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  1. kallykall65

    Seafood Burger KFC McDonald's
  2. kallykall65

    I know that draincom has a good reputation. They are helping to solve all plumbing problems really fast. I had a flood in my basement, so their service solved the problem in several hours. They provide reliable assessments and also recommend appropriate and fast way to solve it. So, since I live in Canada, I didn't have any other problems with plumbing. But next year I am going to make a rennovation at my house, so hope to use their service once more.
  3. kallykall65

    Speaking about sport, I like to play tennis and football. I also prefer to bet on sport using https://777score.co.uk which is a good way to make money on betting. There are a lot of different information about sport teams, different games and matches.
  4. kallykall65

    You can use Forex trading. It's very popular right now. If you know a strategy, you can do pretty good money there.
  5. I am playing different interesting games, go out with friends etc.
  6. kallykall65

    Maybe it's better to ask somebody for a picture or to get a professional photo session?
  7. kallykall65

    First of all, I recommend you to read an article https://www.getloanme.com/personal-loan/how-to-get-money-today that will help to understand how you can get a loan and what steps you need to do. There are a lot of different types of loan like car loan, business or personal loan as well. So, you need to read more about any type and then decide.
  8. kallykall65

    You can use Uber. It's safe and fast. I also use it to work and have read an article about how to do it https://www.cabsdrivers.com/en/blog/lyft/5-best-cars-to-drive-for-uber-or-lyft because I travel a lot and drive from one destination point to another, so it would be easy for me to work like that.
  9. kallykall65

    I am traveling alone all the time. Last time, I was traveling across Italy, Toscana. I was in Rome and Bologna. Bolonga is famous with their kitchen. I used to try their pasta and pizza, amazing taste! I also had an excursion at the center of the city and used https://bagstop.it to leave my baggage there.
  10. As far as I know there are a lot of different interesting software development firms.
  11. kallykall65

    I like to play football and recently started to play https://1xbetaffiliates.net/en/ betting sport. This site is interesting for me, because there are a lot of football news, sport threats and information about sport stars.
  12. kallykall65

    You can buy a car using online auctions abroad. I used to buy my car using https://clearit.ca/services/customs-brokerage custom brokers help. They helped me to purchase a car without any problems and prepared all the documents that I needed. I am happy that they dealed with all questions at customs and didn't ask any questions at all.
  13. kallykall65

    Yes, there are a lot of different auctions abroad in such countries as Canada and United States. I was using https://clearit.ca/services/importing-cars service to order a car from Canada several months ago. It's a good service when you want to be sure about shipping and custom support service.
  14. kallykall65

    It's simple. The only thing you need to do is to check https://nz.jobsora.com/ website where are a lot of different job opportunities. I am currently really addicted to this website since I moved to Wellington. There I found a perfect option for me and work there for one month.
  15. kallykall65

    As for me, the best travel destination is Europe. I have been to many different countries and going to travel to Ukraine. There I am planning to use https://ukr-prokat.com/en/rental-cars/rent-a-car-in-kiev and to rent a good car in order to visit other cities.
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