The rate of transactions depends on the method of deposit/withdrawal. Money comes to e-wallets quickly.
  8. Zelethale

    I was just looking at this currency pair this morning. My analysis shows the same oversold signal regardless that long term resistance line at 1.001 has been reached. Time to shorten position
  9. Zelethale

    I think that standard computer will do well for trading. You just need good internet connection, that is very important in order not to face delays. Some traders prefer to have few monitors to watch market, but it is not necessary for beginners
  10. Zelethale

    For longer period of time currency pair is moving in channel. It seems like market is unable to decide which direction to take. I see possibility of 1.20 to be tested in the future period but not sure. What do you think?
  11. Zelethale

    Resistance at 1.32 has been tested but with no market strength to break it. So I am expecting some short term down trend. There might be even potential for testing support at 1.20 on longer term. What are your thoughts?
  12. Zelethale

    Trading Forex today is easier than ever. Availability of trading systems, real-time charts and analysis has allowed to many people easy and swift approach to this market and significant earning potential
  13. Zelethale

    Forex market provides significant flexibility to a trader. Traders are defining amount of investment which can be extremely small (i.e.minimum deposit $50) and trade 24/5. Accessibility is possible through almost any devise and at any spot with Internet connection. Perfect market if you ask me
  14. Zelethale

    Forex market offers huge possibilities for profit, but there are also huge risks, especially for inexperienced and new traders. This is why learning how to apply risk management in trading is very important for profitable trading and safety of invested funds
  15. Zelethale

    Forex market is highly volatile market. This volatility is the major driver of risk, which provides huge possibilities for profits but also huge potential for loss. This is why risk management techniques are always stressed as important tool. Even experienced traders are using at least SL and TP
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