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  1. johnny english

    An old man was sitting on a bench at the mall. A dude walked up to the bench & sat down. He had spiked hair in all different colors - green, red, orange, blue & yellow. The old man just stared. Every time the dude looked, the old man was staring. The dude finally became a bit angry.... and said "Hey pappy, whatz up with this staring, hah?" The old man replied "When I was young, I had a sex with a peacock, I just wondering if you were my son." Nice one huh ??
  2. johnny english

    Hello Adam etc. Thank you for your email etc. I apologize for the mix up regarding gender therefore, when I do another post as I am British i.e Hi < is an American term and for this I will not continue in this manner sorry once again . Anyway , in future when I post and use the title etc. I will use the term ( Hello everybody ) and in this way this will mean either gender so , I hope this will be accepted ! or indeed in opening a new post I will refer members as ( Hello Ladies and Gentlemen ) very British and polite in my own opinion and therefore, this will be put into ACTION from now on . Thank you once again for pointing out this PHRASE . Best Regards , Johnny English . Well I mean he is English after all to coin the phrase . Take care now and I am very pleased to be a part of this marvelous community really,really < as would say Shrek and I like Shrek !
  3. The optimal size for post (shared) images is 1,200 x 630 pixels. These guidelines will help you select and edit your shared images for optimum quality: Recommended upload size is 1,200 x 630 pixels. Will appear with a maximum width of 470 pixels in Facebook feed.Jun 25, 2015 Absolutely amazing when one puts one mind to work sorry guys should done it the 1st place wow am stoop id or what duh !! Google search 🐻 Regards to you all , Johnny English aka Mr. Bean < yeah right !! he maybe clever and look stupid but really he is logical < JUST LIKE ME REALLY , REALLY !
  4. johnny english

    Hi everyone , I have a new Facebook account one has to upload a mug shot my question is please , what size of my mug shot is required ? My Stepdaughter Victoria used her own printer and scanner all in in one as I had a PASSPORT PHOTO of my mug shot so , as this is a technical question as I am not hot on this subject all I require is as too WHAT SIZE DOES FACEBOOK REQUIRE OF MY PHOTO PLEASE ? for example : 80 x 80 < whatever that means ! please below too what I mean !!! 👴 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Upload a photo of yourself To get back on Facebook, upload a photo that clearly shows your face. Make sure that the photo is well-lit and isn't blurry. Don't include other people in the shot. We use this photo to help us check that this account belongs to you. We'll delete the photo once we've done this, and it will never appear on your profile. Choose Photo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There you have it and as I tried contact F B to ask this question about size of photo> ONE HAS TO LOGIN < now you see too what I am up against as this is a new thing or whatever I am somewhat FRUSTRATED as I am trying to TRACE MY Son and Daughter !! Thank you very much for your help in this situation I am desperate to find my children back in England as I have lost contact with for a number of years !!!!!!!! Regards. Alistair aka Johnny English . " HAVE A GREAT DAY TOO WHEREVER YOU LIVE IN THIS WORLD "
  5. johnny english

    Hi everybody !! question 4 u ? Q# What is TIME ? A# A PRECIOUS COMMODITY ! P.S Here is a picture of my Russian Stepdaughter age: 38 y/o height : 6ft.00 body: slim used to live in Los Angeles now has come back to Russia a very nice charming girl lives alone and has a small dog so, please , may I have some of your good comments ? Thank you for your kind cooperation in this survey as I am married to her charming Mom and I am very proud to be her Stepdad !! Regards to you all and God Bless !! 🍸🍜 CHEERS THEN !!
  6. johnny english

    Hi , Anybody know of any good PAID TO PROMOTE MY URL Referral LINK i.e secure sites that are FREE as I cannot afford to invest in such programs ? or indeed how to get FREE REFERRALS on secure sites to my referral page ? and that I can reassure that I have done dozens of a Google search but, unfortunately NO SECURE SITES as it is imperative to find such as one can get COMPROMISED if you follow my meaning !!! Many thanks for your help in this small matter HAVE A NICE DAY WHEREVER YOU ARE !!! Regards to you all. Alistair 71 P.S I can assure that I need help in this field for an old soldier like myself !!! 👴 ex-1st. Battalion Grenadier Guards from 1966-1972
  7. johnny english

    Well then I will get straight the point ! I have a unique program and that I wish to promote it what I can tell you at this point in time that IT`S FREE TO JOIN GET REFERRALS promote NO BS and that and I quote : Ready to Start Trading with Zero-Fees? The trading platform is offering zero-fee trading on BTC/USD ETH/USD and LTC/USD futures markets. The revolutionary new revenue model will operate without the need to charge any transaction fees on any trades, deposits or withdrawals. and so on and so forth so, I will not go into any more detail and that all I can say is all one has to is get many referrals with ones unique URL LINK but for likes of and I am Twitter and Face and that they suggest Email but with social sites one has to pay for advertising and for I cannot afford to do this all is that I am on a wait list SLOW PROCESS anybody here who is inquisitive please let me know by reply to this topic !! Thank you for your time and patience as this is what life is all about HELPING EACH OTHER !! Take care now , bye , bye then.
  8. johnny english

    Hi everybody , I am very please to a part of this community and that I hope to enjoy what`s going on and as for myself , I am somewhat older than many members but , I am young at heart to say the least as a retiree so , thanks for your time and lets " PLAY BALL " Regards to all the members, Johnny English . 😎
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