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  1. Shanter

    Which drone is better for a beginner?
  2. Shanter

    How much does it cost to develop an application for business?
  3. How do you save on lunch in the office? I decided to take a ready lunch from home. But I still buy some snacks and spend a lot on coffee in the cafeteria. Are there any tips to save more money?
  4. Shanter

    Yes, this is a great pickup. I also like these cars. I have a Toyota Tacoma pickup. This is a good car, well-equipped, but I personally lack ladder for the cargo compartment and I have a trailer, it's heavier than a truck and I had to buy a new fastener for driving safety. I read a lot of different reviews on the Internet, including pick-up trucks. There https://truckpowerup.com/ is a whole portal dedicated to pickup trucks for lovers of these vehicles. There is a lot of interesting information. I think everyone will find something useful there.
  5. Shanter

    I think that if at the bets it all depends on how well you understand the game and can analyze it, then at the casino it is just luck.
  6. Shanter

    I prefer bets on esport. It seems to me that this is the most promising direction now.
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